Brighton-based hip-hop MC Ocean Wisdom has an old-school sensibility and a quick yet clear rapping style. Wisdom was born in Camden in 1993, but it wasn't long before the family moved to Brighton, where he spent his youth immersed in hip-hop and reggae. He began beatboxing at age seven and started rapping after hearing Gorillaz's "Clint Eastwood" on the radio. Wisdom spent his early teenage years writing lyrics and rapping over beats online, occasionally sending them to a friend for feedback. Eventually, his friend put him in touch with Dirty Dike, who, upon first meeting him, asked to record his vocals; this resulted in "Walkin'," which remained on Dike's computer for almost a decade before being released in 2016. When the track eventually saw release, it went viral, prompting Wisdom to record a full-length album, Chaos '93.
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