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Year Album Artist
2017 Schnittke, Kancheli: Light Over Darkness Erato Alakiozidou / Lutoslawski Quartet Record Label
2016 53rd Street Robert Kaddouch / Gary Peacock Record Label
2016 Flashback: Music for Saxophone and Piano from the 20th Century Guido Bäumer / Aladar Racz Record Label
2016 High Line Robert Kaddouch / Gary Peacock Record Label
2016 Hildegard: Sequences Mediva / Hugh Collins Rice Record Label
2016 Légende Duo Vagues Record Label
2016 Mirror of the Soul Ensemble Darcos Record Label
2016 On an Overgrown Path Scott Borg Record Label
2016 Rachmaninoff: Complete Piano Works Artur Pizarro Record Label
2016 Totentanz: Liszt Symphonic Poems, Piano 4 Hands Duo Tsuyuki-Rosenboom Record Label
2015 A Mon Ami: Chopin, Franchomme - Works for Cello and Piano Beatriz Blanco / Federico Bosco Record Label
2015 Antonín Dvorák: From the Bohemian Forest; Dumky Pizarro-Zhok Piano Duo Record Label
2015 Ca' the Yowes: A Traditional Tapestry St. Salvator's Chapel Choir / Tom Wilkinson Record Label
2015 Chalk Laboratory I: Ramon Lazkano SMASH Ensemble Record Label
2015 Nielsen's Footsteps Carion Record Label
2014 Bruneau-Boulmier: Complete Piano Works - L'Obscur est un Chemin Geoffroy Couteau / François-Frédéric Guy Record Label
2014 Complete Liszt Paraphrases and Transcriptions of Verdi Rinaldo Zhok Record Label
2014 Firebird: 20th Century Piano Transcriptions Aki Kuroda Record Label
2014 Gone into the Night: American Piano Trios Trio Appassionata Record Label
2014 Kurland Sounds Atvars Lakstigala / Liepaja Symphony Orchestra Record Label
2014 Oh do not Grieve: Chaconnes & Songs Olga Georgievskaya Record Label
2014 Rachmaninoff: Complete Piano Works, Vol. 1 Artur Pizarro Record Label
2014 Rachmaninoff: Complete Piano Works, Vol. 2 Artur Pizarro Record Label
2014 Rachmaninoff: Complete Piano Works, Vol. 3 Artur Pizarro Record Label
2014 Shades and Contrasts Christina Sandsengen Record Label
2014 Steps Through the Centuries Yury Revich Record Label
2014 Stravinsky, Shostakovich, Babajanyan, Mansuryan Diana Gabrielyan Record Label
2013 Beethoven: Eroica Variations; Schumann: Symphonic Etudes Liudmila Georgievskaya Record Label
2013 Jubilees George King Record Label
2013 Liszt: Sonata in B minor; Petrarch Sonnets; Granados: El Amor y la Muerte Domenico Codispoti Record Label
2013 Miyoshi: Sonate pour Piano; Chaines: Preludes pour Piano; Pour le Pianoa - Mouvement Circulaire Yukiko Kojima Record Label
2013 Musical Toys Mei Yi Foo Record Label
2013 Schoenberg: Complete Piano Works Pina Napolitano Record Label
2013 Scriabin: The Travel Préludes Javier Negrín Record Label
2013 Splinters: 20th Century Hungarian Works for Piano Mariann Marczi Record Label
2013 Stravinsky: Le Sacre du Printemps; Hindemith: Sonate for Piano Hour Hands; Ravel: Rhapsodie Espagnole Duo Miho & Masumi Hio Record Label
Bach: Well-Tempered Clavier II Daniel Martyn Lewis Record Label
Beethoven: 33 Variazioni Diabelli Muriel Chemin Record Label
Bells Latvian National Symphony Orchestra Record Label
Breaking the Silence Paul Fox Collective Record Label
CET Szilárd Mezei Septet Record Label
Carpere Fide(s) Bertrand Chavarría-Aldrete Record Label
Elegy: Schoenberg, Bartók, Krenek Pina Napolitano Record Label
French Connection Duo Ultima Record Label
In Blue and White Erato Alakiozidou Record Label
J.S. Bach: Dance Suites Fred Thomas Record Label
Jesus Garcia Leoz: Father of Spanish Film Music Rinaldo Zhok Record Label
Lela Alice Zawadzki / Dan Whieldon Record Label
Meeting at the Parting Place Thollem McDonas Record Label
Mephisto Carion Record Label
Mompou & Granados Javier Negrín Record Label
Night, Sleep, Death and the Stars: Songs by Silvan Loher Silke Gáng / Marco Scilironi Record Label
Reminiscences Yu Mi Lee Record Label
Richard Strauss: Echoes through Space and Time Claudia Moulin / Gregory Moulin Record Label
Scenes From a Life George King / Carl Raven Record Label
Schumann: Carnaval Juan Carlos Record Label
Sonata Brasileira Antonio Vaz Lemes Record Label
Ubuntu: We Are One Gert Zimanowski Record Label
Umoya Philip Clouts Quartet Record Label
Yonatan Jonatan Levy Record Label