Nathan Davis

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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Like sweet bells jangled, for ensemble 2009 10:36 Chamber Music
Matryoshka Blues, for cello & piano 14:44 Chamber Music
pneApnea, for alto flute and electronics 2007 09:57 Chamber Music
Ghostlight, for prepared piano 2013 10:19 Keyboard
The Mechanics of Escapement, for toy piano & chimes 2008 15:31 Chamber Music
On the Nature of Thingness, for soprano & ensemble 2011 18:31 Vocal Music
Dowser, for bass clarinet and electronics 2007 09:30 Chamber Music
The Bright and Hollow Sky, for ensemble and electronics 2008 19:31 Chamber Music
Diving Bell, for percussion 09:40 Chamber Music
On Speaking a Hundred Names, for bassoon & live processing 2010 11:02 Chamber Music
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