Seemingly attempting to give themselves the most "search engine averse" name this side of The The, since every attempt to find out online information about the band spits out millions of hits about Ricky Gervais and Steve Carell, new wave revivalists Office formed in Chicago in 2001. Singer/songwriter Scott Masson began Office upon his return from a year in Great Britain spent working as a visual artist; Masson's art school influence, bearing echoes of brainy rockers like XTC, Talking Heads, and Game Theory, is a major influence on the band, and is also apparent in the consistently excellent graphic designs of their albums. Working off of the themes of the sculptures he created in London, which incorporated standard office supplies, Masson recorded a full album by himself, an experimental one-man-band effort he called Office. A second ...
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A Night at the Ritz 2007 A Night at the Ritz
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