Orlando Gibbons

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Gibbons was an English composer of the late Renaissance, noted for his exemplary choral works and keyboard pieces.
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
The silver swanne, madrigal for 5 voices 01:45 Vocal Music
See, the word is incarnate, anthem for voices 1610 06:38 Choral
Hosanna to the son of David, anthem for 6 voices 1610 02:55 Choral
O clap your hands, anthem for 8 voices 1610 05:21 Choral
O Lord, in thy wrath rebuke me not, anthem for 6 voices 03:42 Choral
This Is the Record of John, anthem for voices 1611 04:28 Choral
Almighty and everlasting God, anthem for 4 voices 02:27 Choral
In Nomine a 4, for viols, MB26 03:02 Chamber Music
Ground on the 3rd tone, for keyboard, MB26 02:31 Keyboard
Fantasia a 3 (Music for the Double Bass), No.1, MB16 04:16 Chamber Music
Lord Salisbury's pavan and galliard, for keyboard, MB18/19 1612 06:37 Keyboard
The Queen's Command, for keyboard, MB28 1612 02:09 Keyboard
First preces and psalm (145) for Evensong on Whitsunday, for voices 06:14 Choral
Drop, drop, slow tears, hymn (from "The Hymnes and Songs of the Church") 02:06 Choral
The Italian Ground, for keyboard, MB27 02:07 Keyboard
Prelude on the 8th tone, for keyboard, MB2 01:23 Keyboard
O Lord, increase my faith, anthem for 4 voices (possibly by H. Loosemore) 01:59 Choral
Fantasia on the 1st tone, for double organ, MB7 05:06 Keyboard
O God, the King of Glory, anthem for voices 04:35 Choral
Fantasia a 3, No.6, for viols, MB12 02:51 Chamber Music
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