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Year Album Artist
2021 Welfare Jazz Viagra Boys Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Composer
2020 Torch // Flame Johnossi Producer, Mixing, Engineer
2020 Torch // Flame Johnossi Engineer, Producer
2020 Endless Dream Peter Bjorn and John Engineer
2018 Darker Days Peter Bjorn and John Mixing
2017 Ride Loreen Mixing Engineer
2017 Good Times Mando Diao Mixing Engineer
2015 Berlin Kadavar Mixing
2011 Skeleton The Good Natured Mixing
2011 Daydreams & Nightmares Those Dancing Days Mixing
2009 Real Control Moneybrother Mixing
2008 More Modern Short Stories from Hello Saferide Hello Saferide Mixing
2008 Magic Recoveries Disco Ensemble Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2008 Everybody's Gonna Die Tonight Snuffed by the Yakuza Mixing
2008 Coolest Songs in the World, Vol. 4 Producer
2008 Best Last Days of April Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2008 1 Juvelen Mixing
2007 The Black and White Album The Hives Mixing
2007 Skins Producer, Mixing
2007 Might as Well Live Last Days of April Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Guitar
2007 Love Attacks!!! Empire Dogs Vocal Overdubs
2007 Juvelen Juvelen Mixing
2007 Hello Bunny Soviac Producer, Engineer
2007 Fever [#2] Sandra Nasic Mixing
2007 3.00 AM Serenades Marit Bergman Engineer, Mixing
2006 Toxic Assistant Producer
2006 They Think They Are the Robocop Kraus The Robocop Kraus Producer, Mixing, Audio Production
2006 Silent Shout The Knife Mixing
2006 Randy the Band Randy Mixing
2006 Pale as Milk Karl Larsson Mixing
2006 Damaged Goods Deportees Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2005 Live the End Last Days of April Audio Production
2005 Layourbattleaxedown The Concretes Engineer, Mixing
2005 La Ballade d'O Vanessa & The O's Producer, Mixing, Bass, Engineer
2005 A Sunset Panorama Logh Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Audio Production, Percussion, Video Producer
2004 Tyrannosaurus Hives The Hives Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Audio Production
2004 Kiss & Tell Sahara Hotnights Audio Production
2004 It's on Everything Last Days of April Audio Production
2003 Welfare Problems Randy Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2003 Up for Sale The (International) Noise Conspiracy Engineer, Mixing
2003 The Raging Sun Logh Engineer, Percussion, Mixing
2003 Song of Songs Starmarket Engineer, Mixing, Percussion
2003 Revolvo Revolvo Engineer, Mixing
2003 Oh Tahoe Beezewax Producer, Mixing
2003 If You Lose It Last Days of April Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Audio Production, Bass
2003 Bigger Cages, Longer Chains The (International) Noise Conspiracy Engineer, Mixing
2003 All Will Break Last Days of April Audio Production
2002 Your New Favourite Band The Hives Engineer, Producer, Recording
2002 The Song Ramones the Same: A Tribute To the Ramones Engineer, Mixing
2002 The EP Compilation Refused Producer, Engineer
2002 Peter Bjorn and John Peter Bjorn and John Engineer
2002 Loud Music for Loud People Engineer
2002 Idiota Hyper Activa Henry Fiat's Open Sore Engineer, Mastering
2002 Geekstreak The Hellacopters Engineer, Mixing
2002 Every Time a Bell Rings an Angel Gets His Wings Logh Mastering
2002 Cheater Randy Mixing
2002 Ascend to the Stars Last Days of April Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2002 Adulterer Oriented Rock Henry Fiat's Open Sore Engineer, Mixing
2001 Will the Violins Be Playing? Last Days of April Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2001 The Reproduction of Death The (International) Noise Conspiracy Engineer, Mixing, Audio Production
2001 The Human Atom Bombs Randy Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Vocals, Percussion
2001 Strange Mornings Eve and The Last Waltz Engineer, Mixing
2001 Hate to Say I Told You So The Hives Engineer, Mixing, Recording
2001 Capitalism Stole My Virginity The (International) Noise Conspiracy Engineer, Audio Engineer, Mixing
2001 A New Morning, Changing Weather The (International) Noise Conspiracy Engineer, Mixing
2000 Terra Firma Terra Firma Engineer
2000 Smash It Up! The (International) Noise Conspiracy Engineer, Mixing
2000 Punk-O-Rama, Vol. 5 Producer
2000 Hello Kids Fireside Composer
2000 Baby Jane Honey Is Cool Guitar
2000 Angel Youth Last Days of April Producer, Engineer, Audio Engineer, Mixing, Audio Production, Slide Guitar, Synthesizer, Percussion, Programming
1999 You Can't Keep a Good Band Down Randy Engineer, Audio Engineer, Mixing
1999 The Melancholy Collection Millencolin Composer
1999 She Haunts My Dreams Spain Engineer, Mixing
1999 Four Hours Light Starmarket Producer, Engineer
1998 Uomini d'Onore Fireside Composer
1998 Slave Me Haystack Engineer
1997 God Money Producer
1997 Barely Legal The Hives Engineer, Recording
1996 Songs to Fan the Flames of Discontent Refused Producer
1996 Do Not Tailgate Fireside Producer, Composer
Wrecking Ball Johnossi Engineer, Producer
The Element Rebellion One Fine Day Producer
Stockholm Underground Magnus Lindgren Engineer
Something = Nothing Johnossi Engineer, Producer
Pläne Für Die Zukunft Fertig Mixing
My Heart Is On Fire One Fine Day Producer
Longer the Wait, Harder the Fall Johnossi Engineer, Producer
Koala Before the Storm Johnossi Engineer, Producer
Hate the Way I Love You Loreen Mixing Engineer
Feel Again One Fine Day Producer
Eld/Ljus Johnossi Engineer, Producer
Echoes Johnossi Engineer, Mixing, Producer
CCCcowboys Johnossi Engineer, Producer