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Year Album Artist
2022 Love the Stranger Friendship Mastering
2021 Pick a Day to Die The Sunburned Hand of the Man Mastering
2020 Holographic Universe(s?)! Nonlocal Forecast Mastering
2019 Whole & Cloven Nathan Bowles Mastering
2019 Ryley Walker Presents Imaginational Anthem, Vol. 9 Mastering
2019 One Step Behind Garcia Peoples Mastering
2019 Bubble Universe! Nonlocal Forecast Mastering
2019 Abundance Welcoming Ghosts Red River Dialect Mastering
2018 The Morning Star Daniel Bachman Mixing, Mastering
2018 Skinless X-1 Fire-Toolz Mastering
2018 Plainly Mistaken Nathan Bowles Mastering
2018 Ghost Forests Meg Baird / Mary Lattimore Mastering
2017 Trans-Millenia Music Pauline Anna Strom Digital Transfers, Tape Transfer
2017 SpiderBeetleBee Bill MacKay / Ryley Walker Mastering
2017 Open Sea Hans Chew Mastering
2017 Drip Mental Fire-Toolz Mastering
2017 Clipper Ship Wooden Wand Mastering
2016 Total Freedom Spacin' Mastering
2016 Thought Rock Fish Scale Nap Eyes Mastering
2016 The Heretic's Bargain Rangda Mastering
2016 Scheherazade Freakwater Mastering
2016 Redshift Rhyton Mastering
2016 Daniel Bachman Daniel Bachman Mastering
2015 Works for Tomorrow Eleventh Dream Day Mastering
2015 Seasonal Hire The Black Twig Pickers / Steve Gunn Mastering
2015 River Daniel Bachman Mastering
2015 Puddles Pumice Mastering
2015 Loyalty The Weather Station Mastering
2015 Jake Xerxes Fussell Jake Xerxes Fussell Mastering
2015 For Use and Delight Promised Land Sound Mastering
2015 Ambsace James Elkington / Nathan Salsburg Mastering
2014 Nansemond Nathan Bowles Mastering
2014 Jeff Burch Jeff Burch Mastering
2014 Follow the Music Alice Gerrard Mastering
2013 Solar Motel Chris Forsyth Mastering
2013 Fifteen Quiet Years Rodan Engineer
2012 Ulaan Markhor Ulaan Markhor Mastering
2012 Puny Pumice Mastering
2012 Journey Through Astral Projection Expo '70 Mastering
2012 Formerly Extinct Rangda Mastering
2012 A Bottle, A Buckeye Nathan Bowles Mastering
2011 Red Sugar Winter Family Mastering
2011 Hit After Hit Sonny & the Sunsets Mastering
2009 Tomorrow Is Alright Sonny & the Sunsets Mastering
2009 Distillation D. Charles Speer / D. Charles Speer & the Helix Mastering
1996 Places I Know/The Machine Gun Co. Mike Cooper / Mike Cooper & the Machine Gun Co. Remastering
1980 Crossroads Kenny Knight Remastering
1975 Juarez Terry Allen Remastering
1973 Lavender Country Lavender Country Remastering
1970 Trout Steel Mike Cooper Remastering
Walden Pond's Monk Tiago Sousa Mastering
Unknown Sire Hans Chew Mastering
South From Here Winter Family Mastering
Oscillation, Vol. 3 Mastering
Alexander Alexander Mastering

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