Noel Summerville


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Year Album Artist
2017 Beyond Spectra Saturn Mastering
2017 Closure Piano Magic Mastering
2017 I <3 ART Broen Mastering
2017 Modern English Decoration Ulrika Spacek Mastering
2017 Ojalá Lost Horizons Mastering
2017 The Rising of the Lights Antisect Mastering
2017 Value Visionist Mastering
2016 Clear Shot TOY Mastering
2016 Consolamentum Andrew Weatherall Mastering
2016 Driving Excitement and the Pleasure of Ownership JC Flowers Mastering
2016 Here Come the Rattling Trees The High Llamas Mastering
2016 Levitate Lone Mastering
2016 The Distance Between Us Emile Bernard Mastering
2015 Darker Than Blue Blue Daisy Mastering
2015 Expect Delays Evans the Death Mastering
2015 Golden Ticket Golden Rules Mastering
2015 Hazy Eyes Maybe Grimm Grimm Mastering
2015 Heyoon Landshapes Mastering
2015 Hinterland Lonelady Mastering
2015 Math Ilium Ion André Bratten Mastering
2015 Maze of Woods Inventions Mastering
2015 Odyssey Horisont Mastering
2015 Slowtown Now! Holly Golightly Mastering
2015 Sour Soul BadBadNotGood / Ghostface Killah Mastering
2015 The Light in You Mercury Rev Mastering
2015 The Night Creeper Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats Mastering
2015 Trevor Jackson Presents: Science Fiction Dancehall Classics Trevor Jackson Mastering
2015 Wild Winter Smoke Fairies Mastering
2015 Wonderlust Kid Wave Mastering
2014 Estoile Naiant patten Mastering
2014 Festival of the Dead Cut Hands Mastering
2014 Haul Away! Liz Green Mastering
2014 Let's Wrestle Let's Wrestle Mastering
2014 Measures of Joy Virginia Wing Mastering
2014 Nobody Knows The Len Price 3 Mastering
2014 Offerings: Lost Songs 2000-2004 Gravenhurst Mastering
2014 Reachy Prints Plaid Mastering
2014 Reality Testing Lone Mastering
2014 Shaker Notes Paul White Mastering
2014 Smoke Fairies Smoke Fairies Mastering
2014 Sound of the Son Doom / Bishop Nehru / NehruvianDOOM Mastering
2014 Sun Structures Temples Mastering
2014 The Other I 2:54 Mastering
2014 Theosophy Pete Molinari Mastering
2014 We Come from the Same Place Allo Darlin' Mastering
2013 For Years Airhead Mastering
2013 Licht Shampoo Boy Mastering
2013 Little Things Left Behind: 1988-1998 Roger Eno Mastering
2013 Love Triangles Hate Squares The Computers Mastering
2013 Mind Control Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats Mastering
2013 Pale Green Ghosts John Grant Mastering
2013 Quarters Seams Mastering
2013 The Drop Pinkunoizu Mastering
2013 The Word as Power Lustmord Mastering
2013 Time Warriors Horisont Mastering
2013 Turbines Tunng Mastering
2013 Until the Colours Run Lanterns on the Lake Mastering
2013 Wind in Lonely Fences: 1970-2011 Harold Budd Mastering
2013 m b v My Bloody Valentine Mastering
2012 Beat Stampede Cowbell Mastering
2012 Europe Allo Darlin' Mastering
2012 MU.ZZ.LE Gonjasufi Mastering
2012 The Ghost in Daylight Gravenhurst Mastering
2011 EPs 1991-2002 Autechre Remastering
2011 Geronimo! Piney Gir Mastering
2011 Love Life Tim Booth Mastering
2011 Mind Bokeh Bibio Mastering
2011 Rupture Graham Bowers / Nurse with Wound Mastering, Cut
2011 Scintilli Plaid Mastering
2011 The Only She Chapters Prefuse 73 Mastering
2011 Wicked Will The Ettes Mastering
2010 A Sufi and a Killer Gonjasufi Mastering
2010 Jesus Wept Piney Gir / The Piney Gir Country Roadshow Mastering
2010 Lost Foundling 1999-2004 Cliffordandcalix Mastering
2010 On My Mind Fabienne Delsol Mastering
2010 Parades/Under Giant Trees Efterklang Mastering
2010 Teatime Favourites Betty and the Werewolves Mastering
2010 That's Mister Attack to You Thee Attacks Mastering
2010 The Hundred in the Hands The Hundred in the Hands Mastering
2010 This Desert The Hundred in the Hands Mastering
2010 Time Machine: Early Recordings 1981-1983 Direct Drive / First Light / Paul Hardcastle Photography
2010 Tripper/Springer Efterklang Remastering
2010 Vol. 1 Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats Mastering
2010 With Fear I Kiss the Burning Darkness/Live in Groningen At the Gates Mastering
2010 Without Why? Rose Elinor Dougall Mastering
2009 2010 from Warp Records Mastering
2009 A Classic Case of Cause and Effect Laruso Mastering
2009 Danger Is The Ettes Mastering
2009 Everything She Touched Turned Ampexian Prefuse 73 Mastering
2009 Faith, Hope & Fury Pati Yang Mastering
2009 Farewell Good Night's Sleep Lay Low Mastering
2009 For Now The Bishops Mastering
2009 The Weirding Astra Mastering
2009 Warp20 (Unheard) Mastering
2009 Waxing Gibbous Malcolm Middleton Mastering
2008 A Virtual Landslide Pete Molinari Remastering, Mastering
2008 Don't Wanna Die My Federation Mastering
2008 Earache Death Metal Pack Mastering
2008 Elemae/Memorial/Soon Elemae Mastering
2008 Glass Darkly Snorkel Mastering
2008 Japanese Motors Japanese Motors Mastering
2008 Look at Life Again Soon The Ettes Mastering
2008 Musically Adrift Samuel Purdey Mastering
2008 On The Hour: Series One - This Is The On The Hour News Chris Morris / On The Hour Mastering
2008 On The Hour: Series Two - Arise Sir News Mastering
2008 Quaristice Autechre Mastering
2008 Seven Ways to Wonder Reel People Mastering
2008 The Best of the Specials The Specials Digital Remastering
2008 The Weather Clock July Skies Mastering
2007 A Young Person's Guide to Compact Remastering
2007 Andorra Caribou Mastering
2007 Antichambre Naast Mastering
2007 Black & White in Dub King Tubby / Carlton Patterson Mastering
2007 Eyes Set Against the Sun Mira Calix Mastering
2007 Good Bad Not Evil Black Lips Mastering
2007 Melody Day Caribou Mastering
2007 Parades Efterklang Mastering
2007 Ted EP Clark Mastering
2007 Tenebrous Liar Steve Gullick Mastering
2007 The Best of Bobbie Gentry: The Capitol Years Bobbie Gentry Mastering
2007 The Destruction of Small Ideas 65daysofstatic Mastering
2007 Vertigo/Goodbye Country Groove Armada Mastering
2007 Witchcult Today Electric Wizard Mastering
2007 Workin' on a Groovy Thing: The Best of Patti Drew Patti Drew Mastering
2006 An Irish Christmas Moya Brennan Mastering
2006 Check the Water Mastering
2006 Clocks Are Like People Circulus Mastering
2006 Fighting Dub 1975-1979 Lloyd Campbell Mastering
2006 Furrowed Brow Alexander Tucker Mastering
2006 Hello Shut Up Moly Mastering
2006 Mama's Got a Bag of Her Own Mastering
2006 Micah P. Hinson and the Opera Circuit Micah P. Hinson Mastering
2006 No Order 2020 Soundsystem Mastering
2006 Not on Top Herman Düne Mastering
2006 People Gonna Talk James Hunter Mastering
2006 Search for Paradise The Wedding Present Mastering
2006 Shake the Dust The Ettes Mastering
2006 Signature Moya Brennan Mastering
2006 Tears of a Clone Icy Demons Mastering
2006 The Hardest Walk Soledad Brothers Mastering
2006 Warp Works & Twentieth Century Masters London Sinfonietta Mastering
2006 Welcome to the Orgy Deviated Instinct Remastering
2005 A Certain Trigger Maxïmo Park Mastering
2005 Blue Eyed in the Red Room Boom Bip Engineer, Mastering
2005 Deliver Me Unto Pain Banished Mastering
2005 Disaffected Piano Magic Mastering
2005 Letta Mbulu Sings/Free Soul Letta Mbulu Mastering
2005 Micah P. Hinson & the Gospel of Progress The Gospel of Progress / Micah P. Hinson Mastering
2005 Ores [Limited Edition] Youthmovie Soundtrack Strategies Mastering
2005 Original Block Party Edits Mastering
2005 Second Guess Reel People Mastering
2005 Songs of Praise The Golden Virgins Mastering
2005 Springer Efterklang Remastering
2005 Take Fountain The Wedding Present Mastering
2005 The Milk of Human Kindness Caribou Mastering
2005 Untilted Autechre Mastering
2005 We're Already Gone The Beautiful Girls Mastering
2005 With a Twist Lemon Mastering
2005 Yeti Caribou Mastering
2004 Big Silver Shining Motor of Sin Two Lone Swordsmen Mastering
2004 Delivery Room: Special Low Price Sampler Mastering
2004 English Cold July Skies Mastering
2004 I Can't Make It Alone: The Axelrod Years Lou Rawls Mastering
2004 Moly Moly Mastering
2004 Perfect Angel/Adventures in Paradise Minnie Riperton Mastering
2004 Poet, Fool or Bum/Back on the Street Again Lee Hazlewood Mastering
2004 Politics Sébastien Tellier Mastering
2004 Radioactive Man Radioactive Man Mastering
2004 Stay in Love/Minnie Minnie Riperton Compilation Producer, Mastering
2004 Thunder, Lightning, Strike The Go! Team Mastering
2004 White Rabbits Neotropic Mastering
2003 Christmas: Carols & Songs Ikos Mastering
2003 Draft 7.30 Autechre Mastering
2003 Elephant The White Stripes Mastering
2003 Ghetto Pop Life DM & Jemini Mastering
2003 It Rained, But We Cheered Moly Mastering
2003 Let's Make This Precious: The Best of Dexys Midnight Runners Dexys Midnight Runners Mastering
2003 Skimskitta Mira Calix Mastering
2003 The Big Beat Barely Works Cut
2003 Truly She Is None Other Holly Golightly Mastering
2002 Dreaming of Spires July Skies Mastering
2002 Funkier Than a Mosquito's Tweeter Ike & Tina Turner Mastering
2002 Hotel Figueroa Max Eider Mastering
2002 Human Race Ignition Tekton Motor Corporation Mastering
2002 Pursuit of Happiness Weekend Players Mastering
2002 Slowly and Gloriously Byrne Mastering
2002 The Datsuns The Datsuns Mastering
2001 Don't Stop Movin' S Club 7 Mastering
2001 Goodbye Country (Hello Nightclub) Groove Armada Mastering
2001 Jim's Super Stereoworld Jim's Super Stereoworld Mastering
2001 Les Fleurs: The Minnie Riperton Anthology Minnie Riperton Mastering
2001 Live Another Day: Kicking Pigeons Spunge Mastering
2001 Preparing for War Darkthrone Mastering
2001 Seasonally Affective Piano Magic Mastering
2001 Small Change Ewan Pearson Mastering
2001 Superstylin' [CD] Groove Armada Mastering
2000 7 S Club 7 Editing, Mastering
2000 Athens, Ohio Solex Mastering
2000 Bombscare Low Mastering
2000 No. 1 Hits & Rare Tracks Westlife Mastering
2000 Room for Abuse Spunge Mastering
2000 Simplicity Beasco Mastering
2000 Two in a Million S Club 7 Mastering
1999 Ecstasy, Passion & Pain Ecstasy Mastering
1999 I Find You Very Attractive Touch & Go Mastering
1999 S Club S Club 7 Mastering
1998 Alternative 4 Anathema Mastering
1998 Dancing Under Glass Entwined Mastering
1998 Greed Pulkas Mastering
1998 Testify Digital Remastering, Engineer
1997 Crawfish & Caviar Anthony Thistlethwaite Mastering
1997 Disco Inferno Delta 9 Mastering
1997 In Tongues We Speak Coalesce / Napalm Death Mastering
1997 Second Sight Kate St. John Mastering
1997 Voiceworks David Cunningham Post Production
1996 Supernatural Birth Machine Cathedral Mastering
1996 Swansong Carcass Mastering
1996 Wake Up and Smell the... Carcass Carcass Mastering
1995 Be Forewarned Pentagram Mastering
1995 Indescribable Night Kate St. John Mastering
1995 Live in Iceland The Drum Club Mastering
1995 Los London The Coal Porters Mastering
1995 Mirror Mirror 10cc Mastering
1995 Pentecost III Anathema Mastering
1995 Slaughter of the Soul At the Gates Mastering
1995 The Carnival Bizarre Cathedral Mastering
1994 Live at King Tut's Wah Wah Hut The Bhundu Boys Mastering
1994 Londonbeat Londonbeat Mastering
1994 Take Me to God Jah Wobble / Jah Wobble's Invaders of the Heart Mastering
1994 Tales of Mozambique Mystic Revelation of Rastafari / Count Ossie / Count Ossie & the Mystic Revelation of Rastafari Cut
1994 Turn Loose the Swans My Dying Bride Mastering
1993 With Fear I Kiss the Burning Darkness At the Gates Mastering
1992 As the Flower Withers My Dying Bride Mastering
1992 Coincidence and Likely Stories Buffy Sainte-Marie Mastering
1992 Deceased Accidental Suicide Mastering
1992 Let Us Pray Vital Remains Mastering
1991 Greaves & Cunningham David Cunningham / John Greaves Post Production
1990 City: Works of Fiction Jon Hassell Remastering
1990 Harmony Corruption Napalm Death Mastering
1990 Room to Roam The Waterboys Mastering, Mastering Engineer
1988 From Enslavement to Obliteration Napalm Death Mastering
1984 In the Studio The Special A.K.A. / The Specials Remastering
1983 Gun Shot Anthony Johnson Mastering
1982 Grand Slam Magic Slim & the Teardrops Editing
1980 Love Lives Forever Minnie Riperton Mastering
1980 More Specials The Specials Remastering
1979 The Specials The Specials Remastering
1978 Leggo Dub Ossie All Stars Mastering
1967 Fictions Los Vidrios Quebrados Remastering
1967 Kaleidoscope Men Los Mac's Remastering
360 The Supernaturals Mastering
An Ambassador for Laing Dalhous Mastering
Anima Rising The Everlasting Yeah Mastering
Antigravity Jac Berrocal / Vincent Epplay / David Fenech Mastering
Beatcroff Slabs Oberman Knocks Mastering
Burials in Several Earths BBC Radiophonic Workshop Mastering
Call of the Blues Michael Messer / Michael Messers Mitra Mastering
Corona Fay Hallam Mastering
David Woodcock David Woodcock Mastering
For Twisted Minds Only Horse Mastering, Cut
Greater Lengths: An All Saints Compilation Mastering
Hobbyism Mastering
Horrible Night Moss Mastering
If Only We'd Known The Fallen Leaves Mastering
Last Man on Earth Big Boss Man Mastering, Cut
London Days B.B. & the Blues Shacks Mastering
Lord of Misrule Blood Ceremony Mastering
Love From With the Dead With the Dead Cut
Luftbobler Dinos Chapman Mastering
Moog Maximus Bongolian Mastering
Of This & Other Worlds Hidden Masters Mastering
Private Dreams and Public Nightmares Daphne Oram / Andrea Parker Mastering
Random Activities of a Heart Retrospective For Love Mastering
Realisationship Andrew Hung Mastering
Reflection of Youth Eera Mastering
Sing + Play Mastering
Sounds of the Universe: Art + Sound Mastering
Studio One Showcase: The Sound of Studio One in the 1970s Cut
Studio One: Dub Fire Special Dub Specialist Cutting Consultant
The Pattern Familiar Monkey Puzzle Trio Mastering
The Sound of Being Alive Whitehouse Remastering