Messer Chups is the low-brow musical concoction of Russian-born artist and musician Oleg Gitarkin, employing audio collage methods to create thick layers of sampling from trash horror films, cartoons, and other diverse sources. Surf rock drums, big-band influences, and cinema clips show the presence of Gitarkin's western influences, but the band also incorporates antique synthesizers and animations samples identifiable with his Soviet childhood. Adhering stylistically to a number of genres including rockabilly, horror punk, lounge, and surf rock, Messer Chups was founded in 1998 after the breakup of German-Russian psychobilly ensemble Messer für Frau Müller. When Messer für Frau Müller splintered, guitarist, bassist, and keyboardist Oleg Gitarkin stood firm, recruiting Oleg Kostrow of Phantom for a new-and-improved Messer für Frau ...
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Crazy Price 2005 Crazy Price
Hyena Safari 2007 Hyena Safari
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