Morris Williams


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Year Album Artist
2015 Masterpieces of Modern Soul, Vol. 4 Composer
2010 Soul Blues Hits: T.V. Package Composer
2009 Another Man's Meat on My Plate Sweet Angel Vocals (Background), Musician, Composer
2009 Back Up Lover O.B. Buchana Composer
2009 Best of Lee Shot Williams Lee "Shot" Williams Composer
2009 Bold Bitch! Sweet Angel Vocals (Background)
2009 Dirty Woman David Brinston Vocals (Background), Composer
2009 It's My Time O.B. Buchana Composer
2009 It's a Ms. Jody Thang Ms. Jody Vocals (Background)
2009 The Best of Southern Soul Blues Composer
2008 21st Century Blues [Ecko] Composer
2008 Handle Your Business Sweet Angel Sequencing
2008 I Never Take a Day Off Ms. Jody Vocals (Background), Sequencing, Rhythm Track, Yamaha Keyboards, Composer
2008 I'm a Bluesman's Daughter Sheba Potts-Wright Vocals (Background)
2008 It's Christmas, Baby! O.B. Buchana Composer
2008 Nothin' But the Blues Earl Gaines Vocals (Background), Composer
2008 Party Time! David Brinston Composer
2008 Sex-Rated Blues Composer
2008 Southern Soul Country Boy O.B. Buchana Vocals (Background), Rhythm Track
2008 The Very Best of Garland Green Garland Green Composer
2008 You've Got Me Donnie Ray Sequencing, Rhythm Track, Yamaha Keyboards
2008 Young Guns of Southern Soul Composer
2007 Can't Stop Me Carl Sims Main Personnel, Programming, Vocals (Background), Composer
2007 Goin' Back Home O.B. Buchana Vocals (Background), Rhythm, Composer
2007 Here I Go Again David Brinston Producer, Audio Production, Main Personnel, Vocals (Background), Rhythm Track, Composer
2007 It's My Time Barbara Carr Main Personnel, Vocals (Background), Rhythm Track, Yamaha Keyboards, Composer
2007 Motel Lovers: Southern Soul from the Chitlin Circuit Composer
2007 Pay Before You Pump Denise LaSalle Member of Attributed Artist, Vocals (Background)
2007 Smooth Operator Donnie Ray Sequencing, Rhythm Track, Composer
2007 Somebody's Cuttin My Cake David Brinston Producer, Composer
2007 That's My Shugga Daddy Jewel J. Vocals (Background)
2006 Big Hand Man Sheba Potts-Wright Sequencing, Composer
2006 Brand New Man Sterling Williams Main Personnel, Sequencers, Vocals (Background), Sequencing, Rhythm Track, Composer
2006 Don't Stop My Party Donnie Ray Keyboards, Vocals (Background), Sequencing, Rhythm Track
2006 Down Low Brother Barbara Carr Member of Attributed Artist, Vocals (Background), Rhythm, Sequencing, Composer
2006 Ecko Records Mini Sampler 2006 Composer
2006 I'm Gonna Sleep O.B. Buchana Vocals (Background), Sequencing, Rhythm Track, Composer
2006 I'm Ready Carl Sims Programming, Vocals (Background), Yamaha Keyboards, Composer
2006 Meat Man Lee "Shot" Williams Vocals (Background), Bass, Sequencing, Rhythm Track, Yamaha Keyboards, Composer
2006 Road of Love Renea Mitchell Producer, Arranger, Vocals (Background), Composer
2006 Starts with a P. Lee "Shot" Williams Main Personnel, Bass Instrument, Sequencers, Vocals (Background), Bass, Sequencing, Rhythm Track, Composer
2006 What You Gonna Do When the Rent Is Due Ms. Jody Vocals (Background), Sequencing, Rhythm Track, Composer
2006 You're My Angel Ms. Jody Producer, Programming, Vocals (Background), Composer
2005 Beach Music Party: Beach Music Hits Composer
2005 Better Get Ready Nathaniel Kimble Producer
2005 Ecko Records Sampler 2005 Composer
2005 I Can't Stop Drinkin' O.B. Buchana Keyboards, Vocals (Background), Sequencing, Rhythm Track, Composer
2005 More Love Toni Green Producer, Arranger, Vocal Arrangement
2005 Nibble Man Lee "Shot" Williams Vocals (Background)
2005 On the Chitlin Circuit: Southern Soul Hits Composer
2005 Sexified Rick Lawson Vocals (Background), Rhythm Track, Composer
2005 Shake It Down Lorraine Turner Main Personnel, Vocals (Background), Rhythm Track, Yamaha Keyboards, Composer
2005 Soul Blues Hits, Vol. 3 Composer
2004 I Need a Cowboy to Ride My Pony Sheba Potts-Wright Vocals (Background), Composer
2004 Ladies Night Rick Lawson Composer
2004 Land of 1000 Dances: Special Soul & Funk Edition Composer
2004 Let's Get Back Together Chuck Strong Producer, Arranger, Main Personnel, Various Instruments, Vocals (Background), Performer, Composer
2004 Make It Talk Dr. Feelgood Potts Vocals (Background)
2004 Shake What You Got! O.B. Buchana Keyboards, Vocals (Background), Rhythm
2004 Somebody's Gotta Do It Big Jay Cummings Producer, Keyboards, Drum Programming, Composer
2004 They Gave Me the Blues Geno Musician
2004 When the Dance Is Over Quinn Golden Vocals (Background)
2003 A Woman Wants a Freak Chuck Roberson Percussion, Vocals (Background)
2003 Dr. "Feelgood" Potts Dr. Feelgood Potts Vocals (Background), Composer
2003 Get Down Tonight Lee "Shot" Williams Percussion, Vocals (Background)
2003 I Wanna Have Some Fun Rick Lawson Photography, Vocals (Background), Composer
2003 Pawn Stars!: The Pawn Label Story 1974-1978 Composer
2003 Soul Blues Hits Composer
2003 Southern Soul Music Toni Green Composer
2003 Take Me Bill Coday Vocals (Background), Composer
2002 At His Best Ollie Nightingale Composer
2002 Let's Party Chuck Roberson Percussion, Vocals (Background), Composer
2002 Love Fest Sheba Potts-Wright Vocals (Background), Composer
2002 Love Gangsta Bill Coday Vocals (Background), Composer
2002 Love Line Tyrone Davis Programming, Vocals (Background), Composer
2002 New Tricks Pat Brown Arranger, Composer
2002 On My Own Barbara Carr Producer, Arranger, Keyboards, Vocal Arrangement, Composer
2002 On Q Quinn Golden Vocals (Background), Composer
2002 Pride & Joy Rick Lawson / Ricky Lawson Vocals (Background), Composer
2001 24-7 Rick Lawson Vocals (Background), Composer
2001 Fly Right David Brinston Composer
2001 I Got Caught O.B. Buchana Producer, Keyboards, Drums, Composer
2001 I'm Your Candy Man Chuck Roberson Composer
2001 Sheba Sheba Potts-Wright Vocals (Background), Composer
2001 Somebody's After My Freak Lee "Shot" Williams Vocals (Background), Composer
2001 The Best Woman Barbara Carr Vocals (Background), Composer
2000 Hands of Time Syl Johnson Keyboards, Drums, Executive Producer
2000 Shades of Blue: Earth Born Keyboards, Percussion
2000 Stacey Merino Stacey Merino Drum Programming
1999 It's Over O.B. Buchana Producer, Arranger, Keyboards, Vocals (Background), Composer
1999 Virtuoso Cello Music Bill Coday Composer
1998 Acme The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Composer
1998 Bridge to a Legacy Syl Johnson Keyboards, Percussion
1997 Make It Sweet Ollie Nightingale Composer
1995 Spring Story: Essential 70's Soul Composer
Back on Track David Brinston Producer, Composer
Backseat Rider David Brinston Musician
Best of Ms. Jody Ms. Jody Composer
Get on Up Sonny Mack Composer
It's Gonna Be a Showdown David Brinston Producer, Composer
Last Man Standing Jaye Hammer Composer
Ms. Jody's in the Streets Again Ms. Jody Vocals (Background), Arranger, Hammond B3
Sweet Love Falisa JanayƩ Composer