Fumio Hayasaka

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Raised in Sapporo, Hayasaka was a self-taught composer. He became fast friends with Akira Ifukube, another autodidact, later famous for his music accompanying Toho's movie monsters. Together they organized…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Seven Samurai, film score Film Score
Uguisu (Nightingale), for solo voice 1944 Vocal Music
Melodies of Romance, for piano 1946 Keyboard
Autumn, for piano 1948 Keyboard
Musical Box, for piano 1945 Keyboard
Ancient Dances on the Left and on the Right, for orchestra 1941 Orchestral
Overture in D, for orchestra 1939 Orchestral
Piano Concerto 1948 Concerto
Rashomon Miscellaneous (Classical)
Piano Pieces for Chamber 1941 Keyboard
Portrait, for piano 1940 Keyboard
Nocturne (Lent) for piano 1936 Keyboard
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