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Year Album Artist
2019 Live At Dynamo Open Air 1997 Cradle of Filth Composer
2016 Dusk and Her Embrace... The Original Sin Cradle of Filth Group Member
2013 XXX: Three Decades of Roadrunner Records Composer
2012 The Manticore and Other Horrors Cradle of Filth Producer, Guitar, Group Member, Composer, Lyricist
2012 Midnight in the Labyrinth Cradle of Filth Artwork
2011 Human Remains Hell Portraits
2011 Evermore Darkly... Cradle of Filth Graphic Design, Composer, Guitar
2010 Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa Cradle of Filth Group Member, Composer
2008 Opera Metal Composer
2008 Godspeed on the Devil's Thunder Cradle of Filth Engineer, Composer/Lyricist, Member of Attributed Artist, Guitar, Writer, Composer, Producer
2008 Cradle of Filth Heavy String Tribute String Tribute Players Composer
2006 Thornography (Harder, Darker, Faster - Deluxe Edition/MVI DVD/+CD) Cradle of Filth Member of Attributed Artist, Guitar, Design, Wardrobe, Group Member, Composer
2005 Peace Through Superior Firepower Cradle of Filth Director, Animation, Editing, Authoring
2004 Nymphetamine Cradle of Filth Member of Attributed Artist, Guitar, Composer
2004 Kerrang! High Voltage Composer
2003 The Great Bob Wills/Remembering...The Greatest Hits of Bob Wills Bob Wills Composer
2002 Rise Pantheon Dreams Blood Divine Member of Attributed Artist, Guitar, Guitars, Group Member
2002 Lovecraft & Witch Hearts Cradle of Filth Guitar
2001 Loud Composer
2000 San Antonio Rose [Bear Family] Bob Wills Composer
Rise of the Empress White Empress Guitar, Art Direction, Group Member
Forgive Me Father (I Have Sinned) Cradle of Filth Composer
100 Greatest Metal (The Best Heavy Metal Tracks Ever) Composer

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