Lee Ranaldo is best known as one of the co-founders of the iconic noise-rock group Sonic Youth, and his work helped bridge the gaps between experimental music and New York's no-wave scene with the larger world of alternative rock. Along with bandmate Thurston Moore, Ranaldo was responsible for creating a new approach to the electric guitar with their unique tunings and percussive playing style; beyond his wall of noise Ranaldo lent an atmospheric, vaguely psychedelic undertow to their music on tracks like "Eric's Trip," "Rain King," and "Pipeline/Kill Time." During his years with Sonic Youth, Ranaldo used his solo releases as a platform for his more personal and introspective music, such as his 1997 effort Amarillo Rand (For Robert Smithson), 1993's Scriptures of the Golden Eternity, and his improvisational collaborations with ...
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