Nick & Simon are a duo of Dutch pop singer/songwriters who made their recording debut in 2006 and soon began topping the national charts with regularity. The duo is comprised of Nick Schilder (born November 6, 1983) and Simon Keizer (May 16, 1984), both of whom are natives of Volendam, Netherlands, a small town with a rich musical tradition. Schilder and Keizer first began working together in the band of schlager superstar Jan Smit, a fellow Volendam native. Schilder and Keizer were with Smit during 2005, when his reality show gained him renewed fame. That year he released two singles co-written by Keizer, "Boom Boom Bailando" and "Laura," which were big hits, reaching numbers nine and one, respectively, on the singles chart. In successive years, Smit enjoyed additional smash hits written in collaboration with Keizer, including the ...
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