Philippe de Vitry

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De Vitry was known as a poet and a music theorist and composer who shortened note values and introduced new ways to notate rhythm.
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Tuba sacre fidei/In arboris/Virgo sum, motet 13?? 02:08 Vocal Music
Vos quid admiramini/Gratissima/Contratenor/Gaude gloriosa, motet 13?? 02:51 Vocal Music
Impudenter circumivi/Virtutis laudabilis/Alma, motet 13?? 03:06 Vocal Music
Cum statua/Hugo/Magister invidie, motet 13?? 02:21 Vocal Music
Firmissime/Adesto/Alleuya, Benedictus, motet (probably authentic) 13?? 02:52 Vocal Music
Garrit gallus/In nova fert/Neuma, motet 13?? 02:16 Vocal Music
Petre clemens/Lugentium/Tenor, motet 13?? 06:42 Vocal Music
O canenda/Rex quem/Contratenor/Rex regum, motet 133? 02:17 Vocal Music
Ay, Amours! Tant me dure, chanson (spurious) 13?? 04:16 Vocal Music
Je qui paoir seule ai de conforter, descort (spurious) 13?? 06:00 Vocal Music
Providence la senée, virelai (spurious) 13?? 04:04 Vocal Music
Aman novi/Heu Fortuna/Heu me, tristis est anima mea, motet 13?? 10:59 Vocal Music
Tribum/Quoniam secta/Merito hec patimur, motet 13?? 02:27 Vocal Music
Floret/Florens/Neuma, motet 13?? 01:45 Vocal Music
Colla uigo/Bona condit/Libera me Domine, motet (probably authentic) 13?? 02:01 Vocal Music
Talant j'ai que d'obeir, lai (spurious) 13?? 13:50 Vocal Music
Se j'onques a mon vivant, chanson (spurious) 13?? 03:07 Vocal Music
Douce playsance/Garison/Neuma quinti toni, motet 13?? 02:18 Vocal Music
Flos ortus/Celsa cedrus/Tenor, motet (probably authentic) 13?? 02:41 Vocal Music
Almifonis melos/Rosa sine culpe spina/Tenor, motet (possibly spurious) 13?? 03:40 Vocal Music
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