Grindcore pioneers Extreme Noise Terror formed in Britain in early 1985 as a straight-edge anarchist punk group, originally comprising vocalists Phil Vane and Dean Jones, guitarist Pete Hurley, bassist Jerry Clay, and drummer Pig Killer. The group's sound mixed the whirlwind speed, political lyrics, and succinct songs of hardcore and crust punk with the grinding guitars and grunted vocals of metal at its most volatile and deadly. After just one live appearance, the group was signed to Manic Ears Records, soon releasing a split LP with Chaos UK titled Radioactive. Pig Killer then left the group, with Napalm Death drummer Mick Harris coming aboard as his replacement. Winning the admiration of Radio One DJ John Peel, Extreme Noise Terror recorded a notorious session for Peel's show in 1987, their first of many appearances on the program.
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A Holocaust in Your Head 1989 A Holocaust in Your Head
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