Pierre Toureille


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Year Album Artist
2003 Raqs Aqnazar Artistic Consultation
2003 Rumi Aqnazar Art Consultant
2002 China: Contemporary Classical Music Circle for Popular Art Collection
1998 Paris Concert, Vol. 4 Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Liner Notes
1998 Paris Concert, Vol. 5 Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Liner Notes
1996 Anthology of the Music of the Aka Pygmies Collection
1996 Asian Theatre & Dance Reissue Director
1996 Bali: Music for the Gong Gede Large Gamelan Orchestra Of Batur Temple Collection
1996 Drums of South America Reissue Director
1996 In Concert in Paris Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Liner Notes
1996 In Concert in Paris, Vols. 3-5 Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Liner Notes
1996 Inde Du Nord Balaram Pathak Collection
1996 Japan: Musique du No -- Shakkyo/Pont en Pierres Collection
1996 Japon: Gagaku Collection
1996 Masters of Traditional Music, Vol. 3 Shahram Nazeri Realization
1996 Music of Ecstasy & Healing Director
1996 Myths of the Near Future, Vol. 1 Mo Boma Engineer
1996 Strings of Africa Reissue Director
1996 Tango Argentin Haydee Alba Collection
1995 Myths of the Near Future, Vol. 2 Mo Boma Collection
1994 India Rajasthan: Professional Popular Musicians Producer
1994 Turquie Cinuçen Tanrikorur Direction
1993 Suède/Norvège: Musique des Vallées Scandinaves Producer, Direction
1992 L' Eglise Orthodoxe Ethiopienne De Jérusalem L'Eglise Orthodoxe Ethiopienne de Jerusalem Collection
1991 Algeria: Arab Andalusian Anthology, Vol. 2 Mohamed Khaznadji Collection
1991 Cérémonie du Bobé Congo Collection
1991 Satsuma-biwa Kinshi Tsuruta Producer
1990 An Anthology of South Indian Classical Music L. Subramaniam Director
1990 Chine: L'Art du Qin Li Xiangting Collection
1988 Maroc: Musique Classiqe Andalouse de Fes Massano Tazi Collection
1988 Portugal: Le Fado de Coimbra Fernando Machado Soares Collection
1988 Roumania: Music of the Tziganes The Taraf of Clejani Collection
1987 Archives of Arabic Music, Vol. 1 Compilation Producer
1987 Heures Et Les Saisons: Season & Time Lakshmi Shankar Collection
1987 Japon: Musique du Nô-Shakkyô Collection
1983 David Hykes: The Harmonic Choir, Hearing Solar Winds David Hykes & the Harmonic Choir Collection
1982 Greece: Great Octotonal Chant to the Virgin Ensemble Théodore Vassilikos / Vassilikos Ensemble / Theodore Vassilikos Collection
1979 Les Iran: Maitres de la Musique Traditionnelle, Vol. 1 Dariush Talâ'i Collection
Liturgical Chant of the Old-Believers in Russia Vocal Ensemble of the Old Believers of Moscow Producer