Percy Buck

Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Psalm 127: Except the Lord build the house, for chorus & organ 02:29 Choral
Blest by the sun, the olive tree (on the tune "Gonfalon Royal"), hymn 03:13 Choral
The royal banners forward go (tune Gonfalon Royal) 03:32 Choral
O Jesu, Saviour of mankind (tune Dulcis Memoria) (New English Hymnal 223) 03:05 Choral
Songs of the Holy Child, for chorus & organ 22:11 Choral
They that sow in tears, for chorus & organ 04:21 Choral
O God, whose nature and property, for chorus & organ 02:59 Choral
Brethen, whatsoever things are true, for chorus & organ 02:07 Choral
The Lord is gracious, for chorus & organ 03:00 Choral
Beloved, now we are the Sons of God, for chorus & organ 02:38 Choral
Christ died for us, for chorus & organ 07:11 Choral
There came wise men from the East, for chorus & organ 04:58 Choral
Draw nigh and take the body (tune Draw nigh) (NEH 281) 03:18 Choral
Chorale Prelude: In Dulci Jublio, for organ 02:46 Keyboard
Let the peace of God, for chorus & organ 02:37 Choral
O Lord God 02:28 Choral
Eternal Monarch, King Most High, hymn (tune "Gonfalon Royal") (NEH 128) 02:34 Choral
Sing Alleluia Forth in Duteous Praise, for organ (Tune: Martins) 04:13 Keyboard
Prelude for piano in C minor ("Marnic") 02:06 Keyboard
The Lord is King, for chorus & organ 07:30 Choral
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