Nicolas Vernhes


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Year Album Artist
2018 Constant Image Flasher Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Glockenspiel
2018 Room Inside the World Ought Producer, Mixing, Guitar, Keyboards, Noise
2017 A Deeper Understanding The War on Drugs Engineer, Recording
2017 Hard Love Strand of Oaks Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Bass, Breathing, Composer, Delay, Drum Producer, Juno, Loops, Montage, Synthesizer, Tambourine, Vocals
2017 Holding On The War on Drugs Recording
2017 Pain The War on Drugs Recording
2017 Strangest Thing The War on Drugs Recording
2017 Up All Night The War on Drugs Recording
2017 Young Overcoats Producer
2016 Eyes on the Lines Steve Gunn Mixing
2016 For Evelyn Hannah Georgas Mixing
2016 Gumption Your Friend Guitar, Engineer, Mixing, Producer
2016 Not to Disappear Daughter Producer, Mixing
2016 SVIIB School of Seven Bells Engineer
2015 A Folk Set Apart Cass McCombs Engineer
2015 Best Blues Small Black Mixing
2015 Foil Deer Speedy Ortiz Producer, Mixing
2015 Gossip Khaira Arby Engineer
2015 Jaakko Eino Kalevi Jaakko Eino Kalevi Mixing
2015 Sprinter Torres Mixing
2014 At Best Cuckold Avi Buffalo Mixing
2014 Greatest Ever! Electric Producer
2014 Le Monde Möö Moodoïd Producer, Mixing
2014 Lost in the Dream The War on Drugs Engineer, Mixing, Organ, Tambourine
2014 Past Life Lost in the Trees Producer, Engineer, Keyboards, Drums
2014 Run the Jewels 2 Run the Jewels Engineer
2014 Shriek Wye Oak Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2014 Time Is Over One Day Old Bear in Heaven Mixing
2014 Too Much Information Maxïmo Park Mixing
2013 Big Wheel and Others Cass McCombs Engineer
2013 Everything's a Thread The John Steel Singers Mixing, Keyboard Bass
2013 Girls, Vol. 1: Music from the HBO Original Series Producer
2013 Monomania Deerhunter Producer, Engineer
2013 Ride Your Heart Bleached Mixing
2013 Spacehopper Tripwires Producer
2013 The Chronicles of Marnia Marnie Stern Producer, Engineer
2013 Trust Gambles Engineer
2012 Beams Matthew Dear Mixing
2012 Leave Your Leather On Call of the Wild Engineer, Mixing
2012 Nocturne Wild Nothing Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2012 Passage Exitmusic Mixing, Additional Production, Engineer
2012 Silent Hour/Golden Mile Daniel Rossen Mixing
2012 The Clearing Bowerbirds Engineer, Mixing, Additional Production
2012 Traps Jaill Mixing
2011 Bachelorette Bachelorette Mixing
2011 Banjo or Freakout Banjo or Freakout Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Casio, Flanger, Guitar, Guitar (Tremolo), Loops, Percussion, Programming, Tambourine, Vocals (Background), Voice Loop
2011 Family of Love Dom / Dom Engineer, Mixing
2011 Grown Unknown Lia Ices Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Screams
2011 Mount Wittenberg Orca Björk / Dirty Projectors Engineer, Mixing
2011 New Heaven 1 Producer, Engineer, Percussion
2011 No Service Tony Castles Mixing
2011 Parallax Atlas Sound Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Programming
2011 Sondre Lerche Sondre Lerche Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Photography, Keyboards, Vocals
2010 Alibi Coast Sebastian Blanck Engineer, Mixing, Bass, Producer, Synthesizer
2010 Full House Head Endless Boogie Engineer
2010 New Chain Small Black Mixing
2010 Northern Aggression Steve Wynn / Steve Wynn & the Miracle 3 Mixing
2010 On the Ones and Threes Versus Engineer
2010 Tangalooma The John Steel Singers Mixing
2010 Transference Spoon Engineer, Mixing
2009 A Fool for Everyone Mike Bones Mixing
2009 Alien in a Garbage Dump Eric Copeland Mixing
2009 Bitte Orca Dirty Projectors Producer, Mixing, Audio Production, Additional Production
2009 Dark Was the Night: Red Hot Compilation Engineer, Mixing
2009 Entertainment Fischerspooner Producer, Audio Production, Guitar, Programming
2009 Got Nuffin' Spoon Engineer
2009 It's Frightening White Rabbits Engineer
2009 Rainwater Cassette Exchange Deerhunter Engineer
2009 Rejoicer Grooms Mixing
2009 Repo Black Dice Engineer
2009 Rites Lights Producer, Vocals
2009 Sugarland Talk Normal Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2008 Focus Level Endless Boogie Engineer
2008 Liferz Blood on the Wall Producer, Engineer, Group Member
2008 Living Bridge Producer, Arranger, Drums, Percussion, Programming, Vocals (Background), Bass, Casio, Reprogramming
2008 Matador Singles '08 Jay Reatard Engineer
2008 Microcastle Deerhunter Engineer, Mixing, Keyboards
2008 Microcastle/Weird Era Continued Deerhunter Engineer, Mixing, Keyboards
2008 Water Curses Animal Collective Mixing, Tracking
2007 Comets Ghosts And Sunburned Hands Engineer
2007 Cryptograms Deerhunter Mixing
2007 Fluorescent Grey EP Deerhunter Mixing
2007 Grass Geysers...Carbon Clouds Enon Engineer
2007 I'll Follow You Oakley Hall Engineer
2007 Load Blown Black Dice Engineer, Mixing
2007 Maximize! Shir Khan Engineer, Mixing
2007 Parallel Suns Samara Lubelski Mixing, Main Personnel, Drums
2007 Strawberry Jam Animal Collective Engineer, Mixing, Tracking
2007 The Ken Burns Effect Stars Like Fleas Engineer
2007 We Sing of Only Blood or Love Dax Riggs Main Personnel, Keyboards
2006 Bleeding Diamonds Nicole Atkins Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2006 Cream: Rock the Discotheque Producer
2006 Dead Drunk Terrestrial Tones Mixing
2006 Dearly Beloved Theo Angell Keyboards, Drums, Vocals (Rhythm)
2006 Happy New Year Oneida Engineer, Mixing
2006 Phantom Parade T.K. Webb Engineer, Audio Engineer
2006 Second Guessing Oakley Hall Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2005 Awesomer Blood on the Wall Engineer, Audio Engineer, Mixing
2005 Broken Ear Record Black Dice Engineer, Audio Engineer, Mixing
2005 Evergreen Evergreen Engineer
2005 Just Let Go Fischerspooner Composer
2005 Odyssey Fischerspooner Producer, Engineer, Audio Production, Vocals, Guitar, Drums, Programming, Composer
2005 Rotten Love Levy Audio Engineer, Mixing, Ngawang Chopel
2005 Spectacular of Passages Samara Lubelski Mixing, Bass (Electric), Tambourine
2005 The Other Side New York Fischerspooner Producer
2005 The Wedding Oneida Engineer, Mixing, Percussion
2004 Blood on the Wall Blood on the Wall Producer, Engineer, Guitar
2004 Blueberry Boat The Fiery Furnaces Engineer, Audio Engineer, Mixing, Drums, Computer Editing
2004 Brooklyn Cantos Gold Sparkle Band Audio Engineer
2004 Creature Comforts Black Dice Engineer
2004 Kitten Time Naysayer Mastering
2004 Miles of Smiles Black Dice Engineer
2004 Paradise Now Hall of Fame Engineer, Mixing
2004 Secret Wars Oneida Engineer
2004 The Fleeting Skies Samara Lubelski Mixing
2004 Themepark Ashtray In Ashtray Themepark Vague Angels Engineer
2003 Arborvitae Loren Connors / David Grubbs Mastering
2003 Confidence [Soundtrack from the Motion Picture] Christophe Beck Producer
2003 DFA Compilation #1 The DFA Producer, Engineer
2003 Dance to the Underground The DFA Producer
2003 Electro Tech: The Fresh Sound of Tech-House & Electro-Trance Producer
2003 Gallowsbird's Bark The Fiery Furnaces Engineer, Mastering
2003 Hearts of Oak Ted Leo / Ted Leo & the Pharmacists Producer, Engineer
2003 Off-Road David Grubbs Mixing
2003 Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before... Engineer
2003 Tell Balgeary, Balgury Is Dead Ted Leo / Ted Leo & the Pharmacists Engineer
2003 Ultimate Summer Dance Album Producer
2003 Yes New York Producer, Engineer
2002 #1 Fischerspooner Producer
2002 Act Five, Scene One David Grubbs Mastering
2002 Are You Down?? Panthers Engineer
2002 Defining Tech Producer
2002 Eiffel Tower Eiffel Tower Mastering
2002 Heaven, Hell, or Houston Naysayer Mixing, Mastering
2002 Language Is Technology Feud Engineer, Mixing
2002 Purely Evil The Rogers Sisters Engineer
2002 Rickets & Scurvy David Grubbs Engineer, Electronics
2002 So Beautiful and Cheap and Warm Pacific Ocean Engineer
2002 The Chillout Session [2002] Producer
2002 The Fist and the Laurels Speedking Assistant
2002 This Is Tech-Pop: 21st Century Electro and New Wave Producer
2002 Ultra '80s Vs. Electro, Vol. 1 Producer
2001 Inner Boroughs Dan Brown Engineer, Mixing
2001 John Wolfington John Wolfington Engineer
2001 New Problems k. Engineer, Mixing
2001 Thirty Minute Raven David Grubbs Engineer, Mastering
2000 Deathwhisker Naysayer Mastering
2000 Drunken Little Mass White Out Mastering
2000 Emor: Rome Upside Down Les Savy Fav Engineer
2000 Heaven Ain't Happenin' The Lapse Engineer
2000 Heroines Ruby Falls Assistant Engineer
2000 Lights at Night Hong Kong Engineer
2000 Revival Reid Paley Engineer, Mixing
2000 Rubric Records 01 Compilation Recorder
2000 The Coxcomb/Avocado Orange David Grubbs Engineer
2000 The Spectrum Between David Grubbs Engineer
2000 Up with What I'm Down With Holy Childhood Engineer
1999 Afterglow Versus Engineer, Mixing
1999 Medium Crash Perio Whistle (Human), Drums
1999 Remué Dominique A Engineer, Mixing
1999 Sawgrass Subligette Fly Ashtray Mastering
1999 The Cat and the Cobra Les Savy Fav Engineer
1999 Van Pelt [EP] Van Pelt Engineer, Recorder
1998 3 Sounds Hippopotamus Engineer
1998 American Water Silver Jews Producer
1998 Betrayal The Lapse Engineer
1998 Never Kept a Diary Engineer
1998 Spectral Worship Guv'ner Engineer, Mixing, Mastering, Recording
1998 Two Cents Plus Tax Versus Engineer
1997 3/5 Les Savy Fav Engineer, Mixing, Narrator, Mastering
1997 Set You Free Chisel Engineer
1997 Soundtrack for Disaster Shove Engineer, Mixing
1996 Break a Promise [7" Single] Guv'ner Engineer
1996 Break a Promise [CD Single] Guv'ner Engineer
1996 Deep Red Versus Producer, Engineer
1996 Follow the Bouncing Ball Bass
1996 French French Engineer
1996 Guv'ner in Catpowerland/Cat Power Goes to Guvnerville Guv'ner Engineer
1996 Seat Beneath the Chairs Spent Engineer
1996 Secret Swingers Versus Engineer
1996 She's Evil Guv'ner Engineer
1996 State of the Union [Atavistic] Engineer
1996 The Hunt Guv'ner Engineer
1996 Umbrella Wars Spent Recording
1995 Pumpernickel Pumpernickel Engineer
100 Greatest Heartbreak Recording
Al Bilali Soudan Al Bilali Soudan Engineer
Drew's Famous Instrumental Pop Collection, Vol. 86 Composer/Lyricist
In Chains The War on Drugs Recording
Thinking of a Place The War on Drugs Recording