Noah Mintz


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Year Album Artist
2019 Release Rich Aucoin Mastering
2018 Problems The Rabid Whole Mastering
2018 Solo Piano III Chilly Gonzales Mastering
2018 Time Travel Graham Van Pelt Mastering
2018 Uncle, Duke & the Chief Born Ruffians Mastering
2017 Asha AO Music Mastering
2017 New Mistakes Terra Lightfoot Mastering
2017 Thank You for Singing Along Smilin Rylan Mastering
2017 Under Your Spell The Birthday Massacre Mastering
2016 Awake Folly & the Hunter Mastering
2016 Beyond Dreams: Pathways to Deep Relaxation Hennie Bekker Mastering
2016 Blue Wave Operators Mastering
2016 Citycide The Dead Ships Mastering
2016 Home Wrecking Years Brendan Canning Mastering
2015 Glass Houses for Marimba Taktus Mastering
2015 Hey Love Hayden Mastering
2014 Classic Zeus Zeus Mastering
2013 Body Language, Vol. 13 Alixander III / Azari & III / Dinamo Azari Mastering
2012 Backseat Heroine Emma-Lee Mastering
2012 Lunch, Recess & Detention Marcy Playground Mastering
2012 Old Boys Bishop Morocco Mastering
2012 Union Cuff the Duke Mastering
2011 Azari & III Azari & III Mastering
2011 Cannonballs, Cannonballs Boats Mastering
2011 Dans la Gueule des Jours Les Breastfeeders Mastering
2011 Electric Dusk Gloryhound Mastering
2011 Hed Kandi: Ibiza 2011 Mastering
2011 Ibiza Annual 2011 Mastering
2011 Imaginary Monsters The Birthday Massacre Mastering
2011 In a Fung Day T! Duchess Says Mastering
2011 Modern Myths Les Jupes Mastering
2011 Tre3s Chikita Violenta Mastering
2010 Carriage Forest City Lovers Mastering
2010 Come Spring Joe Roncetti Mastering
2010 I'm Here Every Night Robyn Dell’Unto Mastering
2010 Left & Handed James Woods Mastering
2010 Oh Little Fire Sarah Harmer Mastering
2010 Pins and Needles The Birthday Massacre Mastering
2010 Reverie Sound Revue Reverie Sound Revue Mastering
2010 The Once The Once Mastering
2010 True Believer Matthew Barber Mastering
2009 ...And the Ever Expanding Universe The Most Serene Republic Mastering
2009 At the Moment of Our Most Needing Rock Plaza Central Mastering
2009 Big Shiny Tunes, Vol. 14 Mastering
2009 Billy Talent III Billy Talent Mastering
2009 Crazy Power Josh Reichmann / Josh Reichmann Oracle Band Mastering
2009 Death and Dishonesty Blackout Brigade Mastering
2009 Fantasy of the Lot The Lovely Feathers Mastering
2009 Girls Come Too Still Life Still Mastering
2009 Goddess Emm Gryner Mastering
2009 How to Fall Down in Public Howie Beck Mastering
2009 Is This a Good Life? Sunriser Mastering
2009 Life Is Legal Josh Reichmann Oracle Band Mastering
2009 Now Christmas 4 Mastering
2009 Seven Vibrolux Mastering
2009 Songs from Here Lazybones Mastering
2009 Stereos Stereos Mastering
2009 The Place Where We Lived Hayden Mastering
2009 Things Fall Apart Novaks Mastering
2009 Victory Garden Laura Barrett Mastering
2009 We Know How to Love Cody Allen Mastering
2008 All the Fables Jade McNelis Mastering
2008 Born of Blue Fog Andre Ethier Mastering
2008 Kensington Heights Constantines Mastering
2008 Little Buildings Gentleman Reg Compilation Producer, Assembly, Original Mastering
2008 One More Heart Attack Crash Kelly Mastering
2008 Princess of the Skies Cory Woodward Mastering
2008 Something for All of Us... Brendan Canning Mastering
2008 Something for All of Us.../Spirit If... Brendan Canning Mastering
2008 The Baroness Redecorates Sarah Slean Mastering
2008 The Priddle Concern The Priddle Concern Mastering
2008 The Road to Recovery Bellevue Mastering
2008 The Virginia EP The National Mastering
2008 Unicorn Steak Die Mannequin Mastering
2007 Are We Not Horses? Rock Plaza Central Mastering
2007 Aren't Ready for the Country Diableros Remastering, Mastering
2007 Box Keram Mastering
2007 City Lights Align Wayne Petti Remastering
2007 Come Hell or High Water Prize Fighter Mastering
2007 Do You Trust Your Friends? Stars Mastering
2007 Edgework Rozalind MacPhail Mastering
2007 Five Roses Miracle Fortress Mastering
2007 Ghost Town Prophecy Kae Sun Mastering
2007 In Field & Town Hayden Mastering
2007 Just Look Pretty and Sing Tara Slone Mastering
2007 Knows What You Need Jon-Rae & the River Remastering, Mastering
2007 Melodrama Joel Kroeker Mastering
2007 National Anthem of Nowhere Apostle of Hustle Mastering
2007 Plan Your Escape [EP] Hey Rosetta! Mastering
2007 Population The Most Serene Republic Mastering
2007 Ride On Vibrolux Mastering
2007 Slaughter Daughter Die Mannequin Mastering
2007 Sticking Fingers Into Sockets Los Campesinos! Mastering
2007 The Darkest Spark Ghost Is Dancing Mastering
2007 The Star & Suns Sessions Chikita Violenta Mastering
2007 To Be Free Air Traffic Control Mastering
2007 Walking With Strangers The Birthday Massacre Mastering
2007 Wildfires The Mohawk Lodge Mastering
2007 World Was Hell To Us Rock Plaza Central Remastering
2006 Amplifier Galore Mastering
2006 Answering Machine Diaries Scott Lanaway Mastering
2006 Atlantis, Oh Our Saviour The Rest Mastering
2006 Born Ruffians Born Ruffians Mastering
2006 Dancing With Daggers Magneta Lane Mastering
2006 Fight or Flight Kellylee Evans Mastering
2006 Hymns for the Happy Sunparlour Players Remastering, Mastering
2006 I Believe Marble Index Mastering
2006 In This City The Ride Theory Mastering
2006 Interwords Dan McCarthy Mastering
2006 Machines To Paradise Nassau Remastering, Mastering
2006 Maginot Line Raising the Fawn Mastering
2006 Orphan Music Sarah Slean Mastering
2006 Pride Ashley MacIsaac Mastering
2006 RGB Sianspheric Mastering
2006 Red Album Stink Mitt Mastering
2006 Second Ring Moses Mayes Mastering
2006 Smell the Glove The Heavy Petters Mastering
2006 Watch Your Candles Watch Your Knives Marble Index Mastering
2006 When the Angels Make Contact Matt Mays Mastering, Enhanced Programming
2006 Wintersleep Wintersleep Mastering
2006 Zig-Zag Leh-Lo Mastering
2005 Armando Armando Mastering
2005 Bitter Hands Resign Northern Chorus Mastering
2005 Broken Social Scene Broken Social Scene Mastering
2005 Cuff the Duke Cuff the Duke Mastering
2005 Evilution Shocore Mastering
2005 Idols of Exile Jason Collett Mastering
2005 Joey Beltram Joey Beltram Mastering
2005 Matt Mays + El Torpedo Matt Mays / Matt Mays & El Torpedo / El Torpedo Mastering
2005 Romance Bloody Romance: Remixes & B-Sides Death from Above Mastering
2005 Trax Classix: Farley Jackmaster Funk Farley Jackmaster Funk Mastering
2005 Violet The Birthday Massacre Mastering
2005 Warm Belly High Power LAL Mastering
2005 Wrath of Circuits The Nein Mastering
2004 Bee Hives Broken Social Scene Mastering
2004 Deliverance Bionic Mastering
2004 Howie Beck Howie Beck Mastering
2004 No Cities Left The Dears Mastering
2004 O Canada [Universal] Mastering
2004 Orchestral Pop Noir Romantique The Dears Mastering
2004 Thank You Good Night Sold Out The Dears Mastering
2004 The Marble Index Marble Index Mastering
2004 The Mighty Can Fall The Rumours Mastering
2004 The Trial of St. Orange Shalabi Effect Mastering
2003 Heart Stars Mastering
2003 Love Energy The Super Friendz Remastering, Mastering
2003 Magnetic Morning/Aspirin Age Toshack Highway Mastering
2003 Matt Mays Matt Mays Mastering
2003 Spirit Flags Northern Chorus Mastering
2003 Vehicles Beyond Kitchens & Bathrooms Mastering
2002 Anemone Mia Sheard Mastering
2002 Days Come Easy Beggarz Mastering
2002 Full Moon over Wowtown Thomas Truax Mastering
2002 Hollow Howie Beck Mastering, Pre-Mastering
2002 Live at Convocation Hall Hayden Mastering
2002 Magnificent, Just Like You Spillshadow Mastering
2002 One Step Jackie Ungar Mastering
2002 Uppercut Morgan Finlay Mastering
2002 You Forgot It in People Broken Social Scene Mastering
2001 Cookie Duster Cookie Duster Mastering
2001 Feel Good Lost Broken Social Scene Mastering
2000 Between Earth and Sky Rhea's Obsession Enhanced CD Design
2000 Rockstar Potential Tuuli Mastering
2000 The Massacre Mastering
2000 The Sniffing Princess Don Kerr Mastering
1999 Kid Lunch Kid Lunch Mastering
1999 Shanti Project Collection Mastering
1998 More of Our Stupid Noise '98 Composer
1998 What If I Told You Andru Branch Mastering
1996 Ozzy hHead Group Member
1995 Jerk hHead Group Member
1994 Fireman [EP] hHead Group Member
!!! Robb Cappelletto / Jon Maharaj / Amhed Mitchel Mastering
100% Sunshine Slow Down Mastering
All I Wanted Molitor Mastering Engineer
Almost There St.Yesterday Mastering
Apt 13 Gob Mastering
Assembly Line Surgery Jeff Barkman Mastering
Bad Company/The Thrill Myles Castello Mastering
Battles On Ghost Is Dancing Mastering
Belgravia Hotel Birds of Wales Mastering
Bound Kashka Mastering
Burnt Black Cars Slow Down Mastering
Captured in Still Life Kensington Prairie Mastering
Cardio/Talk About It Myles Castello Mastering
Crowsfeet & Greyskull Keri Latimer Mastering
Deep Peace Michael Moon Mastering
Dream at Harmony Motel Dean Drouillard Mastering
Easier For Everyone Looks Linear Mastering
Every Time My Mind Runs Wild Terra Lightfoot Mastering
Fear & Love Jake Clemons Mastering
Foehn006 Mastering
For Your Weakness Brad Fillatre Mastering
Get Back Karac Hendriks Mastering
Get Lucky Matt Mays Mastering
Haunting Moon Sinking Forest City Lovers Mastering
Hinterland: Musical Sojourns in the Wilderness Stephen Bacchus Mastering
I Will Not Break Your Heart Steve Singh Mastering
Inferior Ghost Papermaps Mastering
Learning to Fly Matt Mays Mastering
Live: Like Ninety UIC Mastering
Man with a Love Song James Hill Mastering
My Heart Away Avery Raquel Mastering
Never Said Goodbye Karac Hendriks Mastering
Now Before Us Trevor Alguire Mastering
Okuli Kwirhu - EP Mastering
One Dance Floor Marlowe & tHe MiX Mastering
Opus Road Opus Road Mastering
Our Garage UIC Mastering
Papermaps Papermaps Mastering
Plugged In Glen Weston Mastering
Punk Shadows Blood and Glass Mastering
Put Your Head in the Lion's Mouth Parkas Mastering
Refuge The Rabid Whole Mastering
Remission Courage My Love Mastering
Ripple Effect EP Scott Helman Mastering
Royal City Crown Speakeasies / The Speakeasies Mastering
Ruins Old Blood Mastering
Sisters in Song The Ault Sisters Mastering
Sleeping Giants The Breaking Lakes Mastering
Soldiers of the Mark The New Jacobin Club Mastering
Stand by Me Hey Rosetta! Mastering
Stay Gold Pony Up! Mastering
Stranger Scarlett Jane Mastering
Sunday Bloody Sunday Artists for Sudan Mastering
The Auras The Auras Mastering
The Prize A Primitive Evolution Mastering
The Golden Age of Daredevils Sheavy Mastering
This Road Is Mine Karac Hendriks Mastering
Under Cover of Brightness Fjord Rowboat Mastering
Unfolding John Kameel Farah Mastering
Without a Little Rain Avery Raquel Mastering