Philip Rosseter

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Philip Rosseter was an English court musician who championed the cause of the simple air and denigrated fancy counterpoint; he was also a theater manager whose satirical productions got him into mild…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
What Then Is Love But Mourning 1601 02:21 Miscellaneous (Classical) Vocal Music
When Laura Smiles 02:15 Vocal Music
Galliard ("by Rossesters"), for lute 02:52 Chamber Music
A Fantasia, for lute (Jane Pickeringe's Lute Book, 37) 06:23 Chamber Music
Pavin ("by Rossesters"), for lute 06:34 Chamber Music
If She Forsake Me 01:55 Miscellaneous (Classical)
Sweet, Come Again 03:43 Vocal Music
Shall I Come If I Swim? 01:53 Miscellaneous (Classical)
Mrs. Taylor's Galliard 01:36 Chamber Music
No Grave for Woe 04:01 Miscellaneous (Classical)
My sweetest Lesbia 04:41
Kind in Unkindness, for voice & lute 04:27 Vocal Music
Whether Men Do Laugh or Weep, for voice & lute 01:29 Vocal Music
And Would You See My Mistress' Face, for voice & lute 02:38 Vocal Music
What Hearts Content, for voice & lute 02:24 Vocal Music
When that love is but mourning, for voice & lute 02:52 Vocal Music
What is a Day? 01:51 Vocal Music
Almayne, for lute 02:00 Chamber Music
Reprove Not Love, for voice & lute 02:56 Vocal Music
Prelude, for lute 01:18 Chamber Music
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