Morris Rosenzweig

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By reacting as violently as we have to high modernism, says composer Morris Rosenzweig, "we have invented composer X. The newest and freshest writer of works already heard . . . a sort of Friendly Frankenstein…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Just One Step Beyond, for viola & piano 1997 Chamber Music
A Table of the Most Used Chords, for 4 horns Chamber Music
String Quartet 1997 Chamber Music
Delta, the Perfect King, concerto for horn & chamber orchestra 1989 Concerto
Points and Tales, for piano Keyboard
Roman Passacaglias 1992 Keyboard
On the Wings of Wind, songs (6) on Hebrew Texts 1994 Vocal Music
Person, place, etc., duo for flutes & percussion Chamber Music
Past Light, for clarinet, bass clarinet, violin, cello & piano Chamber Music
A Certain Round of Events, for piano Keyboard
trace, for 2 pianos & 2 percussionists 1998 Chamber Music
Rough Sleepers, for ensemble Chamber Music
Partita Intrecciata for violin & electronics 1999 Chamber Music
Diptych (Another Order of Cat/Consider the Window) for flute, clarinet/bass clarinet, violin, cello & piano 1984 Chamber Music
Reprise, for violin, viola, cello, bass & piano Chamber Music
Melpomene, for cello, flute, mallet percussion & harp 2000 Chamber Music
Dialogue in 3 Parts, for flute, piccolo, alto flute & digital tape 1994 Chamber Music
Angels, Emeralds and the Towers, for chamber ensemble 1992 Chamber Music
What Follows is a Song From the Same Fragmented Masque, for solo flute 2003 Chamber Music
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