Peter Cornelius

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Carl August Peter Cornelius was the son of two actors, Carl Joseph Gerhard Cornelius and Friedereike Cornelius (née Schradtke). His father trained him as an actor, and as part of that training, he was…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
The Three Kings (Die Könige) ("Three Kings from Persian lands afar") 1859 Vocal Music Choral
Der Barbier von Bagdad, opera 1858 Opera
Weihnachtslieder for voice & piano, Op. 8 Vocal Music
Die drei Könige, for voice & piano, Op. 8/3 Vocal Music
Drei Kön'ge wandern aus Morgenland Vocal Music
Stabat Mater for soloist, chorus & orchestra Choral
Trauerchöre (4) for male chorus, Op 9 Choral
Liebe, pieces (3) for chorus, Op. 18 Choral
Trauer und Trost, song cycle, Op. 3 Vocal Music
Requiem "Seele, Vergiss Sie Nicht" for chorus Choral
Zu uns komme dein Reich, for voice & piano, Op. 2/3 Vocal Music
Simeon Miscellaneous (Classical)
Ich und Du for 2 voices & piano Vocal Music
Duets for soprano, bass & piano, Op 16 Vocal Music
Zu Den Bergen Hebet Sich ein Augenpaar for soprano, baritone & piano Vocal Music
Songs (3) for voice & piano, Op. 4: No. 2, Komm, wir wandeln zusammen Vocal Music
Der beste Liebesbrief, for 2 voices & piano, Op. 6/2 Vocal Music
Verratene Liebe, for 2 voices & piano Vocal Music
Psalmlieder (3) for chorus, Op. 13 (After J. S. Bach) Choral
Zweistimmige Lieder (3) for soprano, baritone & piano, Op 6 Vocal Music
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