Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco

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Castelnuovo-Tedesco is regarded as a great 20th century composer, inspired by his friendship with Segovia, but his career was built on a much broader platform.
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Guitar Concerto No. 1 in D major, Op. 99 1939 Concerto
Sonata for guitar ("Omaggio a Boccherini"), Op. 77 1934 Chamber Music
Platero y yó, for narrator & guitar, Op. 190 1960 Miscellaneous (Classical) Chamber Music
Les Guitares bien tempérées (Well-tempered guitars), preludes & fugues (24) for 2 guitars, Op. 199 1962 Chamber Music
Sonatina for flute & guitar, Op. 205 1965 Chamber Music
Capriccio diabolico, for guitar ("Omaggio a Paganini"), Op. 85 1935 Chamber Music
Romancero gitano, for mixed choir & guitar, Op. 152 1951 Choral
Tarantella, for guitar, Op. 87b Chamber Music Miscellaneous (Classical)
Shakespeare Sonnets, for voice(s) & piano, Op. 125 Vocal Music
Figaro (concert paraphrase of 'Largo al factotum' from Rossini's "Barber of Seville"), for cello & piano Keyboard Chamber Music
Caprichos (24) de Goya for guitar, Op. 195 1961 Chamber Music
Tonadilla on the Name of Andrés Segovia, for guitar, Op. 170/5 Chamber Music
Quintet for guitar & string quartet, Op. 143 1950 Chamber Music
Sonatina canonica, for 2 guitars, Op. 196 1961 Chamber Music
Greeting Cards, for 1-4 instruments, Op. 170 Chamber Music
Fantasia for guitar & piano, Op. 145 1950 Chamber Music
Alt-Wien, rapsodia viennese, for piano, Op. 30 Keyboard
I navaganti (Sea Piece No 3), for piano, Op. 13 Keyboard
Tango for piano Keyboard
Alghe (Sea Piece No 2), for piano, Op. 12 Keyboard
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