Early in their career, Milwaukee, Wisconsin's Morta Skuld accomplished the impressive feat of being signed by leading British independent metal label Peaceville, but with no company showing similar interest in their homeland, they never quite managed to ascend beyond the underground death metal scene. Originally founded in 1989, Morta Skuld recorded and circulated two separate demos (1990's Gory Departure and 1991's Prolong the Agony) before pairing up with Rhode Island's Vital Remains for a split single in 1993, which would duly get both bands signed to Peaceville. Morta Skuld struck first, however, unleashing their Dying Remains debut later that same year and heading out on tour with genre fixtures like Death, Obituary, and Deicide, then repeating the pattern with 1994's As Humanity Fades and 1995's For All Eternity, which were ...
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