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Year Album Artist
2017 Three Willow Park: Electronic Music from Inner Space, 1961-1971 Raymond Scott Art Direction
2016 Leroy Shield: Laurel & Hardy, The Original Piano Music Leroy Shield / Alessandro Simonetto Liner Notes
2013 Raymond Scott: Suite for Violin & Piano Carlo Bussotti / Ramon Dor / Arnold Eidus / Davide Rossi Art Direction
2013 Perfect Vision: The Esquivel Sound Vince Mendoza / Metropole Orkest Graphic Design
2008 Ectoplasm Raymond Scott Art Direction, Design, Cover Design
2005 David Kweksilber, Clarinet & Ludwig Olshansky, Piano David Kweksilber / Ludwig Olshansky Graphic Design
2004 Scott Joplin: The Complete Rags, Marches, Waltzes & Songs (1895-1914) Guido Nielsen Project Supervisor
2004 Ferde Grofé: Tabloid Suite; Gershwin: Concerto in F Metropole Orkest Art Direction
2004 Contrasts The Beau Hunks Art Direction
2003 Microphone Music Raymond Scott Art Direction, Design
2002 Kodachrome: Raymond Scott Compositions for Orchestra Metropole Orkest Design
2001 Thomas de Hartmann: Music for Gurdjiett's '39 Series' Design
2001 Our Relations (The Original Sheet Music) The Beau Hunks / Metropole Orkest Producer, Art Direction, Research
2001 James Scott: The Complete Works 1903-1922 Guido Nielsen Audio Production
2001 Innocence & Despair The Langley Schools Music Project Cover Design
2000 Terra del Cacao: Afro Venezuelan Music and Dance Design
2000 Music for Imaginary Films Arling & Cameron Design, Poster Design
2000 Manhattan Research, Inc. Raymond Scott Art Direction, Design, Research, Booklet, Montage, Photo Montage
2000 Imene Tapa and Other Choral Music of the Cook Design
1999 Western Sisaala Music from Ghana Design
1999 Saxophone Soctette The Beau Hunks Art Direction
1999 Raymond Scott: Chesterfield Arrangements 1937-1938 Metropole Orkest Art Direction
1999 Prashanti Dhroeh Nankoe Design
1999 Gurdjieff's Music for the Movements Design
1999 Dr. Samuel J. Hoffman and the Theremin Samuel J. Hoffman Design
1999 Complete Stark Rags of Joseph F. Lamb Guido Nielsen Producer
1998 Uzundara Design
1998 The Modern American Music of Ferde Grofé (From the Original Arrangements) The Beau Hunks Graphic Design
1998 Numbers Fay Lovsky Art Direction
1998 Madahkhani, Ghazalkhani, Dafsaz Illustrations, Design
1998 Lotus Blossom Miss Bee Spoiled Artwork
1998 Launa Thai: Instrumental Music of North-West Thailand Design
1998 Fay Lovsky & Her Band Dessinee Fay Lovsky Art Direction
1998 Donkili: Call to Dance Design
1998 Complete Boulevard of Broken Dreams Boulevard of Broken Dreams Liner Notes, Art Direction
1998 Bonya/Respect Design
1998 Afo 'O E 'Ofa: Strings of Love: Tongan Stringband Music Design
1997 Udan Mas Tembang Sunda Ida Widawati Illustrations
1997 The Play the Original Laurel & Hardy Music, Vol. 1 The Beau Hunks Producer, Liner Notes, Technical Advisor
1997 Solovka Solovka Design
1997 Play the Original Laurel & Hardy Music, Vol. 2 The Beau Hunks Producer, Liner Notes, Arranger, Bird Calls, Horn
1997 Pan Glossary, Vol. 3: Rhythm Tracks: Percussion and Drums Worldwide Design
1997 Manhattan Minuet The Beau Hunks Art Direction
1997 Maan Mongkhon Design
1997 Jemblung and Related Narrative Traditions of Java Illustrations, Design
1997 End of the World: Te Pito O Te Henua Design
1997 Edward MacDowell's Woodland Sketches, Opus 51 The Beau Hunks Art Direction
1996 Xoomii Music of Mongolia Jargalant Altai Design
1996 Sinjie Lipjage: Village of Blue Linden Trees Design
1996 Musique Qui Fait Popp: Highlights from the Works of Andre Popp: 1952-1962 André Popp Design, Sleeve Design
1996 Gamelan Degung: Classical Music of Sunda Design, Make-Up
1996 Female Choir From North-Eastern Bulgaria Kapanski Ensemble Design
1996 Braguinha Music of Portugal Design
1996 Bewaare: They Are Coming (Degaare Songs) Design
1995 This World: Songs & Melodies of Uigh Bu Dunya Design
1995 Sizhu: Silk Bamboo Chamber Music of South China Sizhu Design
1995 Pirin Wedding and Ritual Songs Sestri Bisserovi Design
1995 Pan Glossary, Vol. 2: The Wedding Design
1995 On to the Show: The Beau Hunks Play More Little Rascals Music The Beau Hunks Producer, Liner Notes, Tubular Bells, Graphic Design, Design, Reconstruction
1995 Het Daghet Inden Oosten: Bagpipes of Low Countries Design
1995 Don't Blame Me Marc Ribot Cover Design
1994 We Are One An Be Kelen Design
1994 Uzlyau: Guttural Singing of the People of the Sayan Altai and Ural Mountains Uzlyau Design
1994 Tuvalu: A Polynesian Atoll Society Tuvalu Design
1994 Tsagaan Star White Moon Design
1994 The Golden Fleece - Caucasus, Vol. 2: Songs From Abkhazia & Adzharia Design
1994 The Beau Hunks Play the Original Little Rascals Music: 50 Roy Shield Themes The Beau Hunks Liner Notes, Design
1994 Rast Destgah: Azerbaijanian Music, Vol. 2 Ensemble Jabbar Karyagdy Design
1994 Peacock Once Went Flying Tam Letal Pavlin Design
1994 Pandemonium, Vol. 1: International Design
1994 Pan Glossary, Vol. 1: Ethnic Design
1994 Pacific Music 2: Tongan Kava Circle Faikava Design
1994 One at a Time John Skelton Design
1994 Nias: Music from Indonesia, Vol. 1 Design
1994 Mother Volga Music of the Volga Ugrians Mother Volga Design
1994 Land of Flames Mugam Ensemble Jabbar Karyagdy Design
1994 Karenni: Music from the Border Areas of Thailand and Burma Design
1994 Ifi Palasa: Tongan Brass Ifi Palasa Design
1994 Huanle de Miaojia/Happy Miao Family Guizbou National Art Ensemble Design
1994 Heyva Gulu Dede Gorgud Design
1994 Hana Hou! Do It Again Design
1994 Frozen Brass: Asia Design
1994 Farmer's Wedding in Joure Jouster Boerebrulloft Design
1994 Elite Syncopations Budapest Ragtime Band Cover Design
1994 Caucasus, Vol. 3: Makruli Kutaisi Ensemble Design
1994 Calgija: Music from the Balkans & Anatolia, Vol. 2 Calgija Design
1994 Badakhshan Design
1993 Olivier Messiaen: Visions de l'Amen; Charles Ives: 3 Quarter-Tone Pieces; Cees van Zeeland: Initials Olivier Messiaen Cover Design
1993 Krása: Brundibár; Domazlicky: Czech Songs Joza Karas Cover Design
1993 Frozen Brass: Africa & Latin America Design
1992 Stravinsky: Le Sacre du printemps; Debussy: Jeux Amsterdam Piano Quartet Design
1992 Composers from Theresienstadt, 1941-1945: Hans Krása La Roche Quartet Cover Design
1991 Composers from Theresienstadt, 1941-1945: Pavel Haas, Karel Berman Cover Design
1991 Chamber Music From Theresienstadt 1941-1945 Virginia Eskin Design
1985 It's the Talk of The Town and Other Sad Songs Boulevard of Broken Dreams Design
1963 Soothing Sounds for Baby, Vol. 3: 12 to 18 Months Raymond Scott Art Direction
1963 Soothing Sounds for Baby, Vol. 2: 6 to 12 Months Raymond Scott Art Direction
1963 Soothing Sounds for Baby, Vol. 1: 1 to 6 Months Raymond Scott Art Direction
1958 Delirium in Hi-Fi André Popp Liner Notes, Art Direction
Would You Like To Go: A Curt Boettcher Songbook Beth Sorrentino Art Direction
Raymond Scott Rewired: Rhythmic Redesigns Bran Flakes / The Evolution Control Committee / Go Home Productions Art Direction, Cover Design