Niklas Sundin


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Year Album Artist
2016 Atoma Dark Tranquillity Guitar, Artwork, Group Member, Layout, Composer
2013 Construct Dark Tranquillity Guitars, Group Member, Composer
2010 Embrace the Mystery + 3 Armageddon Artwork
2010 Purgatory Unleashed: Live at Wacken At the Gates Photography
2010 The Grandiose Nowhere Lacrimas Profundere Cover Art
2010 The Light in Which We All Burn Laethora Guitar
2010 We Are the Void Dark Tranquillity Guitar
2009 Acedia Dark Age Artwork, Design
2009 Manifesto of Dark Tranquillity Dark Tranquillity Guitar, Group Member
2009 The Dead End Dark the Suns Composer, Lyricist
2009 Vigil Endangered Minds Cover Art, Background Music
2009 Where Death Is Most Alive Dark Tranquillity Guitar, Group Member
2009 Yesterworlds: The Early Demos Dark Tranquillity Liner Notes, Guitar, Artwork, Group Member, Composer, Lyricist
2008 Architect of Lies Mercenary Cover Art
2008 Century Media Covers Century Photography, Guitar
2008 Singularity Adversary Design, Cover Art
2008 Soul Burner/Sindustries Gardenian Artwork, Art Direction, Design, Cover Art
2008 Torn Evergrey Layout Design, Logo
2008 Tyrants of the Rising Sun: Live in Japan Arch Enemy Artwork, Packaging
2007 13th Street: The Sound of Mystery, Vol. 3 Composer
2007 Fiction Dark Tranquillity Guitar, Design, Group Member
2007 March of the Parasite Laethora Guitar, Composer
2007 Minus Exitus Dark Age Artwork
2006 Astronomy Dragonland Cover Art
2006 Chimera Andromeda Cover Art
2006 Dream Weaver Golem Cover Art
2006 Frame the World... Hang It on the Wall Kayser Artwork
2006 Sacrifice Deadsoil Cover Art
2006 Sterling Black Icon Fragments of Unbecoming Artwork
2005 11 Dreams Mercenary Cover Art
2005 Character Dark Tranquillity Guitar
2005 Descent into Chaos Nightrage Photography
2005 Gallows Gallery Sigh Guest Artist, Main Personnel, Guitar, Soloist
2005 Missbehaviour [Bonus DVD] Digital Editing
2005 The Quiet Offspring Green Carnation Photography, Cover Photo
2004 Ave End Lacrimas Profundere Artwork
2004 Battle Metal Turisas Cover Art
2004 Exposures: In Retrospect & Denial Dark Tranquillity Illustrations, Guitar, Composer
2004 Extended Mental Dimensions Within Y Artwork, Layout Design
2004 The Forever Endeavor Enforsaken Artwork, Layout Design
2004 Traces of the Past The Forsaken Photography, Artwork
2003 Banished from the Underworld Satanic Slaughter Layout Design, Cover Art
2003 Crave and Collapse Narcissus Artwork
2003 Gift of Tongues Amortis Artwork
2003 Hypnotic Thyrane Cover Art
2003 My Passion Your Pain Callenish Circle Artwork, Design
2003 Perfection in Pain Corporation 187 Layout Design, Cover Art, Layout
2003 Signs of the Times Urban Tale Cover Art, Picture
2003 Sweet Vengeance Nightrage Booklet, Cover Art
2003 The Apostate Luciferion Artwork, Computer Graphics
2003 Uncrowned [Italy Bonus Track] Last Tribe Cover Art
2002 Cypher ...And Oceans Logo Design
2002 Damage Done Dark Tranquillity Guitar, Artwork, Art Direction, Design, Group Member
2002 DammerElben Tragödie Autumnblaze Images, Logo, Cover Art
2002 Embrace the Mystery Armageddon Artwork
2002 Flesh Power Dominion Callenish Circle Artwork, Design
2002 Journey to the End of the Night Green Carnation Cover Art
2002 Light of Day, Day of Darkness Green Carnation Cover Art, Cover Photo
2002 Power Metal: The Metal Years Composer
2002 Reroute to Remain In Flames Photography, Art Direction, Design
2002 Silent Night Fever Dimension Zero Artwork, Design
2002 The Jester Race/Black-Ash Inheritance In Flames Concept, Collaboration, Lyric Concept, Song Titles, Composer
2002 Vansinnesvisor Thyrfing Artwork, Layout Design
2001 A.M. G.O.D.: Allotropic/Metamorphic Genesis of Dismorphism ...And Oceans Design
2001 Absolute Purity Alas Cover Art
2001 Awakening the World Lost Horizon Artwork, Computer Graphics, Graphics
2001 Be My God Lullacry Illustrations
2001 Extension of the Wish Andromeda Graphic Design, Art Direction
2001 Gone Entwine Cover Art
2001 I Die, You Soar! Madrigal Cover Art
2001 Remote Controlled Scythe Enter My Silence Cover Image
2001 Symphony for the Devil Witchery Cover Art
2001 The Tokyo Showdown In Flames Artwork, Design
2000 Aeon Sky Sanctus Artwork
2000 Crimson Sentenced Artwork, Cover Design, Cover Art
2000 Haven Dark Tranquillity Guitar, Art Direction, Design, Group Member
2000 Sindustries Gardenian Art Direction, Design
2000 Soulburner Gardenian Artwork, Cover Design
1999 Classica Novembre Artwork
1999 Colony In Flames Translation
1999 Live The World Domination Composer
1999 Projector Dark Tranquillity Liner Notes, Guitar, Artwork, Layout Design, Cover Art, Image Editing, Group Member, Layout, Composer
1998 Statements of Intent Composer
1997 Beauty in Darkness Composer
1997 Black-Ash Inheritance In Flames Composer
1997 The Mind's I Dark Tranquillity Guitar, Composer
1997 Whoracle In Flames Lyricist, Concept
1997 World Domination II Composer
1995 The Gallery Dark Tranquillity Guitar, Composer
1995 The Jester Race In Flames Concept, Song Titles, Composer
1993 Skydancer/Of Chaos and Eternal Night Dark Tranquillity Guitar, Guitar (Acoustic), Artwork, Design
Earth Entangled Aphyxion Cover Art
Partum Vita Mortem Orpheus Omega Artwork, Art Direction, Layout
The Distortion of Lies and the Overdriven Truth One Machine Illustrations, Artwork
The History of Heresy, Vol. 1: 2004–2008 Powerwolf Cover Illustration
Vengeance Descending Nightrage Photography, Artwork, Cover Art