Olle Carlsson


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Year Album Artist
2016 The Violent Sleep of Reason Meshuggah Band Photo
2014 Exit Wounds The Haunted Photography
2011 Unseen The Haunted Picture
2010 For Aeons Past Solution .45 Cover Photo
2010 Purgatory Unleashed: Live at Wacken At the Gates Photography
2010 Road Kill The Haunted Photography
2009 God to the Ill Fated Devian Photography
2009 Manifesto of Nevermore Nevermore Photography
2009 SOT The Few Against Many Photography
2008 Century Media Covers Century Photography
2008 Dominion VIII Grave Photography
2008 Holographic Universe Scar Symmetry Photography
2008 Sworn Allegiance/Where No Life Dwells Unleashed Photography
2008 Venomized Enemy Is Us Photography
2008 Viking Raids - 1991-2004: Best of Unleashed Unleashed Photography
2007 Beautiful Tragedy In This Moment Photography
2007 Go! Shebang Photography
2007 Sworn to a Great Divide Soilwork Photography
2006 Air Raid Serenades The Hellacopters Photography
2006 As Rapture Comes Grave Photography
2006 Astronomy Dragonland Band Photo
2006 Fuelhead Fuelhead Photography
2006 Grand Illusion Nocturnal Rites Photography
2006 Nemesis Within Assailant Photography
2006 No Longer Buried Trendkill Photography
2006 Roller [Bonus Video] Paperback Freud Photography
2006 The Great Cold Distance Katatonia Photography, Band Photo
2006 The Tragical Misery Tour Private Angus Photography
2006 When Eden Burns Persuader Performer
2005 Dreamland Manor Savage Circus Photography
2005 Kids in America She Bang Photography
2005 Pariah Naglfar Photography
2005 Reclaim the Beat Defleshed Photography
2005 Stabbing the Drama Soilwork Photography
2005 Starfall Dragonland Photography
2005 The Need to Be Naked Linda Maxx Photography
2005 This Godless Endeavor Nevermore Photography
2005 Transcend into Ferocity Visceral Bleeding Video
2004 Battering Ram Iron Savior Photography
2004 Evolution Purgatory Persuader Photography
2004 Fiendish Regression Grave Photography
2004 New World Messiah Nocturnal Rites Photography
2004 Pristine in Bondage Amaran Photography
2004 Revealed and Worshipped Insision Photography
2004 Sonic Firestorm DragonForce Photography
2004 Sworn Allegiance Unleashed Photography
2004 Worlds Apart Silent Force Photography
2003 Figure Number Five Soilwork Photography