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Year Album Artist
2020 Darkness Brings the Wonders Home Smoke Fairies Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2019 So That You Might Hear Me Bear's Den Producer
2019 Capsule Losing Contact Duster Producer
2018 Nation of Two Vance Joy Engineer, Mixing, Producer
2018 First Collection 2006-2009 Fleet Foxes Engineer, Mixing, Producer
2017 My Kinda Music Walter Martin Mixing
2017 Little Mess Grouplove Engineer, Mixing, Producer
2017 Destroyers of the Soft Life J. Roddy Walston and the Business Producer
2017 Death Song The Black Angels Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2017 Crack-Up Fleet Foxes Mixing
2016 Big Mess Grouplove Engineer, Mixing, Producer
2016 Arts & Leisure Walter Martin Mixing
2015 Twelvefour The Paper Kites Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2015 Runners in the Nerved World The Sidekicks Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2015 I Love You, Honeybear Father John Misty Mixing
2015 Evermotion Guster Mixing
2015 Chronovision Oberhofer Bass Engineer, Drum Engineering, Guitar Engineer
2015 Carry the Ghost Noah Gundersen Mixing
2014 We're All Young Together Walter Martin Mixing
2014 Run River North Run River North Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2014 Ruckers Hill Husky Gawenda / Husky Mixing
2014 Hope Manchester Orchestra Mixing
2014 Greylag Greylag Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2013 Lost in Light Rotation Tullycraft Mixing
2013 Harlequin Dream Boy & Bear Mixing
2013 Girls, Vol. 1: Music from the HBO Original Series Producer
2012 Heaven The Walkmen Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2012 Fear Fun Father John Misty Mixing
2011 Helplessness Blues Fleet Foxes Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2010 Work Shout Out Louds Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2010 Tidelands The Moondoggies Engineer, Producer
2010 The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Additional Production
2010 Mobile Chateau Matt Costa Mixing
2010 Infinite Arms Band of Horses Additional Production
2010 Bigger and Blackerer David Cross Mixing, Editing
2009 Time to Die The Dodos Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2009 Signs and Wonders Animal Kingdom Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2009 Mind the Drift Big Business Engineer
2009 It Crawled from the Basement: The Green Monkey Records Anthology Engineer
2009 Creaturesque Throw Me the Statue Producer, Mixing, Drum Engineering
2008 Ooh-La-La! Producer
2008 Fleet Foxes Fleet Foxes Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2007 Wincing the Night Away The Shins Producer
2007 Wake Up! Producer
2007 The Road Mix: Music from the Television Series One Producer, Mixing, Audio Production
2007 The Indifferent Universe Terrene Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2007 Say What You Want to Say to Me Spanish for 100 Mixing
2007 Moonbeams Throw Me the Statue Mixing
2007 Leaves in the River Sea Wolf Producer, Audio Production
2007 Hideout Film School Mixing
2007 Here Come the Waterworks Big Business Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Audio Production
2007 Get to the River Before It Runs Too Low Sea Wolf Producer, Mixing
2007 Cinema Deep Crush Brent Arnold Engineer
2007 Cease to Begin Band of Horses Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Audio Production
2007 2021: An Aviation Records Compilation Mixing
2006 Zune Producer
2006 Unoriginal Artists Boise Cover Band Engineer
2006 Under a Billion Suns Mudhoney Engineer, Mixing
2006 Uncut Playlist April 2006 Producer
2006 Songs We Sing Matt Costa Engineer, Mixing
2006 Music from the O.C., Mix 6: Covering Our Tracks Producer
2006 Everything All the Time Band of Horses Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2006 Don't You Miss Yourself Conrad Ford Mixing
2006 Death in the Garden, Blood on the Flowers Irving Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2005 Metric Spanish for 100 Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2005 Head for the Shallow Big Business Producer
2005 Face the Truth Stephen Malkmus Mixing
2005 Dios (Malos) Dios / Dios Malos Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Audio Production
2005 All Tomorrow's Parties: 3.1: Matt Groening Curated Producer
2004 Sunset on Dateland Visqueen Producer, Audio Production
2004 Love Lights the Way Blessed Light Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Audio Production
2004 Last Boat Brent Arnold / Brent Arnold & The Spheres Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2004 Inches Les Savy Fav Engineer
2004 Chicken Head Talking Diamonds The New Mexicans Producer, Engineer
2004 Battery Aveo Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2003 Vocabulary FCS North Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2003 Vells [EP] The Vells Producer, Engineer
2003 Transmita Olvido Broadcast Oblivion Producer, Engineer
2003 The New Romance Pretty Girls Make Graves Producer, Engineer
2003 The John and Spencer Booze Explosion The John and Spencer Booze Explosion Producer, Engineer
2003 So Says I The Shins Mixing
2003 Rough Trade Shops: Counter Culture 2002 Producer
2003 R.I.P. Murder City Devils Engineer, Mixing
2003 Newborn Driving Spanish for 100 Producer, Mixing
2003 MNML S PRCSS Producer, Mastering
2003 Keep on Truckin' Caustic Resin Mixing, Tracking
2003 Feed Feed Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2003 Drinking Season Porter Harp Producer, Engineer
2003 Dead Low Tide Dead Low Tide Producer, Engineer
2003 Chutes Too Narrow The Shins Producer, Mixing
2002 What Would You Do Mike Johnson Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2002 Slumber Jana McCall Producer
2002 Shut Up, You Fucking Baby! David Cross Engineer
2002 Rough Trade Shops: Rock and Roll Producer
2002 Now You Know Doug Martsch Mastering
2002 Nobody Knows This Is Everywhere 764-HERO Producer, Engineer
2002 Like a Ship Sailing Plan B Drum Engineering
2002 Know Your Onion The Shins Mixing
2002 Good Health Pretty Girls Make Graves Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2002 Clarions and Banners Automaton Engineer
2002 Arizona Cave 76 Producer, Engineer
2002 All MVMNT Brings FCS North Engineer, Mixing
2001 Sea to Shining Sea Love as Laughter Engineer, Mixing
2001 Leaves Turn Inside You Unwound Engineer, Tape Operator
2001 Go Forth Les Savy Fav Producer, Engineer
2001 Everywhere and His Nasty Parlour Tricks Modest Mouse Producer
2001 Ear-Bleeding Country: The Best of Dinosaur Jr. Dinosaur Jr. Engineer
2001 Bridge to the Northern Lights Aveo Producer, Engineer
2001 Ancient Melodies of the Future Built to Spill Producer, Engineer, Recording
2001 Action Chemistry Karp Engineer
2000 Weekends of Sound 764-HERO Producer, Engineer
2000 Vue Vue Producer, Engineer
2000 Us Producer, Mixing
2000 The Moon & Antarctica Modest Mouse Engineer
2000 Sing a Song for You: A Tribute to Tim Buckley Producer
2000 Puttering About a Small Land Land of the Loops Engineer, Mixing
2000 More Light J Mascis / J Mascis & the Fog Drum Engineering
2000 Live Built to Spill Producer, Mastering
2000 Keep Left, Vol. 1: A Benefit for David Barsamain and Alternative Radio Engineer
2000 Hamburger The Muffs Producer
2000 Building Nothing Out of Something Modest Mouse Engineer
1999 Keep It Like a Secret Built to Spill Producer, Engineer, Mastering Engineer
1999 Field Studies Quasi Producer
1999 Destination 2000 Love as Laughter Producer, Mixing
1999 Center of the Universe Built to Spill Producer
1998 Up Records Compilation Producer
1998 The Third Meeting at the Third Counter Satisfact Producer, Engineer
1998 The Rebels Not In The Halo Benders Producer
1998 The Medicine Is All Gone Caustic Resin Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1998 Stratosphere Duster Producer
1998 Running from No Place to Nowhere Tiffany Anders Engineer
1998 Just Beautiful Music Gas Huffer Producer, Engineer
1998 Jana McCall Jana McCall Producer, Engineer
1998 I Feel Alright Mike Johnson Producer
1998 Hope It Dies on a Sunny Day The Delusions Producer, Mixing, Mastering Assistant
1998 Get Here and Stay 764-HERO Producer
1998 Can't Cure the Nailbiters Bare Minimum Producer, Engineer
1998 #1 U.S.A. Love as Laughter Producer, Engineer, Keyboards
1997 We're Solids EP 764-HERO Producer, Engineer, Audio Engineer, Audio Production
1997 The Lonesome Crowded West Modest Mouse Engineer
1997 Remembering the Fireballs (Pt. 8) Lync Engineer
1997 Perfect from Now On Built to Spill Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Recording
1997 Feeling You Up Truly Producer
1997 But Sleep Came Slowly Red Stars Theory Producer
1997 American Compilation Scatter Engineer
1996 The Normal Years Built to Spill Engineer
1996 Self Appointed Guardian of the Machine Fumes Engineer
1996 Prime Candidate For Burnout Blenderhead Engineer
1996 Lost and Foundered Citizens' Utilities Producer, Engineer, Mastering
1996 Let the World Fall Apart Incredible Force of Junior Engineer
1996 Home Alive: The Art of Self Defense Producer, Engineer
1996 Don't Tell Me Now The Halo Benders Engineer, Organ, Drums
1996 Doghead Doghead Percussion
1996 Built to Spill Caustic Resin Built to Spill / Caustic Resin Engineer, Mixing
1996 Bite Back: Live at the Crocodile Cafe Mixing
1996 Betty Pickup Muzzle Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1995 Stacked Up! Producer, Engineer
1995 Phase 3: Thrones and Dominions Earth Engineer
1995 II Peach Producer, Engineer
1995 Hush Harbor Hush Harbor Producer, Engineer
1995 Happy Birthday Baby Jesus Producer, Engineer
1995 Fly Me to the Moon Caustic Resin Producer, Engineer
1995 A Means to an End: The Music of Joy Division Engineer
1994 These Are Not Fall Colors Lync Producer, Engineer
1994 There's Nothing Wrong with Love Built to Spill Producer, Engineer
1994 The Empty Records Sampler Engineer
1994 Simple Men Who Like Workin with Their Hands Steel Wool Producer, Engineer
1994 Lucky Boy Steel Wool Engineer, Mixing
1994 Juned Juned Producer, Engineer
1994 Building Distrust from Trust Butterfly Train Producer
1994 1-5 Killers 3 Producer, Engineer
1993 Stripped Fire Ants Engineer
1993 Kill Sybil Kill Sybil Producer, Engineer
1993 Fiberglass Gnome Engineer, Composer
1993 A Far Cry Engineer
1992 Six-Hi Surprise Tower Gnome Engineer, Mixing
Upon the Horizon Villages Mixing
Uncut: The Playlist 2006 Producer
Traumatized Grouplove Engineer, Mixing, Producer
The Queen Jake Troth Mixing
The Good Lie [Music from the Motion Picture] Engineer, Mixing, Producer
Spinning Grouplove Engineer, Mixing, Producer
Songs From Academia, Vol. 1: Songs With Singing 1981-2009 Tom Dyer Engineer
Remember That Night Grouplove Engineer, Mixing, Producer
Nettwerk: 30 Years of Music Mixing
Momento Hipster Producer
Live at Lollapalooza 2006 Matt Costa Engineer, Mixing
Last Call for the Quiet Life Buddy Mixing
It Is as If Jake Troth Mixing
Chill Valentine Electronic Producer
Chill Spring Electronic Producer
Beautimus and Other Sounds of the Nineties Engineer