PC Worship is a Brooklyn-based experimental rock group with a revolving lineup headed by guitarist/vocalist Justin Frye, a Virginia transplant. Often utilizing homemade (sometimes broken) instruments and lo-fi recording techniques, the group's music ranges from avant-garde compositions to sloppy, noisy garage punk reminiscent of Sonic Youth and Royal Trux. The project's earliest recordings, released on cassette in 2009, included long-form folk-drone pieces for acoustic instruments, including saxophones, strings, and even bowed saws. The group's subsequent releases explored mutated noise pop, psychedelia, free jazz, and grunge. SHDWPLY Records issued PC Worship's debut LP (NYC Stone Age) and two 7" EPs (Live Reduxion and a split with the Super Vacations), and cassettes appeared on Night People and Moon Glyph. Second LP Toxic Love was ...
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