Phil Demetro


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Year Album Artist
2017 Benediction The City Harmonic Mastering
2017 Choir of the Mind Emily Haines / Emily Haines & the Soft Skeleton Mastering
2017 Still Hungry Abdominal / DJ Format Mastering
2017 Stones Manafest Mastering
2016 Heal My Soul Jeff Healey Mastering
2016 Holding On: A Heal My Soul Companion Jeff Healey Mastering
2016 RedBlack&Blue SATE Mastering
2015 Crossley Hunter [LP] Crossley Hunter Mastering
2015 Let's Be Ready The Wooden Sky Mastering
2015 Reborn Manafest Mastering
2015 Ripe 4 Luv Young Guv Mastering
2014 Funeral Sky Reuben and the Dark Mastering
2014 The Moment Manafest Mastering
2014 Ulysees Justin Nozuka Mastering
2012 Broad Treasa Levasseur Mastering
2012 Curve Our Lady Peace Mastering
2012 Don't Be a Stranger Maddy Rodriguez Mastering
2012 Fighter Manafest Mastering
2012 Hope in Dirt City Cadence Weapon Mastering
2012 Occupy This Album Mastering
2012 The Beautiful Wild Jenn Grant Mastering
2011 Let the Rain Fall Good Lovelies Mastering
2011 Mischievous Moon Jill Barber Engineer
2011 Never Be Tamed Conflicted Mastering
2011 Sunset In Reverse Crash Parallel Mastering
2011 Whitehorse Whitehorse Mastering
2010 Automatic Luv Danny Fernandes Mastering
2010 From the Heart: Coffee House Edition Mastering
2010 Inventions Ash Koley Mastering
2010 Meat Hawksley Workman Mastering
2010 One Hundred Pages Later Rex Goudie Mastering
2010 Steel City Trawler Luke Doucet & the White Falcon Mastering
2010 The Chase Manafest Mastering
2010 The Early Widows Justin Rutledge Mastering
2009 B-Sides Danko Jones Mastering
2009 Compromiser The Prime Ministers Mastering
2009 Family Think About Life Mastering
2009 Feel. Love. Thinking. Of. Faunts Mastering
2009 Give It All Away Theo Tams Audio Production
2009 Guitar Christmas Sean Kelly Mastering
2009 Gutter Anthems Enter the Haggis Mastering
2009 Lay It on Me Minto Mastering
2009 Let's Just Stay Here NQ Arbuckle / Carolyn Mark Mastering
2009 Lost in City Lights The New Cities Audio Production, Mastering
2009 Years Years Mastering
2008 Between the Beautifuls Hawksley Workman Mastering
2008 Canadian Brass plays Bach Canadian Brass Mastering
2008 Disney Music Block Party Mastering
2008 Eclectica (Episodes in Purple) Zaki Ibrahim Audio Production
2008 Give Me the Music Eva Avila Audio Production
2008 Hazy Skies Over Martha's Vineyard Vatican Chainsaw Massacre Mastering
2008 Holding on to Whatever It Is The Waking Eyes Mastering
2008 Holly Justin Nozuka Mastering
2008 Into Your Lungs (and around in your heart, and on through your blood) Hey Rosetta! Mastering
2008 Mine Matt York Mastering
2008 Never Too Loud Danko Jones Mastering
2008 Possibilities Sierra Noble Mastering
2008 Something for All of Us.../Spirit If... Brendan Canning Mastering
2008 World Time Bomb One Second 2 Late Audio Production
2007 Best of Dick Nolan Dick Nolan Audio Production
2007 Broke Kazzer Mastering
2007 Efficiently Yours EP The Prime Ministers Mastering
2007 Emily Emily Mastering
2007 Escape from the Pigeon Hole Abdominal Mastering
2007 Everything at Once Everything At Once Mastering
2007 Goodbye Blue Monday Jeremy Fisher Mastering
2007 Into the Mouth of Badd(d)ness Brown Brigade Mastering
2007 Livin' It Brian Melo Audio Production, Mastering
2007 Magic Melanie Joy Mastering
2007 Ongiara Great Lake Swimmers Mastering
2007 Reggae Mix, Vol. 5 Mastering
2007 Spirit If... Kevin Drew Mastering
2007 Telepathy Now! Jewish Legend Remastering
2007 The #1 Classical Guitar Album Sean Kelly Mastering
2007 The First Sunbeams Roz Bell Mastering
2006 And So It Goes Giles Tomkins Mastering
2006 Canadian Idol Season 4: Spotlights Mastering
2006 Fik~shun Morris 8 Mastering
2006 Ian Sherwood Ian Sherwood Mastering
2006 It's Called Life Eternia Mastering
2006 My Life in Rooms Barzin Mastering
2006 New Used Car Sue Foley Mastering
2006 People of Faith Canadian Brass / Elmer Iseler Singers Master Chorister
2006 Please Do Not Disturb Erik Simins Mastering
2006 Reggae Mix, Vol. 4 Mastering
2006 Stride Zoe Bentley Mastering
2006 Whiteroom Whiteroom Mastering
2005 219 Days Kalan Porter Mastering
2005 Back for More Shawn Desman Mastering
2005 Bodies and Minds Great Lake Swimmers Mastering
2005 Canadian Idol Season 3: High Notes Mastering
2005 Canned Goods Marco Polo Mastering
2005 High Expectations/Low Results Faunts Mastering
2005 Litany and Lethargy Memory Bank Mastering
2005 Rock Swings Paul Anka Mastering
2005 Under the Lights Rex Goudie Audio Production
2005 Unlikely Emergency Serena Ryder Mastering
2004 B-Boy Stance k-os Mastering
2004 Canadian Idol: Greatest Moments Mastering
2004 Disarming Ember Swift Mastering
2004 No Reason To Cry Out Your Eyes (On The Highway Tonight) Hawksley Workman Mastering
2004 Project Orange Sampler Mastering
2004 Stranded in Suburbia Melissa McClelland Mastering
2004 Tonight Album Johnny Favourite Mastering
2004 What It Is Ray Robinson Mastering
2003 Flagrant Choclair Mastering
2003 Lover-Fighter Hawksley Workman Mastering
2003 Master Plan In Essence Mastering
2003 Much Dance 2004 Mastering
2003 Xquisite Xquisite Mastering
2002 Client Sausage Morris 8 Mastering
2002 More Electric Shane Simpson Mastering
2002 Nothing Short of a Bullet The Lowest of the Low Mastering
2001 Baby, It's Cold Outside Holly Cole Digital Editing
2001 Rock and Roll Album Jack Breakfast Mastering
2001 Spklanng! Supers Mastering
1999 Overboard Deal's Gone Bad Mastering
1997 Captured Anthems for an Empty Bathtub/Anthems for the Could've Bin Pills K.C. Accidental Mastering
Amongst the Coyotes & Birdsongs Nick Ferrio Mastering
Anthems For the Restless Dwight D'eon Mastering
Asia Beauty Ron Korb Mastering
Automanic Krief Mastering
Baby, It's Cold Outside [Somerset] Digital Editing
Camouflage Nights Camouflage Nights Mastering
Chad Price Chad Price Mastering
Cold in California David Spekter Mastering
David Barrett Trio: II David Barrett / David Barrett Trio Mastering
Dirty Laundry Ben Stevenson Mastering
District Red Light Saints Mastering
Don't Surrender Justus Mastering
Electric Kingdom Unbuttoned Mastering
Heavy Falls The Night Elizabeth Shepherd Mastering
Incarnate Mindsight Mastering
Legends Canadian Brass Mastering Engineer
Matthew Barber Matthew Barber Mastering
Middle Ground Patrick Dune Mastering
Milk Hawksley Workman Mastering
Moons Myriad 3 Mastering
Perfect Blue Dave Carroll Mastering
Purple City Quick Kick Mastering
Rock You High Messenjah Mastering
Skrap Metal, Vol. 2 Final Trigger Mastering
Softly UnRaveling Mastering
The Throwaway Kids Dead Celebrity Status Mastering
The Fate of the World Depends on This Kiss Whitehorse Mastering
The Future Happens Anyway NQ Arbuckle Mastering
The Nine Harm Mastering
This Memory Jim Doherty Mastering
United Harem Scarem Mastering
Vintage Christmas: Holiday Favorites with a Jazzy Twist Digital Editing
Vision and Ageless Light EYE Mastering
We Are Romantic Hector Fector Mastering