Charles-Valentin Alkan

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Charles-Valentin Alkan was one of the great composer/pianists of the 19th century and a major influence on many subsequent musicians.
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Symphonie, for solo piano in C minor, Op. 39/4-7 1846 27:03 Keyboard
Sonatine, for piano in A minor, Op. 61 1861 18:40 Keyboard
Sonate de Concert, for piano & cello in E major, Op. 47 1856 33:02 Chamber Music
Le chemin de fer, etude for piano in D minor, Op. 27 1844 05:37 Keyboard
Marcia funebre, sulla morte d'un Papagallo, for chorus, 3 oboes & bassoons ("Funeral March for a Dead Parrot") 1858 09:07 Choral
Le festin d'Esope, variations for piano in E minor (Études dans tous les tons mineurs No. 12), Op. 39/12 1846 09:42 Keyboard
Les diablotins, for piano in E flat major (Motifs 4/45), Op. 63/4/45 1861 02:28 Keyboard
Allegro Barbaro, etude for piano in F major (Études dans tous les tons majeurs No. 5), Op. 35/5 1848 02:42 Keyboard
Chanson de la Folle Au Bord de la Mer, prelude for piano in A flat minor (Préludes dans tous les tons majeurs No. 8), Op. 31/8 1847 04:13 Keyboard
Grande Sonate "Les Quatre Ages", for piano in D major, Op. 33 1847 41:22 Keyboard
Concerto, for solo piano in G sharp minor (Études dans tous les tons mineurs Nos. 8-10), Op. 39/8-10 1846 44:33 Concerto
Barcarolle: Assez lentemente, for piano in G minor (Recueil de Chants 3/6), Op. 65/6 1866 03:57 Keyboard
Les soupirs, for piano in B flat major (Motifs 1/11), Op. 63/1/11 1861 01:46 Keyboard
Les Regrets de la Nonnette, "petite mélodie" for piano 1854 03:18 Keyboard
Petits préludes sur les gammes du plain-chant (8), for organ in 2 suites 1859 08:11 Keyboard
Gros temps, morceau for piano in F major (Les Mois No. 10), Op. 74/10 1840 03:17 Keyboard
Souvenirs (3), morceaux dans le genre pathétique for piano, Op. 15 1837 30:16 Keyboard
Improvisations dans le style brillant (3), for piano, Op. 12/2 1837 09:03 Keyboard
Grand duo concertant, for violin & piano in F sharp minor, Op.21 1840 22:32 Chamber Music
Scherzetto, for piano in B flat minor (Motifs 4/47), Op. 63/4/47 1861 02:07 Keyboard
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