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Year Album Artist
2018 The Home Demos Marc Bolan Remastering
2016 Waltzing Matilda (Love Has Gone Away) Lou Reed Mastering, Restoration
2016 The Hydromatics The Hydromatics Remastering, Restoration
2016 Monolith/The Power Remains Amebix Mastering, Audio Restoration
2016 Fast & Frightening L7 Mastering
2016 A Crown of Dark Swansdown Tyrannosaurus Rex Mastering, Audio Restoration
2015 Shot Myself Up Iggy Pop Remastering, Restoration
2015 Psychorama The Fuzztones Remastering
2015 Midnight of My Life Steve Marriott Mastering, Audio Restoration
2014 Thinking of Another Place Lou Reed Mastering, Restoration
2014 Fred Beethoven Nikki Sudden Remastering, Restoration
2013 Three Chords and a Cloud of Dust Scott Morgan Remastering, Restoration
2013 I Need Your Love... Like a Fish Needs a Raincoat: 1962-1991 Steve Marriott Mastering, Audio Restoration
2013 Detroit Sonic's Rendezvous Band Mastering, Restoration
2012 Encore Donna Summer Remastering
2011 Leave No Star Unturned Hawkwind Mastering, Restoration
2011 Glimpses 1963-1968 The Yardbirds Mastering, Restoration
2011 Black to Comm: Recorded at the 2008 Meltdown Festival MC5 / Primal Scream Mixing, Restoration
2011 A Thousand Lights The Stooges Mastering
2010 Twopenny Prince Marc Bolan / Marc Bolan & T. Rex Mastering
2010 Sparkle in the Mud, Vol. One 1979-1983 TV Smith Mastering
2010 California Hitchhike Iggy Pop Mastering
2009 Howling Good Times Jacobites Remastering
2008 Home Maple Bee Remastering, Mastering
2008 Black Summer Teasing Lulu Remastering
2007 The Electric Boogie 1971 T. Rex Remastering
2007 Rough an' Ready M3 / Bernie Marsden / Micky Moody / Neil Murray Mastering
2007 Electric Ballroom Specimen Producer, Arranger, Mixing
2007 A World Anthem We Are One Vocals
2006 Some Kind of Wonderful Steve Marriott Mastering
2006 Chasing Eva Maple Bee Mastering
2006 Bushy Luxury: The Whole Story Dave-id Busaras / Toshiyuki Hiraoka Remastering
2006 Buried Alive: Live in Maryland New Barbarians Mastering
2006 Blues 'N' Scales: A Snakeman's Odyssey Bernie Marsden Remastering
2005 The Atlanta Years Humble Pie Mastering
2005 Rainy Changes Steve Marriott Mastering
2005 Heavy Liquid The Stooges Mastering, Audio Restoration
2005 Globe Trekker: Asian Journeys Editing, Mastering
2005 Extended Play The Stooges Producer, Audio Production
2005 Braindrops The Fuzztones Remastering
2005 A Whole Zinc of Finches T. Rex Mastering
2004 With a Lot of Help from Our Friends Editing, Mastering
2004 Treasure Island Nikki Sudden / Nikki Sudden & the Last Bandits Remastering
2004 The Old Hyde Deborah Bonham Engineer, Mastering
2004 The Majic Mijits Ronnie Lane / Steve Marriott Remastering, Restoration
2004 Salt for Zombies The Fuzztones Mastering
2004 Astoria Memorial Concert 2001 Steve Marriott Mastering
2003 The Unperverted Pantomime Killing Joke Remastering, Mastering
2003 Long Way Back T-Love Engineer, Vocals (Background), Vocal Arrangement
2003 Journey Goes On Praying Mantis Mastering
2002 Reflection Roxy Music Digital Mastering, Mastering
2002 Powerglide The Hydromatics Remastering, Audio Restoration
2002 Liver Than You'll Ever Be Dead Boys Remastering
2002 Globe Trekker: Music from the TV Series Editing, Mastering
2002 Globe Trekker, Vol. 2 Editing, Mastering
2001 White Faced Lady Kaleidoscope Mastering
2001 Vintage Roxy Music Mastering
2001 Unplugged Steve Harley Mixing, Mastering
2001 Shock and Latex Editing, Mastering
2001 Rising Again Donovan Mastering
2001 No Frills Beverley Martyn Mastering
2001 Nice Small Faces Audio Master
2001 Les Bains Douches 18 December 1979 Joy Division Mastering
2001 Indian Summer Mick Ronson Producer, Mastering, Assistant Producer
2001 Hearts on Fire Peter Perrett Mastering
2000 Valentine Roxy Music Mastering
2000 Two Can Dream Alone Simon & Garfunkel Mastering
2000 Showtime Mick Ronson Mastering
2000 Missing in Action Ian Hunter / Ian Hunter Band Mastering
2000 Live & Eclectic Ron Wood Mastering
2000 I Am as Pure as Oranj The Fall Producer, Mastering
2000 Encore: Live at Brixton Gregory Isaacs Digital Mastering
2000 Cut C-Tec Mastering
2000 1964-1969 Rod Stewart Mastering
1999 The Butterfly Effect Moonspell Engineer, Mastering
1999 Stripped to Bare Bones Steve Harley Mixing, Mastering
1999 Steve Marriott & the Official Receivers Steve Marriott Engineer
1999 Running with the Pack Humble Pie Mastering
1999 Red Brocade Nikki Sudden Remastering, Audio Restoration
1999 Preston 28 February 1980 Joy Division Mastering
1999 Elvis Presley '55 Elvis Presley Mastering
1999 Auténtico Ibiza '99 Mastering
1999 April Fool Ronnie Lane Mastering
1998 Slave Static Icon / Static Noise Mastering
1998 Interference Cubanate Mastering
1992 Rise Above Epic Soundtracks Mastering, Audio Restoration
1989 The Devil Hits Back Atomic Rooster Mastering
1985 Arise! Amebix Remastering
1984 Leave Your Mind at Home The Fuzztones Remastering
1984 Hurt Me Johnny Thunders Remastering
1981 The Last Words of the Great Explorer TV Smith / TV Smith's Explorers Mastering
Tiny Spark Stephanie Kirkham Mastering
These Four Worlds Maple Bee Mastering
The Skuzzies The Skuzzies Mastering
The Saving of Cadan Hanterhir Mastering
The Gospel Truth The Lords of the New Church Mastering
The Boy From Nowhere, Who Fell Out of the Sky Nikki Sudden Mastering
The Guitar That Dripped Blood Brian James Mastering
Six Hour Technicolor Dream: Cambridge, 1972 Last Minute Put Together Boogie Band Mastering, Restoration
Selection Box Dave-id Busaras Mastering
Rising The Up Mastering
Revolutionary Action Scott Morgan Remastering
Quasimodo Nikki Sudden / Nikki Sudden & the Last Bandits Mastering
Princess Thousand Beauty Dave Kusworth Remastering
Los Diablos The Lords of the New Church Audio Master
Do You Believe in Magyk? Stiv Bators Mastering
Dark Water Oasis Razor Skyline Mastering
Damned…… If I Do Brian James Mastering
Anthology TV Smith's Cheap Mastering
A Mind Is Blown Away (Chapter I to the End) Dave-id Busaras / Toshiyuki Hiraoka Mastering