Phil Kinrade


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Year Album Artist
2017 Boxing the Shadows The Shadows Mastering
2017 Chris to the Mill Chris Difford Mastering
2017 Live Anthology Tim Buckley Mastering
2017 Remixes T. Rex Mastering
2017 Twice the Price: The Decca Recordings Alan Price / Alan Price Set Remastering
2016 I Have a Dream Daniel O'Donnell Mastering
2016 The Ultimate Collection Donna Summer Mastering
2015 1979-1999: The Pretenders Box Set Pretenders Mastering
2015 The Complete Studio Recordings 1983-2004 The Farm Mastering
2014 Donna: The CD Collection Donna Summer Reissue Mastering
2014 Here I Am/Live In Paris/Here Where There Is Love/On Stage and In Movies Dionne Warwick Mastering
2014 I'll Never Fall in Love Again/Very Dionne...Plus/Dionne/Just Being Myself Dionne Warwick Mastering
2014 Presenting Dionne Warwick/Anyone Who Had a Heart/Make Way for Dionne Warwick/The Sensitive Sound of Dionne Warwick Dionne Warwick Mastering
2014 Tanx/Zinc Alloy T. Rex Mastering
2014 The Windows of the World/In the Valley of the Dolls/Promises, Promises/Soulful Dionne Warwick Mastering
2013 Andrew Gold/What's Wrong with This Picture?/All This and Heaven Too/Whirlwind Andrew Gold Mastering
2013 Badfinger/Wish You Were Here/In Concert at the BBC 1972-1973 Badfinger Mastering
2013 Candi/Young Hearts Run Free Candi Staton Mastering
2013 Disco Recharge: Evita/The Empire Strikes Back Festival / Boris Midney Mastering
2013 First/Never Let Her Go/Goodbye Girl/Falling in Love Again David Gates Mastering
2013 Flood/Apollo 18 They Might Be Giants Mastering
2013 John Henry/Factory Showroom They Might Be Giants Mastering
2013 Kasim Kasim Sulton Mastering
2013 Lee Daniels' The Butler Mastering
2013 Music Speaks Louder Than Words/House of Love Candi Staton Mastering
2013 Nightline/Abstract Emotions Randy Crawford Mastering
2013 Patrice/Pizzazz/Posh Patrice Rushen Mastering
2013 Rich and Poor/Through the Eyes of Love Randy Crawford Mastering
2013 Secret Combination/Windsong Randy Crawford Mastering
2013 Straight from the Heart/Now Patrice Rushen Mastering
2013 The Complete Studio Recordings: 1973-1988 Showaddywaddy Mastering, Restoration
2012 A Cappella/Nearly Human/2nd Wind Todd Rundgren Mastering
2012 Chinese Wall/Inside Out Philip Bailey Remastering
2012 Dance Band on the Titanic/Living Room Suite Harry Chapin Mastering
2012 Disco Discharge: American Hot Promoter
2012 Jo Jo Gunne/Bite Down Hard/Jumpin' the Gun/So... Where's the Show? Jo Jo Gunne Mastering
2012 Keep the Beat: The Very Best of the English Beat The English Beat Remastering
2012 Live & Extensions The Manhattan Transfer Mastering
2012 Soul Men/I Thank You Sam & Dave Mastering
2012 The Complete Beat The English Beat Remastering
2012 The Rest Deacon Blue Mastering
2012 Till the End/Never My Love/You've Got Somebody Vern Gosdin Mastering
2012 Time Loves a Hero/Down on the Farm Little Feat Mastering
2011 Disco Discharge: Cruising the Beats Promoter
2011 Disco Discharge: Disco Fever USA Master Chorister
2011 Disco Discharge: Euro Beats Promoter
2011 Livin' on the Fault Line/Minute by Minute The Doobie Brothers Mastering
2011 Stampede/Takin' It to the Streets The Doobie Brothers Mastering
2011 The Best of the Arista Years General Johnson Mastering
2010 Disco Discharge: Disco Boogie Mastering
2010 Free...Plus/Body & Soul...Plus Rick Astley Mastering
2010 Too Hot to Handle/Central Heating Heatwave Mastering
2003 Slideling Ian McCulloch Mastering
2001 Beetroot Cast Mastering
2001 Homesick Deacon Blue Mastering
1999 Magic Hour Cast Mastering
1999 Viva el Amor Pretenders Mastering
1997 Mother Nature Calls Cast Mastering
1996 Live: Headlights, White Lines, Black Tar Rivers The Levellers Mastering
1995 All Change Cast Mastering
1995 Dare to Love Jimmy Somerville Mastering
1995 Frestonia Aztec Camera Mastering
1995 The Isle of View Pretenders Mastering
1994 Essex Alison Moyet Reissue Mastering
1993 Real Belinda Carlisle Mastering
1992 Levelling the Land The Levellers Mastering
1992 Mysterio Ian McCulloch Mastering
1991 All True Man Alexander O'Neal Mastering
1991 Fellow Hoodlums Deacon Blue Mastering
1991 Hoodoo Alison Moyet Reissue Mastering
1991 Live Your Life Be Free Belinda Carlisle Mastering
1990 Packed Pretenders Mastering
1990 Stray Aztec Camera Mastering
1989 Candleland Ian McCulloch Mastering
1989 Read My Lips Jimmy Somerville Mastering
1989 When the World Knows Your Name Deacon Blue Mastering
1988 Heaven on Earth Belinda Carlisle Mastering
1988 Hold Me in Your Arms Rick Astley Mastering
1988 The Raw & the Cooked Fine Young Cannibals Mastering
1987 Love Aztec Camera Mastering
1987 Raindancing Alison Moyet Reissue Mastering
1987 Red The Communards Mastering
1987 Whenever You Need Somebody Rick Astley Mastering
1986 Communards The Communards Mastering
1986 Get Close Pretenders Mastering
1985 Fine Young Cannibals Fine Young Cannibals Mastering
1984 Alf Alison Moyet Reissue Mastering
1984 Knife Aztec Camera Mastering
1984 Learning to Crawl Pretenders Mastering
1984 Talk Show The Go-Go's Mastering
1984 The Age of Consent Bronski Beat Mastering
1983 High Land, Hard Rain Aztec Camera Mastering
1983 On the Rise The S.O.S. Band Mastering
1983 One Step Higher Voyage Mastering
1982 Special Beat Service The English Beat Remastering, Mastering
1982 Vacation The Go-Go's Mastering
1981 Beauty and the Beat The Go-Go's Mastering
1981 Pretenders II Pretenders Mastering
1981 Wha'ppen? The English Beat Remastering, Mastering
1980 Big Smash! Wreckless Eric Mastering
1980 I Just Can't Stop It The English Beat Remastering, Mastering
1980 Pretenders Pretenders Mastering
1978 Journey to the Light Brainstorm Mastering
1978 The Wonderful World of Wreckless Eric Wreckless Eric Mastering
1978 Wreckless Eric Wreckless Eric Mastering
1972 The Slider T. Rex Mastering
1970 Number 5 Steve Miller Band Mastering
1969 Brave New World Steve Miller Band Mastering
1969 Your Saving Grace Steve Miller Band Mastering
1968 Children of the Future Steve Miller Band Mastering
1968 Sailor Steve Miller Band Mastering
Gary Crowley's Punk & New Wave Remastering
Hold On, I'm Comin'/Double Dynamite Sam & Dave Mastering
Spyglass Guest/Time and Tide Greenslade Mastering