Philipp Scharwenka

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Philipp Scharwenka was the elder brother of legendary pianist Xaver Scharwenka. As in the case of Xaver, Philipp's mother initially trained him in music, and both brothers studied at the Neue Akademie…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Lieder und Tanzweisen (Songs and Dance Melodies), for piano, 4 hands, Op. 54 19:38 Keyboard
Herbstbilder (Autumn Scenes), for piano, 4 hands, Op. 59 22:09 Keyboard
Stimmungsbilder (Mood Pictures), for piano, 4 hands, Op. 57 16:37 Keyboard
Abendstimmungen for piano, Op.107: No.2, Lento e con tenerezza 03:11
Abendstimmungen for piano, Op.107: No.3, Andante tranquillo ed espressivo 04:30
Sonata for violin & piano in B minor, Op. 110 20:56 Chamber Music
Abendstimmungen for piano, Op.107: No.1, Andante tranquillo 03:48
Caprice Slave for cello & piano, Op. 98/2 04:45 Chamber Music
Piano Trio in C sharp minor, Op. 100 23:21 Chamber Music
Elegie for cello & piano, Op. 98/1 06:47 Chamber Music
Sonata for violoncello and piano in G minor, Op 116 14:19 Chamber Music
Piano Trio in G major, Op. 112 25:38 Chamber Music
String quartet in D minor, Op.117 23:58 Chamber Music
Quintet for 2 violins, viola, cello & piano in B minor, Op. 118 1910 28:29 Chamber Music
String quartet in D major, Op.120 27:20 Chamber Music
Wald- und Berggeister, for orchestra, Op. 37 08:40 Orchestral
Sonata for viola & piano, Op 106 16:51 Chamber Music
Dramatische Phantasie, for orchestra, Op. 108 38:14 Orchestral
Arkadische Suite in B major, for orchestra, Op. 76 1887 30:46 Orchestral
Liebesnacht, fantasy piece for orchestra, Op. 40 1875 19:15 Orchestral
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