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Year Album Artist
2021 When the Day Leaves Valley Maker Mastering
2021 Cooler Returns Kiwi Jr. Mastering
2021 Church of Better Daze [Single] Boy Golden Mastering Engineer
2020 Vast Ovoid Devendra Banhart Mastering
2020 The Neon Skyline Andy Shauf Mastering
2020 Sad Hunk Bahamas Mastering, Mastering Engineer
2020 Miss Colombia Lido Pimienta Mastering
2020 Indistinct Conversations Land of Talk Mastering
2020 Eternity Bay The Saxophones Mastering
2019 This Warm December: A Brushfire Holiday, Vol. 3 Mastering
2019 Soil in the Sky Heather Maloney Mastering
2019 Runaways Kris Kelly Mastering
2019 Rachael & Vilray Rachael & Vilray Mastering
2019 Ma Devendra Banhart Mastering
2019 Let's Make Love on This Plane Rachael & Vilray Mastering
2019 Hungry Ghost Typical Sisters Mastering
2019 Hell Bound for Heaven Harry Manx / Steve Marriner Mastering
2019 Football Money Kiwi Jr. Mastering
2018 The Last Detail The Last Detail Mastering
2018 The Tropical Dream Terry Gomes Mixing, Mastering, Engineer, Tambourine
2018 Make Way for Love Marlon Williams Mastering
2018 Foxwarren Foxwarren Mastering
2018 Earthtones Bahamas Mastering
2018 Been on Your Side Taylor Ashton / Courtney Hartman Mastering
2017 Road Keith Glass / Lynn Miles Mastering
2017 La Papessa Lido Pimienta Mastering
2016 Winter Wheat John K. Samson Mastering
2016 The Party Andy Shauf Mastering
2016 Cult Following Little Scream Mastering
2015 Vieux Loup The Acorn Mastering
2015 Moon Turn Red MonkeyJunk Mastering
2015 Birds With Broken Wings [Single] Ben Caplan Mastering
2014 Marigolden Field Report Mastering
2014 Bahamas Is Afie Bahamas Mastering
2012 Mint Juleps Jeremy Fisher Mastering
2012 I've Got a Crush on You Measha Brueggergosman Mixing, Mastering, Vocal Engineer
2012 Here We Go Again Mark Ferguson / Renée Yoxon Mastering
2012 Busting Visions Zeus Mastering
2012 Barchords Bahamas Mastering
2011 Sleepover Socalled Engineer, Editing, Main Personnel
2011 Metals Feist Mastering
2011 Here Comes a City Memphis Mastering
2010 White Linen The John Henrys Mixing
2010 Rat A Tat Tat Jason Collett Mastering
2010 Look at What the Light Did Now Feist Mastering
2010 Cloak and Cipher Land of Talk Mastering
2009 Pink Strat Bahamas Mastering
2008 Sweet as the Grain The John Henrys Mixing, Mastering
2008 Happymatic Hilotrons Engineer, Mixing, Mastering, Group Member
2007 Champ Kim Barlow Mastering
2006 Ghettoblaster Socalled Engineer, Arranger, Audio Engineer, Mixing, Editing, Whistle (Human), Drums, Tambourine, Arp Echoplex, Snaps
2005 Something Beautiful Sarah Metzner Drums
2004 Give It a Name Million Dollar Marxists Mixing
2003 Price Wax Mannequin Engineer, Drums, Mastering
2003 HiphopKhasene Socalled / Solomon & Socalled / Sophie Solomon Producer, Mixing, Drums
2002 And Gun Wax Mannequin Mastering
1999 South of Somewhere David Wiffen Engineer, Mixing, Marimba, Drums, Percussion, Mastering
We Share a Similar Joy JW Francis Mastering
Vértigo De Amor Adan Jodorowsky Mastering Engineer
Viaje a 2012 Mastering Engineer
Undesirable Becky Warren Mastering
Unalike Glassreel Mastering
Trick to Happy Bahamas Mastering Engineer
Too Many Bad Habits Bad Waitress Mastering Engineer
Too Fast JW Francis Mastering
Today's Acoustic [Rhino] Mastering
Time to Roll MonkeyJunk Mastering
The Day I Lose My Mind Le Ren Mastering Engineer
Taking a Page Devendra Banhart Mastering
Sunday Best [Universal] Mastering Engineer
Stuck at Home Mastering Engineer
Strawberry Milkshake Bad Waitress Mastering Engineer
Stardust Luka Kuplowsky Mastering
Someday, The Moon Will Be Gold Kalle Mattson Mastering
Shrove Sam Decker Mastering
Send The Ships Echo Nebraska Mastering
See Us Through Michelle Willis Mastering
Sandbar [Original Motion Picture Score] Frank LoCrasto Mastering
Ruhige Musik zum aufwachen Mastering Engineer
Romantic Taylor Ashton Mastering
Roll Up the Night Sky Dana Sipos Mastering
Right Time Benjamin Lazar Davis / Bridget Kearney Mastering Engineer
Relaxing Acoustic Songs Mastering
Red Light Saints Red Light Saints Mastering
Rabbit Hole Bad Waitress Mastering Engineer
Pony Tricks Jason Collett Mastering
Own Alone Bahamas Mastering Engineer
Ordinary Heroes Peter Hum Mastering
No Taste Bad Waitress Mastering Engineer
Morning Coffee [Rhino] Mastering
Morning & Melancholia Le Ren Mastering, Mastering Engineer
Mis Grandes Exitos French Kiss / Adan Jodorowsky Mastering Engineer
Midwestern Zachary Lucky Mastering
Memorial Devendra Banhart Mastering
Mellow Easy Chilled Pop Mastering
Lucid Stories, Tentative Lies Jessica Smucker Mastering
Love and Leave You Hundred Mile House Mastering
Love Can't Be the Only Reason to Stay Le Ren Mastering Engineer
Lofi JW Francis Mastering
Let's See Devendra Banhart Mastering
Kantori Ongaku Devendra Banhart Mastering
KD and Lunch Meat/Church of Better Daze/Eggs Benediction Boy Golden Mastering Engineer
It's Not Always Funny Devendra Banhart Mastering
Irish Exit Eliza McLamb Mastering Engineer
Indie Music Mastering Engineer
Indie Folk Essentials Mastering Engineer
If I Had Wings Le Ren Mastering Engineer
Ibiza Shady Nasty Mastering Engineer
I Got You Babe The 400 Unit / Bahamas Mastering Engineer
I Am Bored Mastering Engineer
How to Say Sorry and Other Lessons Fawn Fritzen Mastering
Hot Noise Jane's Party Mastering
Here's to the Future Sam Weber Mastering Engineer
Heavenly [A Second Collection of Songs] Rosemary Fairweather Drums, Mastering Engineer, Mixing
Gung Ho Freddy & Francine Mastering
Franklin's Tower [Amazon Original] Devendra Banhart Mastering
Failing Upwards Deanna Petcoff Mastering Engineer
Everybody Shares a Name Sean Rubin Mastering
Delusions of Grandeur Bad Waitress Mastering Engineer
Cycle Sam Tru Mastering
Colour Katzù Oso Mastering Engineer
Coffee Break Songs Mastering
Church of Better Daze Boy Golden Mastering Engineer
Casual Dracula Horsehead Mastering
Birds With Broken Wings Ben Caplan Engineer, Editing, Drums, Percussion, Mastering
Beach Music Mastering Engineer
Alone at Last Rachael & Vilray Mastering
Abre Las Manos Devendra Banhart Mastering
A Girl in Teen City Oh Susanna Mastering