Par Olofsson


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Year Album Artist
2017 Atonement Immolation Cover Art
2017 Blood of My Enemy Winds of Plague Artwork
2017 Embodiment Enterprise Earth Cover Art
2017 Left Hand Pass Cannabis Corpse Cover Art
2017 Pathology Pathology Artwork
2017 The Disfigurement of Existence Signs of the Swarm Artwork
2016 From Blue to Black Crisix Artwork
2016 Nightmares in the Waking State, Pt. 2 Solution .45 Artwork
2015 Casuistry Abiotic Artwork, Cover Illustration
2015 Nightmares in the Waking State, Pt. 1 Solution .45 Artwork
2014 Blood In, Blood Out Exodus Cover Art
2013 INVSN INVSN Photography
2013 Ten Miles Underwater Atlantis Chronicles Cover Art
2012 Arrival of the Red Sun Zonaria Artwork
2012 Incurso Spawn of Possession Cover Illustration
2012 Son of Perdition Wretched Artwork
2012 The Time of Great Purification Pathology Artwork
2012 The Anomalies of Artificial Origin Abominable Putridity Cover Art
2012 The Doomsayer's Call Coldworker Artwork
2012 Tragedy Has Spoken Miseration Cover Art
2012 Voyage of the Damned Iron Fire Cover Illustration
2011 Against the World Winds of Plague Artwork
2011 Awaken to the Suffering Pathology Artwork
2011 March of the Norse Demonaz Cover Art
2011 Tactical World Under Blood Cover Art
2010 For Aeons Past Solution .45 Logo, Cover Art
2010 Invidious Dominion Malevolent Creation Cover Art
2010 Majesty and Decay Immolation Artwork
2010 Offspring of Time Burning the Masses Artwork
2010 Reflections Within Dissonance Arkaik Artwork
2009 Our Cursed Rapture Enfold Darkness Artwork
2009 Unleash the Carnivore Devourment Artwork, Cover Photo, Poster Design
2008 Eternal Kingdom Cult of Luna Illustrations
2008 The Cancer Empire Zonaria Cover Art
2006 From Ashes Abysmal Dawn Cover Art
A Battle Won Binary Creed Keyboards, Group Member
Architect Souldrainer Artwork
Chapters of Misery Slaughter to Prevail Artwork
Dawn of the Nine Unleashed Cover Art
Death Meditations Torchbearer Cover Art, Photo Editing
Deformity Cognitive Artwork
Demonic Alliance Harm Cover Art
Empire of the Obscene Revocation Artwork
Escaping Gravity Gross Reality Cover Painting
His Divine Shadow Condemned Cover Art
Hope Within Hatred Shattered Sun Artwork
Horrific Existence Cranial Engorgement Artwork
Infinite Fields Irreversible Mechanism Cover Art
Initializing Irreversible Process Deceptionist Cover Art
Legacy of the Ancients Pathology Artwork
Leveling the Plane of Existence Abysmal Dawn Cover Art
Lost In Motion Nightshade Artwork
Misanthropic Propaganda Quest of Aidance Cover Art
Obsolescence Abysmal Dawn Cover Art
Rastlos Finsterforst Cover Art
Ravenous Impulse Unmerciful Cover Art
Self-Created Abyss Scordatura Artwork
The Art of Sickness Profanity Cover Art
Totalitarian Dystopia Acrania Artwork, Design
Tyrant Aversions Crown Artwork
While the Sun's Still Up and the Sky is Bright Jennie Abrahamson Photography