Pete Bankert


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Year Album Artist
2014 Electric Wake Ronny Munroe Engineer
2010 Massa Hypnos Awesome Color Assistant
2009 Baker's Dozen Sean Baker Producer, Engineer
2009 The Anders Orange The Anders Orange Mixing, Mastering, Drum Recordings
2008 Sibley Gardens The Respectables Engineer
2007 Disturbing The Peace Brian Schram / Brian Schram Band Engineer
2007 Greatest Show in Detroit Dark Carnival Engineer
2007 Live II Foghat Engineer
2007 Send More Cops Send More Cops Bass, Group Member, Composer
2007 Welcome to Show Business Dark Carnival Engineer
2006 A Collection for the Record The Look Producer, Guitar (Bass)
2006 On Display Joey Gaydos Engineer
2005 The Respectables The Respectables Producer, Engineer, Guitar (Bass), Group Member
2004 Feast of Eden Sevenout Engineer, Mixing
2004 The Sean Baker Orchestra Sean Baker Engineer
2004 The State The State Engineer
2004 The Writ J. Lebang Engineer, Editing
2003 Back from Reality Sevenout Engineer, Mixing
2003 Indignation Indignation Engineer
2003 Lubricated Ray Street Park Engineer
2003 The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Sonny Vincent Engineer, Audio Engineer
2002 High Atop the Giving Tree Inner Recipe Engineer
2002 Perfect Conniption Engineer
2001 Battery Operated Orange Paul Tripp Producer, Engineer, Audio Engineer
2001 Medium Rare: 1970-2000 Scott Morgan Engineer
2000 Alive in Detroit Cheetah Chrome Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2000 Noise Monkeys Cub Koda & the Points Producer, Engineer, Vocals (Background), Bass
2000 Perfect Largeness: The Nocturnal Years 13 Engines Engineer
1999 Dead to the World Dead to the World Engineer, Mixing
1999 Detroit Underground Series, Vol. 5 Engineer
1999 Parallax in Wonderland Sonny Vincent Engineer
1998 Tame Conniption Engineer
1998 Touch Me and Die Shock Therapy Engineer
1997 Last Great Ride Dark Carnival Engineer, Audio Engineer, Member of Attributed Artist, Guitar (Bass), Bass
1997 Victims of the Night Halloween Engineer
1996 Caribbean Collection, Vol. 1 Assistant Engineer
1996 Caribbean Collection, Vol. 2 Assistant Engineer
1995 Hot Pants Zone Lovemasters Engineer
1995 Revolutionary Means Scots Pirates Engineer
1995 Tiles Tiles Engineer
1994 Scots Pirates Scots Pirates Engineer
1993 Daddy Rollin' Stone Steve Nardella Assistant Engineer
1993 Welcome to My Job: The Cub Koda Collection 1963-93 Cub Koda Bass
1992 Brimstone & Bottlerockets Gone in 60 Sec. Engineer
1992 Just Let Go Shock Therapy Engineer
1991 Drive It Off Big Chief Engineer
1991 It's the Blues Cub Koda Engineer
1990 Cancer Shock Therapy Engineer
1990 Rock Action Scott Morgan Band Engineer
1989 Byram Lake Blues 13 Engines Engineer
1989 Knuckle Sandwich Orange Roughies Engineer
1988 Lavender Blue Paul Sihon / Paul Vornhagen Engineer
1988 My Unshakeable Belief Shock Therapy Engineer
1987 16 with a Bullet Scott Morgan Engineer
1987 Before Our Time 13 Engines Engineer
1986 Batteries Not Included Hysteric Narcotics Engineer
1986 Talk of Heaven Joe Henry Engineer
1985 Don't Metal with Evil Halloween Engineer
1980 Cub Koda & the Points Cub Koda & the Points Guitar (Bass)
All Wrong The State Engineer
Axe to Grind Daniel Wentworth Producer, Engineer, Digital Editing
Beyond The Pale Niagara Bass
Bitter Shy Camouflage Junkies Producer, Engineer
Blim The Gear Producer, Engineer
Blood Brothers Rob Tyner Producer, Engineer, Bass
Brother Rabbit Brother Rabbit Engineer
Captive Audience The Weapons Bass, Group Member
Caught in a Jam Daniel Wentworth Engineer, Bass
Control Motherload Producer, Engineer, Mixing
Daniel Wentworth Daniel Wentworth Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Photography, Bass
Destruction Ride Destruction Ride Engineer
I'm On A Mission Daniel Wentworth Composer
In the New Hitsville The Gear Producer, Engineer
International Pop Overthrow, Vol. 11 Engineer
Live 1980 Cub Koda & the Points Bass
Live 1980 Cub Koda Bass
Loud, Fast and Wild The Wuzz Band Engineer
Marsupial Eruptus The Opossums Producer, Engineer
Mugsy Mugsy Guitar (Bass), Group Member
Reach Montäzh Engineer
Revolutionary Action Scott Morgan Engineer
Second Thoughts Weapons Bass, Group Member
Shake Yo' Cakes Cub Koda & the Points Bass, Group Member
Steve Gornall & The Blue Collar Blues Band Steve Gornall & the Blue Collar Blues Band Engineer, Mixing, Editing
Stew Lazy Bones Producer, Engineer, Mixing
The Order of Control Bruce Bouillet Engineer
The Sweet Sounds of Detroit, Vol. 2 Engineer
This Hump Engineer
To Be Or Not To Be That's What I'm Talkin About The Holy Cows Engineer
Uncle Jessie White & the 29th Street Band Uncle Jessie White & the 29th Street Band Engineer, Mixing, Editing
Volume One Camouflage Junkies Producer, Engineer
Waiting For Something Fugue Engineer
Whack!! Ding!! See Dick Run Engineer