Mythos did not reach the popularity of contemporary bands like Tangerine Dream or Ash Ra Tempel, which were founded in Berlin in the late '60s, too. Though with time, some of the albums have developed as classics and are reissued periodically. Different from other Krautrockers which elaborated a unique teutonic sound, Mythos, in part, had similarities with British and American bands and mixed the influences with their own music. Although the band has changed musical direction with time, there is a continuity, a transition from the early psychedelic music to the new age sound of the late '90s. In 1996, Stephan Kaske did a cover version of Händel's "Feuerwerksmusik" with his M.A.S.S. side project, also featured on the first Mythos LP in 1971, although very different in interpretation. In 1969, high school dropouts Stephan Kaske (b.
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