Monte Conner


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Year Album Artist
2018 Black Heaven Earthless A&R
2018 Catharsis Machine Head A&R
2017 Condolences Wednesday 13 A&R
2017 Dear Desolation Thy Art Is Murder A&R
2017 Heavy Fire Black Star Riders A&R
2017 Suicide Silence [2017] Suicide Silence A&R
2016 Acid Roulette Scorpion Child A&R
2016 Dreamless Fallujah A&R
2016 II: The Mephisto Waltzes Devilment A&R
2016 The Concrete Confessional Hatebreed A&R
2016 You Will Never Be One of Us NAILS A&R
2015 Archangel Soulfly A&R
2015 Genexus Fear Factory A&R
2015 Holy War Thy Art Is Murder A&R
2015 The Killer Instinct Black Star Riders A&R
2014 Bloodstone & Diamonds Machine Head A&R
2014 Killer Be Killed Killer Be Killed A&R
2014 The Beauty of Destruction Devil You Know A&R
2014 You Can't Stop Me Suicide Silence A&R
2013 All Hell Breaks Loose Black Star Riders A&R
2013 House of Gold & Bones, Pt. 2 Stone Sour A&R
2013 Savages Soulfly A&R
2013 Scorpion Child Scorpion Child A&R
2013 XXX: Three Decades of Roadrunner Records Reissue Compiler
2012 L' Enfant Sauvage Gojira A&R
2012 Last of a Dyin' Breed Lynyrd Skynyrd A&R
2012 The Complete Roadrunner Collection 1992-2001 Fear Factory A&R
2012 The House of Gold & Bones, Pt. 1 Stone Sour A&R
2011 A Dramatic Turn of Events Dream Theater A&R
2011 Beast DevilDriver A&R
2011 Blunt Force Trauma Cavalera Conspiracy A&R
2011 Heritage Opeth A&R
2011 How I Go Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band / Kenny Wayne Shepherd A&R
2011 In Waves Trivium A&R
2011 The Hymn of a Broken Man Times of Grace A&R
2010 Audio Secrecy Stone Sour A&R
2010 Love Is Gone Dommin A&R
2010 Omen Soulfly A&R
2010 Time to Burn Taking Dawn A&R
2010 Women and Children Last... And Revenge Was the Main Course Murderdolls A&R
2009 Black Clouds and Silver Linings Dream Theater A&R
2009 Carver City CKY A&R
2009 EP Taking Dawn A&R
2009 God & Guns Lynyrd Skynyrd A&R
2009 Pray for Villains DevilDriver A&R
2008 Against/Nation Sepultura A&R
2008 All Hope Is Gone Slipknot A&R
2008 Conquer Soulfly A&R
2008 Shogun Trivium A&R
2008 Ugly/Soul Searching Sun Life of Agony A&R
2007 Bleed the Fifth Divine Heresy A&R
2007 Inflikted Cavalera Conspiracy A&R
2007 Insomnia Defiance Executive Producer
2007 Road to Bloodshed Sanctity A&R
2007 The Blackening Machine Head A&R
2007 The Hinderers Dååth A&R
2007 The Last Kind Words DevilDriver A&R
2007 Through the Years Artillery A&R
2006 Come What (Ever) May Stone Sour A&R
2006 MTV2 Headbanger's Ball: The Revenge Executive Producer, A&R
2006 Mind Reflections Pestilence Liner Notes
2006 Rest Inside the Flames 36 Crazyfists A&R
2006 The Best of Fear Factory Fear Factory Compilation Producer
2006 The Crusade Trivium A&R
2006 Voliminal: Inside the Nine Slipknot A&R
2005 9.0: Live Slipknot A&R
2005 Ascendancy Trivium A&R
2005 Chimaira Chimaira A&R
2005 Dark Ages Soulfly A&R
2005 Elegies Machine Head A&R
2005 The All Star Sessions Roadrunner United Executive Producer, Concept, A&R
2005 The Fury of Our Maker's Hand DevilDriver A&R
2005 Transylvania 90210: Songs of Death, Dying, and the Dead Wednesday 13 A&R
2004 A Snow Capped Romance 36 Crazyfists A&R
2004 Considered Dead/The Erosion of Sanity Gorguts A&R
2004 MTV2 Headbangers Ball, Vol. 2 Executive Producer, A&R
2004 Prophecy Soulfly A&R
2004 Resident Evil: Apocalypse [Original Soundtrack] A&R
2004 Set the World on Fire/In Command: Live 1989-1990 Annihilator Art Direction, A&R
2004 Strange Generation Dirty Americans A&R
2004 The Best of Annihilator Annihilator Compilation Producer
2004 The Best of Coal Chamber Coal Chamber Compilation Producer
2004 The End Complete/World Demise Obituary A&R
2004 Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses Slipknot A&R
2003 Freddy vs. Jason [Original Soundtrack] A&R
2003 Giving the Devil His Due Coal Chamber Liner Notes
2003 Hatefiles Fear Factory Liner Notes, Song Notes
2003 Hellalive Machine Head A&R
2003 Life Is Killing Me Type O Negative A&R
2003 MTV2 Headbangers Ball Executive Producer
2003 The Best of Deicide Deicide Compilation Producer
2003 The Best of King Diamond King Diamond Compilation Producer
2003 The Best of Life of Agony Life of Agony Compilation Producer
2003 The Best of Madball Madball Compilation Producer
2003 The Best of Malevolent Creation Malevolent Creation Compilation Producer
2003 The Best of Mercyful Fate Mercyful Fate Compilation Producer
2003 The Impossibility of Reason Chimaira A&R
2003 To My Surprise To My Surprise A&R
2002 Beyond the Valley of the Murderdolls Murderdolls A&R
2002 Bitterness the Star 36 Crazyfists A&R
2002 Concrete Fear Factory Liner Notes, A&R
2002 Dark Days Coal Chamber A&R
2002 Degradation Trip Jerry Cantrell A&R
2002 Degradation Trip, Vol. 1 & 2 Jerry Cantrell A&R
2002 Downthesun Downthesun A&R
2002 III Soulfly A&R
2002 Resident Evil: Music From and Inspired By the Motion Picture A&R
2002 Stone Sour Stone Sour A&R
2002 Under a Pale Grey Sky Sepultura Vocals, A&R
2001 Iowa Slipknot A&R
2001 Nation Sepultura A&R
2000 MTV The Return of the Rock Executive Producer, A&R
2000 MTV: The Return of the Rock, Vol. 2 Executive Producer
2000 Primitive Soulfly A&R
1999 Amen Amen A&R
1999 Died Laughing Keith Caputo Mastering
1999 Slipknot Slipknot Assembly, A&R
1998 Obsolete Fear Factory A&R
1998 Soulfly Soulfly Reissue Producer, A&R
1997 Coal Chamber Coal Chamber Producer, A&R
1996 Penalty Floodgate A&R
1996 Roots Sepultura Reissue Producer, A&R
1995 Demanufacture Fear Factory Reissue Producer, A&R
1995 Symbolic Death Reissue Producer, A&R
1995 The Best of Motörhead, Vol. 2 Motörhead Compilation Producer
1994 Bag of Tricks Annihilator Liner Notes
1994 Point Blank Nailbomb A&R
1993 Bloody Kisses Type O Negative Reissue Producer
1993 Chaos A.D. Sepultura A&R
1993 Dreams of the Carrion Kind Disincarnate Reissue Producer, Liner Notes, A&R
1993 Focus Cynic A&R
1993 River Runs Red Life of Agony Reissue Producer, A&R, Interviewee
1993 Set the World on Fire Annihilator Art Direction, A&R
1992 Soul of a New Machine Fear Factory A&R
1992 Steel Mill Willard A&R
1991 Wound/Trial Skin Chamber A&R
1990 Beethoven on Speed The Great Kat Producer, Mixing, A&R
1990 By Inheritance Artillery A&R
1990 Cause of Death Obituary A&R
1990 Never, Neverland Annihilator Executive Producer, A&R
1990 Swallowed in Black Sadus A&R
1989 Alice in Hell Annihilator A&R
1989 Beneath the Remains Sepultura Executive Producer
1989 Product of Society Defiance Executive Producer
1989 Slowly We Rot Obituary Executive Producer, A&R
1987 Abigail King Diamond Reissue Producer
1983 Melissa Mercyful Fate Producer
New Southern Anti-Mortem A&R