An acclaimed conductor and scholar of Renaissance and Medieval music, Paul van Nevel is particularly known as the founder and director of the vocal group the Huelgas Ensemble. Van Nevel's passionate interest in Medieval and Renaissance music reflects his belief that modern culture, being fundamentally visual, neglects a fundamental aspect of its history. According to Van Nevel, most people who are familiar with the artworks of Bosch, Van Eyck, and Memling know nothing about the music these great artists listened to. Van Nevel was born in Limburg, Belgium, on February 4, 1946. He grew up in a musical family and studied early music at Schola Cantorum Basiliensis in Switzerland from 1969-1971. While there, in 1971, he founded the Huelgas Ensemble, a choral group focusing on music from the Medieval and Renaissance eras. He named his group ...
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Cypriot Advent Antiphons 1991 Cypriot Advent Antiphons
Perusio: Vielais, Ballades and Caccia 1998 Perusio: Vielais, Ballades and Caccia
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