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Christian August Sinding studied music in addition to his academic studies throughout his school years, taking violin with Gudbrand Bøhn and music theory with L.M. Lindeman, one of the most important…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Rustle of Spring (Frühlingsrauchen), for piano, Op. 32/3 1896 02:39 Keyboard
Majnat, song for voice & piano, Op. 22/3 02:55 Vocal Music
Symra, for voice & piano, Op.75 1907 05:21 Vocal Music
Quintet for piano & strings in E minor, Op. 5 1882 41:15 Chamber Music
Suite for violin & orchestra (or piano) in A minor, Op. 10 ("Suite in the Old Style") 1889 12:06 Concerto
Piano Sonata in B minor, Op. 91 1909 23:28 Keyboard
Kong Frode står på Leiregård (King Frode stood at Leiregard) 03:14 Vocal Music
A Cradle Song, for voice & piano, Op. 126/1 02:57 Vocal Music
No dalar Soli (Now the Sun is Sinking) for voice & piano, Op. 80/5 02:15 Vocal Music
Kvælden (Evening), for voice & piano, Op. 80/7 02:05 Vocal Music
Valmu i vange, for voice & piano, Op. 50/6 02:17 Vocal Music
Många drömmar 03:24 Vocal Music
Concerto for piano & orchestra in C sharp, Op 6 1889 28:49 Concerto
Inga, for voice & piano, Op. 80/4 01:44 Vocal Music
Den jomfru gikk i valmuvang, song for voice & piano, Op. 50/5 01:25 Vocal Music
Ravnen han flyver om aftnen (The raven, he flies at night) 02:42 Vocal Music
Farvel (Farewell) for voice & piano, Op. 130/2 01:19 Vocal Music
Songs (5) for voice & piano, Op. 19: No. 2, Rav 02:13 Vocal Music
Piano concerto in D flat major 26:19 Concerto
Légende, for violin & orchestra in B flat major, Op. 46 1900 07:19 Concerto
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