Michael William Balfe

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Throughout his lifetime, Balfe's career seemed likely to proceed in various directions; at first as a violinist, then as a singer, and in the direction it finally took him: an opera composer. His father,…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
The Sands of Dee, for voice & piano 03:05 Vocal Music
I Dreamt I Dwelt in Marble Halls, aria (from "The Bohemian Girl") 03:51 Vocal Music
Come into the Garden, Maud for voice & piano 03:59 Vocal Music
Trust Her Not 04:18 Miscellaneous (Classical)
Luto Quickstep 01:55
Killarney, for voice & piano 03:15 Vocal Music
I'm a merry Zingara, for voice & piano 03:36 Vocal Music
Sempre pensoso e torbido, cantata 09:06 Choral
Malibran's Favorite Aria, for oboe & piano 06:12 Chamber Music
O smile as thou wert wont to smile, for voice & piano 02:58 Vocal Music
I'd rather be a village maid, for voice & piano 03:09 Vocal Music
Cello Sonata in A flat major 1886 16:27 Chamber Music
Le Crépuscule, for voice & piano 04:06 Vocal Music
Dids't thou but know (Si tu savais), for voice & piano 03:16 Vocal Music
O take me to thy heart again, for voice & piano 02:55 Vocal Music
A merry little savoyard, for voice & piano 02:28 Vocal Music
Sventurata ildegonda... Chiuso nell'armi e splendido, insertion aria (for Marliani's Ildegonda nel Carcere) 09:14 Opera
Hopeful heart should banish care, for voice & piano 04:47 Vocal Music
When I beheld the anchor weigh'd, for voice & piano 03:33 Vocal Music
Falling river, for voice & piano 02:52 Vocal Music
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