Paul Lamb was born two decades too late to have been in on the foundation of British blues, and a decade too late to have been part of the blues-rock boom of the 1960s that made stars of so many so young. But that hasn't stopped him from carving out a three-decade career as a premiere blues harpist (and bandleader) with a serious following in England and around the world. Born in Newcastle in 1955, he became a blues enthusiast as a boy and began mastering the harmonica. Although British music was bursting with talented harpists by then -- including the legendary (and late) Cyril Davies, Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones, and Jack Bruce of Cream -- Lamb's inspiration came from someone who could be rightfully regarded as an original source, Sonny Terry. By 15 he was playing in clubs and actually managed to spend some time working with ...
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Harmonica Man: Anthology 2003 Harmonica Man: Anthology
Live at the 100 Club 2003 Live at the 100 Club
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