Pete Magdaleno


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Year Album Artist
2017 Live 2007 The Wedding Present Mixing
2014 Seven Wonders of the World Cinerama Engineer, Mixing
2012 Gifted The Jigsaw Seen Drum Engineering, Engineer
2011 Winterland The Jigsaw Seen Engineer
2010 Bananas Foster The Jigsaw Seen Engineer
2009 A Casa Verde Terry de Castro Engineer
2008 Coolest Songs in the World, Vol. 4 Producer
2007 At Last Lauren White Audio Engineer, Assistant Engineer
2007 Catch You Snap Peachfuzz Producer, Engineer, Audio Engineer, Mixing, Audio Production, Stomping
2007 Hope Waits Hope Waits Engineer, Audio Engineer
2007 The Chaos in Order Let's Go Sailing Engineer, Audio Engineer
2007 The Golden West Leland Engineer
2006 20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection, Vol. 3 Kiss Assistant Engineer
2006 Girls with Candy Hearts Rocket Engineer
2006 Hate Is Your Mistress Ms. Fits Producer
2006 Kinked Dave Davies Engineer
2006 That's Amore: Live at DiPiazza's Smut Peddlers Engineer
2006 What About Christmas? The Jigsaw Seen Engineer
2006 Window Rolled Down Jeff Merchant Mixing
2005 British Invasion 2K4 Live Mixing, Mastering
2005 Crown Jewels Crown of Thorns Assistant
2005 Hell Can Wait Carlos Guitarlos Assistant Engineer
2005 I'm Your Daddy Chris Gerolmo Mixing Assistant
2005 Poison of the Sea Patria Jacobs Mixing
2004 Forever Leland Assistant
2004 From a Basement on the Hill Elliott Smith Engineer
2004 Gigantes del Pop! The Shakes Producer, Engineer
2004 God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen [EP] The Jigsaw Seen Remixing
2004 Inspiration Phil Ranelin Engineer, Audio Engineer
2004 Living in Sin Janet Klein Engineer
2004 Mad for the Racket Wayne Kramer Assistant Engineer
2004 Pianoforte Phil Parlapiano Engineer
2004 SMiLE Brian Wilson Assistant Engineer
2003 Goblin Market Mora's Modern Rhythmists Assistant Engineer
2003 Happy to Be Here Andrew Assistant
2003 Significance Sunday Shoes Drum Engineering
2003 Something Deeper Than These Changes Stew Engineer
2002 Bug Dave Davies Engineer, Audio Engineer
2002 Songs Mama Used to Sing The Jigsaw Seen Engineer, Mixing
2002 The Naked Dutch Painter and Other Songs Stew Assistant Engineer, Assistant
2002 Viva Death Viva Death Assistant Engineer
2002 Welcome Black The Negro Problem Assistant Engineer
2002 Your Majesty The Anniversary Assistant
2001 Essential Rockabilly Masters Mixing
2001 Everybody Got Their Something Nikka Costa Assistant Engineer, Assistant
2001 Family Secrets The Andersons Engineer
2001 Midnight Coffee Bert Dalton Engineer
2001 Shakedown! theSTART Mixing Assistant
2001 The Box Set Kiss Assistant Engineer
2001 The Racketeers Mad for the Racket Assistant Engineer
2001 Where You'll Find Me Kristin Korb Assistant Engineer
2000 A Beautiful Story Andrew Engineer
2000 Guest Host Stew Mixing
2000 It Had to Do with Love Koufax Assistant Engineer
2000 Metallic I.O.U. The Hangmen Tape Operator
2000 Shoutin' in Key: Taj Mahal & the Phantom Blues Band Live Taj Mahal Assistant
2000 Zenith The Jigsaw Seen Engineer, Mixing
1999 A Tribute to the Left Banke: Shadows Breaking Over Our Heads Mixing
1999 Cellophane The Wondermints Engineer
1999 International Pop Overthrow, Vol. 2 Mastering
1999 Let's Get Busy Kids of Widney High Engineer, Mixing
1999 Lorenzo Antonio Lorenzo Antonio Engineer
1999 Swing Cats The Swing Cats Mixing
1999 The Shoephone Conspiracy Double Naught Spies Engineer
1999 What Is Hip?: The Tower of Power Anthology Tower of Power Assistant Engineer
1998 Aquamosh Plastilina Mosh Assistant Engineer
1998 Delphonic Sounds Today: Del-Fi Does Del-Fi Mixing
1998 Excess, Lies and Heather's Arrest GiftHorse Engineer
1998 International Pop Overthrow [VA] Mastering
1998 Norteno de Corazon La Tradicion del Norte Engineer, Mixing
1997 Closet Pop Folk Compilation Producer
1997 Coming Back Singing the Blues The Carter Brothers Engineer
1997 Le Hot Show Elliot Kendall Engineer, Guitar
1997 Post Minstrel Syndrome The Negro Problem Engineer
1996 Closet Pop Freak Producer, Compilation Producer, Recorder
1996 Dreamworld Shad Weathersby Assistant Engineer, Assistant, Editing Assistant
1996 Loup Garou Willy DeVille Assistant Engineer, Vocal Effect
1996 Shots in the Dark Producer, Engineer
1996 Wonderful World of the Wondermints The Wondermints Engineer, Mixing
1995 Wondermints The Wondermints Engineer
1994 Backstreets of Desire Willy DeVille Assistant Engineer
1994 She'd Give Anything Boy Howdy Engineer, Assistant Engineer
1994 Sugartooth Sugartooth Assistant Engineer
1994 Well... Katey Sagal Engineer
1994 Zig Zag Tha Mexakinz Engineer
1993 American Matador Marc Bonilla Engineer, Audio Engineer
1993 Bobbie Cryner Bobbie Cryner Engineer
1993 Everlasting Love Nu Vision Engineer
1993 T.O.P. Tower of Power Assistant Engineer
1993 The One That Got Away Thin White Rope Engineer, Assistant Engineer
1993 The Return of the Hellecasters The Hellecasters Engineer
1992 Call Me Hans Theessink Assistant Engineer, Assistant
1992 I'll Stand Up Pat Kelley Assistant Engineer
1992 Revenge Kiss Assistant Engineer
1992 The Very Best...And Beyond Foreigner Assistant Engineer
1991 A Dozen Roses: Greatest Hits Desert Rose Band Assistant Engineer
1991 Back to Basics Phil & Brenda Nicholas Assistant Engineer
1991 Lost Winter's Dream Lisa Mychols Engineer
1991 My Name Is Tom The Jigsaw Seen Mixing
1991 Take Out the Trash Legal Weapon Assistant Engineer
1990 Pages of Life Desert Rose Band Assistant Engineer
1989 Nosferatu Helstar Assistant Engineer
1988 Distant Thunder Helstar Assistant Engineer
1988 No Place for Disgrace Flotsam and Jetsam Assistant Engineer
1988 Saints Will Conquer Armored Saint Assistant Engineer
Old Man Reverb The Jigsaw Seen Engineer
What You're Missing The Shambles Producer