Nyree Watts


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Year Album Artist
2010 Admiral Fell Promises Sun Kil Moon Photography
2010 Thin Thin Line Kath Bloom Photography
2009 Lost Verses Live Mark Kozelek Photography
2008 Retribution Gospel Choir Retribution Gospel Choir Photography
2008 The Finally LP Mark Kozelek Photography
2008 We Were All Together Lisa Cerbone Photography
2007 Werner Ghost Truck Barn Burning Photography
2006 Golden Sun The Winter Blanket Photography, Cover Photo
2006 Little Drummer Boy Live Mark Kozelek Photography
2005 Tiny Cities Sun Kil Moon Photography
2004 Shanti Project Collection, Vol. 3 Photography
2004 The Art of Leaving Pleasant Grove Photography
2004 We Could Live in Hope: A Tribute to Low Photography
2003 Befriended The Innocence Mission Cover Photo
2003 Ordinary Days Lisa Cerbone Photography
2003 Stateside Andrew Norsworthy Photography
2002 Badman's Bedtime Maladies Photography
2001 What's Next to the Moon Mark Kozelek Photography
2000 Paranoid Landscape Subzone Photography
2000 Rock 'n' Roll Singer Mark Kozelek Photography
2000 Shanti Project Collection, Vol. 2 Photography
2000 Take Me Home: A Tribute to John Photography
1999 Crotchrocket Cherries Photography
1999 Shanti Project Collection Photography, Processing