Paul Brainard


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Year Album Artist
2018 Full Circle Nightmare Kyle Craft Trumpet
2018 Ruins First Aid Kit Trumpet
2018 Selective Memories: An Anthology Luther Russell Trumpet
2017 Fatherland Kele Okereke Brass
2016 Christmas Party She & Him Pedal Steel, Trumpet
2016 Empire Builder Laura Gibson Pedal Steel
2016 Magnificent Ram A Don DiLego Horn, Lap Steel Guitar, Pedal Steel, Trumpet
2016 More Rain M. Ward Pedal Steel, Trumpet
2016 We Were Wild Esmé Patterson Pedal Steel
2016 You Can't Go Back If There's Nothing to Go Back To Richmond Fontaine Trumpet, Pedal Steel, Group Member
2015 All Across This Land Blitzen Trapper Pedal Steel
2015 Bad Habits Doug Balmain Trumpet, Horn Arrangements
2015 Burnin' Both Ends Doug Balmain Horn Arrangements, Pedal Steel Guitar, Trumpet
2015 Burnin' Both Ends [Single] Doug Balmain Trumpet, Horn Arrangements
2015 Faith & Family Jon Micah Sumrall Pedal Steel
2015 Once Again It's Christmas Kenny Rogers Pedal Steel, Pedal Steel Guitar
2014 Home Doug Balmain Trumpet, Horn Arrangements
2014 On a Winter's Night: The Songs and Spirit of Christmas Jim Brickman Pedal Steel
2013 Desire Lines Camera Obscura Pedal Steel Guitar
2013 The Ballad of Willy Robbins Vikesh Kapoor Pedal Steel
2013 VII Blitzen Trapper Pedal Steel
2012 Breezy Paul Brill Pedal Steel
2012 Happy Book Jerry Joseph & The Jackmormons Trumpet
2011 American Goldwing Blitzen Trapper Pedal Steel
2011 Baseball Project, Vol. 2: High and Inside The Baseball Project Guest Artist, Pedal Steel, Trumpet
2011 Family Trees Carlos Forster Musician
2011 Strange Moosic Herman Düne Pedal Steel
2010 More Townes Van Zandt by the Great Unknown Dobro, Pedal Steel Guitar
2010 The Place We Ran From Tired Pony Pedal Steel
2010 Volume Two She & Him Pedal Steel
2009 Beasts of Seasons Laura Gibson Pedal Steel Guitar, Pedal Steel
2009 Steady Girl Paula Sinclair Pedal Steel Guitar, Pedal Steel
2009 True Instigator Fernando Trumpet
2009 Volume One The Droge & Summers Blend Pedal Steel
2009 We Used to Think the Freeway Sounded like a River Richmond Fontaine Trumpet, Pedal Steel, Group Member
2008 A Jockey's Christmas Willy Vlautin Pedal Steel
2008 Earth to the Dandy Warhols The Dandy Warhols Trumpet, Pedal Steel
2008 Fire 'Neath the Still Lewi Longmire Trumpet
2008 St. Jeffery's Day: The Songs of St. Jeffery, Vol. 1 Pedal Steel
2008 Useless Trinkets: B-Sides, Soundtracks, Rarities and Unreleased 1996-2007 Eels Strings
2008 Volume One She & Him Guitar (Steel)
2008 White Balloons Stephen Ashbrook Pedal Steel
2007 Big Gold Guitar in the Sky Jon Itkin Lap Steel Guitar, Dobro, Pedal Steel
2007 Brooklyn Bridge Casey Neill Pedal Steel
2007 Cast Iron Letters Adam Zwig Pedal Steel
2007 Dangerous Mes and Poisonous Yous Caleb Klauder Main Personnel, Guitar (Electric), Guitar (Steel), Dobro
2007 Prime Mates Bad Dates Guest Artist, Lap Steel Guitar
2007 Resplandor Moonshine Hangover Guest Artist, Producer, Guitar (Steel), Dobro
2007 The Drunken Dance of Modern Man in Love Chris Robley Pedal Steel
2007 Thirteen Cities Richmond Fontaine Dobro, Trumpet, Piano, Pedal Steel
2007 Twilight on Sometimes Island Lil' Cap'n Travis Trumpet
2006 Enter to Exit Fernando Horn Arrangements, Assistant, Group Member
2006 Hangover Heights, Pt. 2 44 Long Member of Attributed Artist, Pedal Steel Guitar, Pedal Steel
2006 In Concert, Vol. 1 The Sadies Additional Personnel, Pedal Steel Guitar, Trumpet
2006 Search for a Perfect Life Mission 5 Guest Artist, Pedal Steel
2006 Songs for Creeps The Places Lap Steel Guitar, Dobro
2006 The Song He Was Listening to When He Died Michael Hall Trumpet, Performer
2006 These Are the Days Gino Vannelli Pedal Steel
2006 With Strings: Live at Town Hall Eels String Arrangements
2005 Arm's Distance Nicole Campbell Pedal Steel
2005 Calma Apparente Eros Ramazzotti Pedal Steel
2005 Gravity Always Wins Dave Tough Guitar (Steel)
2005 Mile High Alex Woodard Main Personnel, Pedal Steel Guitar, Pedal Steel
2005 Mississippi Studios: Live, Vol. 1 Dobro
2005 Picaresque The Decemberists Trumpet, Horn Arrangements
2005 Sweetheart: Love Songs [2005] Pedal Steel
2005 The Fitzgerald Richmond Fontaine Member of Attributed Artist, Guitar, Piano, Group Member
2005 Thicket Moonshine Hangover Dobro, Pedal Steel
2005 Transistor Radio M. Ward Pedal Steel
2004 A New and Greater Tokyo Man of the Year Additional Personnel, Lap Steel Guitar, Pedal Steel Guitar, Pedal Steel
2004 Call It Sleep The Places Group Member
2004 ETA: Mañana Tom Varley Member of Attributed Artist, Lap Steel Guitar, Pedal Steel Guitar, Pedal Steel
2004 Favourite Colours The Sadies Guest Artist, Pedal Steel Guitar, Trumpet, Pedal Steel
2004 Luminaria Ian Moore Main Personnel, Pedal Steel Guitar, Trumpet, Pedal Steel, Musician
2004 Post to Wire Richmond Fontaine Member of Attributed Artist, Vocals, Guitar (Acoustic), Pedal Steel Guitar, Piano, Vibraphone, Pedal Steel, Group Member
2004 Seeing Red Baseboard Heaters Pedal Steel
2004 The Cicada and Other Stories Bingo Lap Steel Guitar, Trumpet, Pedal Steel
2004 Touch Down Stephanie Schneiderman Pedal Steel
2004 Turning to Gold Gigi Love Main Personnel, Pedal Steel Guitar, Pedal Steel
2003 Place You Call Home Radio Nationals Lap Steel Guitar, Pedal Steel
2003 Skywatching Pete Droge Guitar (Steel), Trumpet
2003 Unstrung Myrrh Larsen Main Personnel, Slide Guitar
2002 Buttermilk & Rifles Kev Russell's Junker Trumpet
2002 This Is Americana, Vol. 1: A View From Sugar Hill Trumpet
2002 Winnemucca Richmond Fontaine Guitar (Electric), Dobro, Mandolin, Pedal Steel
2001 Ad Astra Per Aspera Bingo Dobro, Pedal Steel
2001 Bait and Switch Spigot Guitar (Electric), Dobro, Pedal Steel
2001 Belle of the Ball Lynn Conover Dobro
2001 Crow Little Sue Guitar (Electric), Slide Guitar, Dobro, Trumpet, Pedal Steel, Organ (Hammond)
2001 Golden Street The Minders Trumpet
2001 Looks Perfectly Legal to Me Freak Mountain Ramblers Pedal Steel
2001 Via Satellite Ian Moore Trumpet, Pedal Steel
2000 Baptism of Love Jesus Presley Trumpet, Pedal Steel
2000 Christmas with Jesus Presley Jesus Presley Pedal Steel
2000 Everything Was Beautiful Jerry Joseph Lap Steel Guitar, Pedal Steel
2000 Mexiquita James Low Trumpet, Pedal Steel
2000 Viewmaster The Pinehurst Kids Slide Guitar
2000 Viva la Revolution Tragedy Ann Pedal Steel
1999 Lost Son Richmond Fontaine Vocals, Mandolin, Pedal Steel
1999 Sweet Ona Rose Pete Krebs Trumpet, Pedal Steel
1997 All My Friends Can Sing...A Tribute Paul Jones Guitar
1997 Miles From Richmond Fontaine Pedal Steel
A Lovely Conversation The Harmed Brothers Horn Arrangements, Trumpet
A Sunday Night Roast Walter Spencer Lap Steel Guitar
A Whisper in This Town Chuck Cheesman Pedal Steel Guitar, Dobro
Ash and Bone Dan Weber Guitar (Electric), Lap Steel Guitar, Pedal Steel Guitar, Dobro
Between the Wavs and the Cardoons Pointed Man Band Trumpet
Born in the Deep Woods Red Yarn Guitar (Electric), Lap Steel Guitar, Banjo, Group Member
Deer Lodge: A Tribute To George Jones Pedal Steel, Trumpet
Fight of the Blue Whale Pointed Man Band Lap Steel Guitar, Pedal Steel Guitar
Harmed Brothers The Harmed Brothers Horn Arrangements, Trumpet
Leave the Radio On Fernando Pedal Steel, Trumpet
Leaves Kurt Hagardorn String Arrangements
Peculiar Tales of the S.S. Bungalow Big World Audio Theatre Pedal Steel
Save Yourself Ezra Holbrook Pedal Steel
Skaal Krush Troupe Carnivàle Lap Steel Guitar, Pedal Steel
The Blood Flowed Like Wine Federale Pedal Steel Guitar
The Passing of the Night The Lost Brothers Banjo, Trumpet, Pedal Steel
The Right Combination Cajun Country Revival / Jesse Lége / Joel Savoy Guitar (Electric), Guitar (Steel)
Three Legged Coyote Dana Lyons Brass Arrangement, Guitar (Electric), Pedal Steel, Trumpet
Western & Atlantic EP Don DiLego Pedal Steel
Western Country Caleb Klauder Guitar (Electric), Pedal Steel Guitar, Piano
What I'm Looking For Dan Weber Dobro, Pedal Steel
When the Darkness Come Michael Dean Damron Baritone, Guitar, Pedal Steel, Trumpet
You Came Through Dave Harding Pedal Steel Guitar