As the former vocalist and keyboardist of British anarchists Chumbawamba, Danbert Nobacon (real name: Nigel Hunter) spent more than a decade rallying against the record industry before that very same industry made him an international star. The Leeds-based Chumbawamba formed in 1982 and quickly became part of the anarcho-punk movement, often playing benefit shows in support of animal rights, antiwar movements, and the eradication of world hunger. Like the rest of the band, Nobacon sustained himself financially by working part-time jobs, playing solo shows, and funneling all possible profits into the band's successive albums. Chumbawamba's profile slowly increased, giving Nobacon less time to pursue his solo efforts, and the band's exhausting touring schedule landed them on the roster of One Little Indian in 1993. In a move that angered ...
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The Library Book of the World 2007 The Library Book of the World
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