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Year Album Artist
2021 Between Us Little Mix Composer
2017 Waffles, Triangles & Jesus Jim White Vocals
2015 The Best Ever Time to Relax Beats, Composer, Scratching
2014 Top 100 90s Beats, Composer
2014 Latest & Greatest Festival Anthems Composer
2013 Head Up High Morcheeba Producer, Mixing, Bass, Beats, Composer, Kalimba, Marimba, Organ (Hammond), Sound Effects, Synthesizer, Turntables, Vocals (Background)
2012 Green Apocalypse Wang Li / Yom Remixing
2012 90s: The Collection Composer, Drums, Scratching
2011 Johnny Boy Would Love This: A Tribute to John Martyn Drums, Producer
2011 Fantastic Songs Composer
2010 Weekend Songs: Your Essential Weekend Soundtrack Composer
2010 Weekend Songs: The Autumn Collection Composer
2010 Ministry of Sound: Chilled Acoustic Composer
2010 Hung Composer
2010 Come Dine with Me Presents: Dinner Party Songs Composer
2010 Blood Like Lemonade Morcheeba Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering, Beats, Composer, Turntables, Vocals (Background)
2010 100 Hits: Summer[2010] Composer
2010 100 Hits: Mum Composer
2009 Underwater Love Composer
2009 Ultra Chilled, Vol. 6 Beats, Composer, Noise, Scratching
2009 Music for Dreamers Composer
2009 Miłość Na Wybiegu Composer
2009 Lounge Classics, Vol. 3 Composer
2009 Classic Chilled Ibiza Composer
2008 Sundown: Music for Unwinding Composer
2008 Sight and Sound: Chillout [2CD/1DVD] Composer
2008 Relax Composer
2008 Radio Zet: Platinum [Box] Composer
2008 NDR Info Nightlounge Composer
2008 Lifestyle2: Chill Lounge, Vol. 1 Composer
2008 Lazy Hours, Vol. 4 Composer
2008 Fierce Angel: Angels Fall, Vol. 2 Composer
2008 Erotic Lounge-Finest Pleasure, Vol. 7 Composer
2008 Dive Deep Morcheeba Producer, Mixing, Drums, Scratching, Noise, Beats, Composer
2008 Big Calm/Fragments of Freedom Morcheeba Composer
2008 100 Anthems: Chill Out Composer
2007 Works Morcheeba Composer
2007 Summer Wine [Poland] Composer
2007 Radio Zet: White Room Composer
2007 Platinum Radio Zet: White Room Composer
2007 Gospel Made in Italy Corale Universitaria Lorenzo / Corale Universitaria Lorenzo Valla Composer
2007 Bose Collection - Relax Disc 8 Composer
2007 Bose Collection - Relax Disc 2 Composer
2007 Bar Lounge Classics, Vol. 4 Composer
2007 100 Hits: 90's Composer
2006 Way Beyond [Japan Single] Morcheeba Composer
2006 Trigger Hippie Morcheeba Composer
2006 The Sea Morcheeba Composer
2006 The Platinum Collection Morcheeba Composer
2006 Sinners Lounge: The Erotic Sessions Composer
2006 Rome Wasn't Built in a Day [CD #3] Morcheeba Composer
2006 Part of the Process Morcheeba Composer
2006 Moog Island Morcheeba Composer
2006 Love Sweet Love Morcheeba Composer
2006 Lord of the Boards Composer
2006 Friction Morcheeba Composer
2006 Fragments of Freedom [Single] Morcheeba Composer
2006 Erotic Lounge, Vol. 2 [1 CD] Composer
2006 Blindfold [2006] Morcheeba Composer
2006 A Well Deserved Break Morcheeba Composer
2005 Wonders Never Cease Morcheeba Arranger, Composer, Drum Programming, Mixing, Pre-Production Arranger, Producer
2005 Vibe: Sounds to Relax & Recharge Composer
2005 Ultimate Easy Album Producer, Composer
2005 The Antidote Morcheeba Moog Synthesizer, Drum Programming, Turntables, Composer
2005 Pukkelpop Download Sampler Composer
2005 O Melhor de Lacos de Familia Composer
2005 Music for Cocktails, Vol. 3 Composer
2005 Lounge for Lovers, Vol. 2 [ Exclusive] Composer
2005 Lighten Up Morcheeba Drum Programming, Producer
2005 Just Say Sire: The Sire Records Story Composer
2005 Cafe Ibiza, Vol. 4: The Ambient & Chill Out Album Composer
2005 Cafe Ibiza Collectors Box, Vol. 2 Composer
2005 Bertallosophie Rew Composer
2005 Acoustic Love [WEA] Composer
2004 Ministry of Sound: Late Night Sessions Composer
2004 Grown Backwards David Byrne Sequencing, Musician
2004 FIFA 2000: Album Composer
2004 Digital Beauties Composer
2004 Best of Acoustic [Echo/V2] Composer
2004 Asia Lounge: Asian Flavoured Club Tunes - 3rd Floor Composer
2004 All That Chill Composer
2003 What's Your Name Morcheeba Composer
2003 The From Brixton to Beijing Morcheeba Group Member, Composer
2003 Songbirds [WEA International] Composer
2003 Parts of the Process Morcheeba Producer, Arranger, Mixing, Synthesizer, Percussion, Scratching, Vocals (Background), Beats, Commentary, Composer, Lyricist
2003 Ibiza: The History of Chillout Composer
2003 Hit 56 Composer
2003 Festivalbar 2003: Compilation Blu Composer
2003 Erotic Lounge Composer
2003 Chillout Sessions, Vol. 4 Composer
2003 Acoustic, Vol. 3 Composer
2002 Way Beyond Morcheeba Composer
2002 The Count of Clerkenwell/Live in Berlin Arthur Kay & The Originals Producer
2002 Otherwise Morcheeba Composer
2002 Open Space: The Classic Chillout Album Composer
2002 Chilled Ibiza, Vol. 3 Composer
2002 Charango Morcheeba Arranger, Featured Artist, Percussion, Scratching, Vocals (Background), Performer, Beats, Group Member, Composer
2002 Black Energy, Vol. 2: The Power of Soul & Hip Hop Composer
2002 All the Hits Now Estate 2002 Composer
2002 Acoustic [V2 Records] Composer
2001 World Looking In Morcheeba Composer
2001 Ultra Chilled, Vol. 1 Composer
2001 Traffic [Original Film Score] Cliff Martinez Composer
2001 The I-10 Chronicles, Vol. 2: One More for the Road The I-10 Chronicles Vocals, Drums, Programming, Scratching
2001 The Chill Out Album, Vol. 2: Soft Mixed Composer
2001 Serve Chilled [Hed Kandi] Composer
2001 One Night at McCool's Composer
2001 No Such Place Jim White Producer, Audio Production, Vocals, Drums, Programming, Scratching
2001 Karma Lounge [Echo] Producer, Arranger, Mixing, Composer
2001 Crucial Indie Composer
2001 Coffeshop, Vol. 3 Composer
2001 Chilled Ibiza 2 Composer
2001 Chill Out Album, Vol. 4 Composer
2001 Chill Factor [Beechwood] Composer
2001 Beyond Nashville: The Twisted Heart of Country Music Producer
2001 Be Yourself [CD #1] Morcheeba Composer
2001 Bar Lounge Classics, Vol. 1 Composer
2001 Back to Mine Morcheeba Mixing, Compilation Producer, Liner Notes, Composer
2000 Ö3 Greatest Hits, Vol. 12 Composer
2000 Winter Chill Composer
2000 The Family Man Arranger, Composer, DJ, Mixing, Producer
2000 Serve Chilled, Vol. 2 Composer
2000 Rome Wasn't Built in a Day Morcheeba Producer, Arranger, Mixing, Composer
2000 Le Voyage [RCA] Composer
2000 Hamlet [2000] Composer
2000 Fragments of Freedom Morcheeba Producer, Arranger, Mixing, Vocals, Drums, Percussion, Programming, Scratching, Vocals (Background), Beats, Composer, Lyricist
2000 Dreamworld: Essential Late Night Listening Composer
2000 Chillout Album, Vol. 3 Composer
2000 Chill Factor: 30 Essential Blissed out Beats Composer
2000 Bounce [Original Soundtrack] Producer, Arranger, Mixing, Composer
1999 The Genever Connection Macavity's Cat Producer, Engineer, Audio Engineer
1999 The Chillout Room, Vol. 2 Composer
1999 Playing by Heart Composer
1999 Morning Becomes Eclectic: Selected On-Air Performances Composer
1999 Extreme Composer
1999 Cold Feet [Global] Composer
1999 Chillout Mix Composer
1998 Who Can You Trust?/Beats & B-Sides Morcheeba Composer
1998 Very Bad Things Composer
1998 Soundselection Three Composer
1998 Red Hot + Rhapsody: The Gershwin Groove Programming, Beats
1998 Permanent Midnight Composer
1998 Let Me See [US #2] Morcheeba Composer
1998 Let Me See [US #1] Morcheeba Composer
1998 Let Me See Morcheeba Composer
1998 La Femme Nikita [Original TV Soundtrack] Composer
1998 Hed Kandi: Nu Cool, Vol. 1 Composer
1998 Blindfold [1998] Morcheeba Composer
1998 Big Calm Morcheeba Lyricist, Programmer, Drums, Programming, Scratching, Navigator, Composer
1997 This Is TripHop, Vol. 2 Composer
1997 Shoulder Holster Morcheeba Composer
1997 Playing God Composer
1997 Fused Composer
1997 Feelings David Byrne Sampling, Scratching, Sequencing
1997 Bside Altrisuoni Da Radiodeejay Composer
1996 Who Can You Trust? Morcheeba Drums, Scratching, Beats, Composer
1996 Trigger Hippie [UK] Morcheeba Composer
1996 Trigger Hippie [1996] Morcheeba Composer
1996 Top of the Pops: The Cutting Edge Composer
1996 The Music That We Hear [UK] Morcheeba Composer
1996 The Cream of Trip Hop, Vol. 5 Composer
1996 Tape Loop [UK] Morcheeba Composer
1996 Mad for It Composer
1996 Later, Vol. 2: Slow Beats Composer
1996 Acousticity The Albion Band Engineer
1992 Caravan of dreams Richard Sinclair Producer, Engineer
1987 Chill Factor Chill Factor Composer
What's Up, Vol. 4: The Best Alternative Hits of the 90s Composer
The Other Side of the 90s Beats, Composer, Scratching
The Chillout Album, Vol. 2 [Telstar] Composer
The Ultimate Collection: Acoustic 100 Hits Composer
The Longest Mile Outcast Band Photography, Composer, Mandolin, Violin
The Classic Chillout Album Composer
Summer: Ultimate Collection Composer
Summer Throwback: Oldies and Chart Classics Beats, Composer, Scratching
Summer Road Trip [Rhino] Arranger, Beats, Composer, Mixing, Producer, Scratching
Summer Rewind Beats, Composer, Scratching
Summer Relax Beats, Composer, Scratching
Summer Nights [Rhino] Beats, Composer, Scratching
Summer Garden Songs Beats, Composer, Scratching
Summer Drinks Beats, Composer, Scratching
Summer 90s Beats, Composer, Scratching
Study Songs [Rhino] Composer
Sinclair's Caravan of Dreams Richard Sinclair Producer, Engineer
Salt Starr Kalahiki Composer
Return of the 90s Beats, Composer, Scratching
Relaxing Pop Beats, Composer, Scratching
Relax and Unwind: Chilled Pop Throwback Classics Beats, Composer
R&B Hits [Crimson] Composer
Q the Music, Vol. 5 Composer
Promo Only: Modern Rock Radio (February 2001) Composer
Promo Only: Alternative Club (September 2002) Composer
Prive, Vol. 2: Lounge Anthology Composer
Playlist: Chill Beats, Composer, Scratching
Pilates [Rhino] Arranger, Composer, Mixing, Producer
Mellow Summer Pop Beats, Composer, Scratching
Mellow Pop Beats, Composer, Scratching
Mellow Mood [Rhino] Arranger, Composer, Mixing, Producer
Love Lounge: The Very Best of Lounge, Vol. 2 Composer
Lilith Yogi Yoga Pop Ups Composer
Lilith Fair: A Celebration of Women In Music, Vol. 2 [Live] Composer
Late Night Moods V.2 Composer
Just Chill Beats, Composer, Scratching
Hits of the 90s [Rhino] Beats, Composer, Scratching
Hear Music, Vol. 2: Songs for Long Narrow Stretches Composer
Gold Dust Women (Beautiful female voices) Composer
Garden Chill Beats, Composer, Scratching
Escape: the Classic Chillout Album Composer
Downtempo Classics Beats, Composer, Scratching
Don’t Stop Just Yet Belters Only / Y Composer
Dinner Party Songs [2010] Composer
Cool Down Beats, Composer, Scratching
Chillout Classics [MOS] Composer
Chillout Composer
Chilled Afternoon Beats, Composer, Scratching
Chill Vibes [Rhino] Beats, Composer
Chill Out [Rhino] Beats, Composer
CMJ New Music, Vol. 57 Composer
Born and Raised in the 90s Beats, Composer, Scratching
Best of the 90s [Rhino] Beats, Composer, Scratching
Belters Only Belters Only / Y Composer
Asia Lounge, Vol. 3 Composer
90s: The Collection [2019] Composer, Drums, Scratching
90s [Rhino] Beats, Composer, Scratching
90s Songs Beats, Composer, Scratching
90s Dinner Party Beats, Composer, Scratching
90's Hits Composer
90 Hits of the 90s Beats, Composer, Scratching
2000s Hits Composer
12 Inch Dance: 90s Remix Composer
100 Hits: 90s Dance Composer
100 Greatest Winter Songs Arranger, Beats, Composer, Mixing, Producer, Scratching
100 Greatest Summer Songs Beats, Composer, Scratching
100 Greatest Chillout (Songs For Relaxing) Beats, Composer, Scratching
100 Greatest Chilled Pop Composer
100 Greatest Best Songs Ever Composer
100 Greatest Acoustic Songs Arranger, Beats, Composer, Mixing, Producer, Scratching