Philippe Malidin


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Year Album Artist
2017 Laudamus Te Taizé Engineer, Mixing, Editing
2015 Cathédrale d'Auxerre: 800e Anniversaire Jacques Kauffmann Engineer, Editing, Mastering
2015 Gabriel Marghieri: Par-dessus l'Abîme Nicole Corti Engineer, Mixing, Editing, Mastering
2015 Jaques Berthier: Oeuvres pour Orgue Sylvain Pluyaut Engineer
2014 Music of Unity & Peace Taizé Engineer
2013 Charles-Marie Widor: Symphony No. 8 Frédéric Ledroit Engineer, Recording Editor
2013 Jean-Francois Dandrieu: Noëls (Pièces d'orgue); Pièces de clavecin Olivier Baumont / André Isoir Mastering
2013 Louis Marchand: Oeuvres pour Orgue Frederic Desenclos Editing, Mastering
2013 Paul Mefano: Micromégas Pierre Roullier Mixing, Digital Editing, Assistant Engineer
2012 Georgia: Sacred & Secular Vocal Polyphony Ensemble Basiani Montage
2012 Les Percussions de Strasbourg 50th Anniversary Les Percussions de Strasbourg Editing
2012 Thierry Pécou: Tremendum Ensemble Variances / Thierry Pécou / Percussions Claviers de Lyon Editing
2011 Russia: The Tradition of Wind Instruments Boris Efremov Montage
2010 In Celebration: 30th Anniversary Les Arts Florissants / William Christie Assistant Engineer
2009 Festival of San Miguel Tzinacapan Montage
2006 Chamame: Music of Corrientes Rudi & Nini Flores Assistant, Montage
2006 Extase Jean-Louis Capezzali / Radio France Orchestre Philharmonique / Leonard Slatkin Editing
2006 Raga Darbari Lalith Rao Assistant, Montage
2006 Shostakovich: Symphony No. 7 Kurt Masur / Orchestre National de France Assistant
2005 Kabiye Orchestras and Lithophones Montage
2005 Labe Country: Complaints and Love Songs Assistant, Montage
2005 Mahler: Symphonie No. 5 Bernard Haitink Editing
2005 Musique à la Chapelle Royale de Versailles Assistant
2005 Raga Bhairav Partho Sarothy Assistant, Montage
2005 Schoenberg Accentus Sound Assistant
2005 Slovakia: Folk Music Montage
2004 Art of the Saz Edalat Nasibov Montage
2004 Atege Songs Montage
2004 Flavio Testi: Saül Massimo Zanetti Balance Engineer
2004 Palenque of San Basilio Montage
2004 Robert Casadesus: 4 Quatuors [includes DVD] Quatuor Manfred Balance Engineer, Editing
2004 Sarod [Ocora] Amjad Ali Khan Montage
2004 Switzerland: Musical Landscapes Montage
2004 World of Traditional Music [2004] Montage
2003 Central Africa: Musical Anthology of the AKA Pygmies Montage
2003 Emile Waldteufel: Valses Dominique My Engineer, Mastering
2003 Ju'hoansi Bushmen Instrumental Music Montage
2003 Le Negationnisme 1948-2000/Testimony and Historica Montage
2003 Paraguay: Chaco-Guarani-Nandeva and Ayoreo Montage
2003 Shakuhachi Kinko School Teruhisa Fukuda Assistant Engineer, Montage
2003 South India: Periya Melam - Chidambaram Temple Montage
2003 The Nyckelharpa Assistant, Montage
2003 Yemen: Le Chant de Sanaa (The Singing of Sanaa) Hasan Al-Ajami / Mohammed Al-Khamisi Assistant, Montage
2003 Émile Waldteufel: Valses Ensemble FA Digital Editing, Mastering, Sequencing
2002 Honduras: Songs of the Black Caribs Wabaruagun Ensemble Montage
2002 Masumbi: Wagogo Entertainment Music Montage
2002 North India: The Art of the Vichitra Veena G.J.R. Krishnan Montage
2002 Saudi Arabia: Tradition of Hejâz Mohammed Aman Editing, Assistant Engineer
2001 André Boucourechliev Quatuor Ysaÿe Editing
2001 Debussy / Bartok: Etudes Florent Boffard Assistant
2001 Debussy: Pelléas et Mélisande Bernard Haitink Editing
2001 Mosaic of Music Montage
2001 Olivier Messaien: Petites esquisses d'oiseaux; Études de rythmes; Cantéyodjayâ; Fantaisie burlesque Roger Muraro Editing
2001 Schumann: Concertos for cello & piano Christophe Coin / Philippe Herreweghe / Andreas Staier Assistant, Editing
2001 Song and Hardingfele Editing, Assistant Engineer
2001 The Art of the Mugham Alim Qasimov Mixing, Assistant Engineer
2000 Bartok: Works for Violin and Piano Florent Boffard / Isabelle Faust Assistant
2000 Cape Verde: An Archipelago of Music Montage
2000 Niger: Dendi Music Harouna Goge Editing
1999 Bandola Of The Llanos Gerson Garcia Editing
1999 Chaumont: Pièces D'orgue Serge Schoonbroodt Editing
1999 Estonia: Olden Tunes Editing
1999 Handel: Dixit Dominus in G minor Magdalena Kožená / Annick Massis / Marc Minkowski / Les Musiciens du Louvre - Grenoble Editing, Engineer
1999 Improvisations: New Traditional Music Trân Vân Khê Mastering
1999 Music of the Alentejo Montage
1998 Art of the Sarangi Ram Narayan Mastering, Montage
1998 Cape Verde Batuque & Finacon Mixing
1998 Chine: Wang Weiping, Luth Pipa Wang Weiping Editing, Assistant Engineer, Assistant, Montage
1998 Folk Music & Songs of Slovinia Editing
1998 Fortune, My Foe Andreas Martin Assistant Engineer
1998 Jiuta Ensemble Yonin No Kai Editing
1998 Sexteto Tabala de San Basilio de Palenque Sexteto Tabala Editing
1998 Turkey: Sipsi of Yayla Editing
1998 Turquie: Ceremonie du Djem Alevi (Turkey: Djem Alevi Ceremony) Editing
1997 Bartók: Violin Sonatas Florent Boffard / Isabelle Faust / Ewa Kupiec Assistant Engineer
1997 Inde Du Nord Satyadev Pawar Assistant Engineer
1997 Inde du Nord - North India: Sangeet Trio en Concert Vishwa Mohan Bhatt / Tarun Bhattacharya / Ronu Majumdar / Sangeet Trio Editing
1997 Japan: Art of the Shakuhachi Katsuya Yokoyama Production Assistant, Montage
1997 Japon: Kinshi Tsuruta/Katsuya Yokoyama Kinshi Tsuruta Editing
1997 Venezuela: Music From the Orinoco River - Cheo Hurtado Cheo Hurtado Editing
1996 Asian Theatre & Dance Editing
1996 Baluchistan: Music of Ecstasy and Healing Mastering
1996 Gbaya Music Montage
1996 Inde du Nord: Dhrupad et Khyal Gopal Krishan Editing, Assistant Engineer, Assistant
1996 Irak: Les Maqâms de Bagdad Yusuf Omar & Ensemble Montage
1996 Kode Di Dona Kodé Di Dona Editing
1996 Mozart: Die Zauberflöte William Christie / Natalie Dessay / Rosa Mannion Assistant Engineer
1996 Music of Afghanistan [Ocora] Ustad Rahim Khushnawaz Assistant Engineer, Cover Design
1996 Music of Ecstasy & Healing Editing
1996 Ritual Music of Asurini & Arara Indians Editing
1996 Ritual Tradition of the Bompos Numerical Editing
1996 Schumann: Piano Concerto in A minor; Symphony No. 2, Op. 61 Philippe Herreweghe / Andreas Staier Assistant Balance Engineer
1996 Strings of Africa Editing
1996 Voices of the Orient Montage
1995 Broadway by Twilight Eric Watson Editing
1995 In Concert Girija Devi Editing
1995 India: Rajasthan - The Musicians of the Desert Editing
1995 Madagascar: Antandroy Country, South-West Coast Editing
1995 Mithila Love Songs by Vidyapati Jahawarlal Jha Editing
1994 Belgium: Ballads, Songs and Dances of Flanders and Wallonia Zoltán Kocsis Editing, Montage
1994 Delibes: Coppélia Kent Nagano Assistant Engineer, Editing
1994 Egypt: Vocal & Instrumental Art of 19th Century Aïcha Redouane Editing
1994 Great Gong Kebyar of the 1960's Editing
1994 Music of the Royal Palace: Cambodge Musiques du Palais Royal (Années Soixante) Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra Editing
1994 The Art of the Tanbur Talip Özkan Assistant Director
1994 Vietnam: Poems & Songs (Poésies et Chants) Trân Vân Khê Editing
1993 Central Asia: Classical Traditions Editing
1993 François Couperin: Motets Christophe Rousset / Les Talens Lyriques Assistant Engineer
1993 Kazakh Songs And Epic Tradition Of The West Montage
1993 Madagascar: Possession and Poetry Editing
1993 Polyphonies Mongo Editing, Digital Editing
1992 Inde Du Nord: Voyage Intérieur Sheila Dhar Editing
1992 Vietnam: Tradition du Sud Trân Vân Khê Editing
1989 Baloutchistan: Musiques D'extase et de Guérison Editing
24 Préludes pour Orgue Jacques Kauffmann Engineer, Editing
Congo: Pygmy Women of the Sangha Congo Montage
Czech Republic: Music from Walachia, Hornacko and Kopanice Montage
David Hykes: À Écoute des Vents Solaires Harmonic Choir / David Hykes & the Harmonic Choir Mastering
Debaa: The Singing Of Sufi Women Montage
Gerard Pesson: Le gel par jeu; Quatuor à Cordes; Cinq Poèmes de Sandro Penna; Nocturnes en Quatuor; Les Chants Faez Donatienne Michel-Dansac / Dominique My Assistant Engineer, Editing
Inde Du Nord: Dhrupad - Khyal Gopal Krishnan Montage
Iran Mozafar Shafii & the Rast Ensemble Montage
Japan Ensemble Yonin No Kai Montage
Korea: Jongmyo Jeryeak (Ritual Music For the Royal Ancestors) Court Music Orchestra of National Gugak Centre Montage
Les Grandes Orgues de Gérardmer Jacques Kauffmann Engineer, Editing
Liturgy of Zen Buddhism Zen Hoyo Montage
Mozart: Die Zauberflöte [Highlights] William Christie Assistant Engineer
North India Balaram Pathak Montage
Olivier Messiaen Complete Edition Editing
Portugal: Music D'Entre Douro E Vouga Montage
Rameau: Les Grands Motets William Christie Assistant Engineer
Romania: Lăpuş Song Grigore Lese Montage
Senegal: Tijâniyya & Murîdiyya Sufi Brotherhood Chant Montage
Thierry Pécou: Symphonie du Jaguar; Vague de Pierre Ensemble Zellig / Radio France Orchestre Philharmonique / Jonathan Stockhammer Editing
Zimbabwe: Ndebele Songs Insingizi Montage